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Leukocyte Subset Changes in Response to a 164-km Road Cycle Ride in a Hot Environment

Description: This article determines the circulating leukocyte subset response to completing the 2013 Hotter'N Hell Hundred recreational 164-km road cycle event in a hot and humid environmental condition.
Date: January 15, 2016
Creator: Luk, Hui-Ying; McKenzie, Amy L.; Duplanty, Anthony A.; Budnar, Ronald; Levitt, Danielle; Fernandez, Alex et al.
Partner: UNT College of Arts and Sciences
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MAP training: combining meditation and aerobic exercise reduces depression and rumination while enhancing synchronized brain activity

Description: This article discusses the efficacy of mental and physical (MAP) training in improving symptoms of depression and rumination in individuals with major depressive disorder (MDD).
Date: October 5, 2015
Creator: Alderman, Brandon L.; Olson, Ryan L.; Brush, Christopher J. & Shors, Tracey J.
Partner: UNT College of Education
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Rumination in major depressive disorder is associated with impaired neural activation during conflict monitoring

Description: This article examines behavioral and event-related potentials (ERP) indices of conflict monitoring during a modified flanker task and the allocation of attention during an attentional blink (AB) task, and whether their behavioral performance and ERPs varied with level of rumination.
Date: January 5, 2015
Creator: Alderman, Brandon L.; Olson, Ryan L.; Bates, Marsha E.; Selby, Edward A.; Buckman, Jennifer F.; Brush, Christopher J. et al.
Partner: UNT College of Education
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Effects of Cardiorespiratory Fitness and Weight Status on Knowledge of Physical Activity and Fitness, Attitude Toward Physical Education, and Physical Activity

Description: This article examines the effects of cardiorespiratory fitness and weight status on knowledge of physical activity and fitness, attitude toward physical education, and physical activity.
Date: August 21, 2017
Creator: Chen, Senlin & Gu, Xiangli
Partner: UNT College of Education
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Changes in Endothelial Markers during a Summer Ultra-Endurance Road Cycling Event in the Heat

Description: This article assesses the impact of completing a 164 km road cycling event performed in a hot environment (Wichita Falls, Texas in August), on endothelial biomarkers and resultant risk of blood clots in men and women.
Date: August 22, 2016
Creator: Kupchak, B. R.; Kazman, J. B.; Umeda, E. A.; Vingren, Jakob L.; Lee, Elaine C.; Armstrong, Lawrence E. et al.
Partner: UNT College of Education
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Reduced Inflammatory and muscle damage biomarkers following oral supplementation with bioavailable curcumin

Description: This article seeks to determine the effects of oral curcumin supplementation on muscle and activities of daily living soreness, creatine kinase, and inflammatory cytokines following exercise-induced muscle damage.
Date: February 18, 2016
Creator: McFarlin, Brian K.; Venable, Adam S.; Henning, Andrea L.; Best Sampson, Jill N.; Pennel, Kathryn; Vingren, Jakob L. et al.
Partner: UNT College of Education
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Changes of Children's Motivation in Physical Education and Physical Activity: A Longitudinal Perspective

Description: This article attempts to examine the relationship between changes of children's motivation to changes in children's intention for future participation in physical education and physical activity over an academic year, guided by the expectancy-value model.
Date: August 8, 2016
Creator: Gu, Xiangli & Zhang, Tao
Partner: UNT College of Education
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Validation of the Physical Education Teacher's Efficacy for Standards-Based Instruction (ESBI) Scale

Description: This article studies the validity and reliability of the Efficacy for Standards-Based Instruction (ESBI) scale, developed by the current investigators, and to compare the ESBI with two other self-efficacy scales that had been used in physical education.
Date: July 21, 2015
Creator: Buns, Matthew T. & Thomas, Katherine
Partner: UNT College of Education
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Exercise Capacity Following Four Hours of Head-Down Rest in Endurance-Exercise-Trained and Untrained Subjects

Description: Peak oxygen uptake (VO2PEAK) in endurance exercise trained (ET =8) subjects (VO2PEAK = 61.7 1.6 ml was compared to the V02 PEAK of untrained (UT = 8) subjects (V02 PEAK = 38.4 1.7 ml 02 -kg.min1) after four hours of -6* head-down rest (HDR).Although both groups showed a reduction in blood volume (BV) following HDR, this decrement was greater for ET subjects (delta BV = -3.23 0.46 mi/kg; P <0.05). The ET subjects had a greater decrease in VO2=(delta 02E -5.58 1.05 ml 02-kg.min-1; P … more
Date: December 1990
Creator: Williamson, Jon W.
Partner: UNT Libraries
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Oral Supplementation with Baker's Yeast Beta Glucan Is Associated with Altered Monocytes, T Cells and Cytokines following a Bout of Strenuous Exercise

Description: This article discusses a study to determine if 10 days of oral supplementation with Baker's yeast beta glucan (BYBG) could modify previously observed suppression of monocytes, T cells, circulating and whole blood LPS-stimulated cytokines due to strenuous exercise.
Date: April 7, 2017
Creator: McFarlin, Brian K.; Venable, Adam S.; Carpenter, Katie C.; Henning, Andrea L. & Ogenstad, Stephan
Partner: UNT College of Education
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Sedentary behavior and physical activity predicting depressive symptoms in adolescents beyond attributes of health-related physical fitness

Description: This article investigates whether sedentary behavior and fitness-producing activity predicted depression in active adolescents over and above gender and fitness attributes.
Date: May 26, 2016
Creator: Farren, Gene L.; Zhang, Tao; Gu, Xiangli & Thomas, Katherine
Partner: UNT College of Education
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Longitudinal trajectories of physical activity in women using latent class growth analysis: The WIN Study

Description: This article discusses a study to examine the longitudinal trajectories in objectively measured physical activity (PA), to identify unknown (i.e., latent) subgroups with distinct trajectories, and to examine the correlates of latent subgroups among community dwelling women.
Date: April 21, 2015
Creator: Kim, Youngdeok; Kang, Minsoo; Tacón, Anna M. & Morrow, James R.
Partner: UNT College of Education
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