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The Effect of Response-Contingent Positive Stimulation of the Frequency of Intervals of Specified Fluent Verbal Behavior of Stutterers

Description: Intervals of specified fluent verbal behavior of two stutterers received response-contingent positive stimulation in the form of an accumulating points system, Assessment was made o the effect of experimental manipulation on the frequency of fluent speech intervals as well as on the frequency of subject-identified stuttering behaviors observed during the experimental session. The results indicated significant change in fluent interval frequency in the spontaneous speech of one subject. Effect of the experimental contingency was not demonstrated in the oral reading of a second subject. Stuttering. behavior data indicated that an indirect effect of the positive stimulation can change the frequency of behavior not being contingently stimulated.
Date: August 1976
Creator: Scarborough, John L.
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The Rhetorical Structure of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee

Description: The purpose of this study is to analyze the overall rhetorical structure of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee during 1960-1968. The criteria used in this study were adapted from: Joseph R. Gusfield, "Protest, Reform, and Revolt - A Reader in Social Movements;" Dan F. Hahn and Ruth Gonchar, "Studying in Social Movements: A Rhetorical Methodology;" Kurt Lang and Gladys Lang, "Collective Dynamics;" Leland M. Griffin, "The Rhetoric of Historical Movements;" Herbert W. Simons, "Requirements, Problems, and Strategies: A Theory of Persuasion for Social Movements." Gusfield's definition of a movement as "socially shared activities and beliefs directed toward the demand for change in some aspect of the social order" is utilized. To examine the rhetorical structure, it is necessary to divest it from the complex structural aspects of a movement. Simons' theory of the "grand flow" of a movement's persuasion guided this study. The rhetorical requirements of a movement are introduced in Chapter I. The requirements tend to fall into the following sub-categories: the ideology, the strategy, the goals, the membership, and the leadership. Chapter II is devoted to the setting during which the movement was founded. It includes a brief history of social unrest in civil rights struggles in the United States between the years 1950-1960. Chapter III examines the structure of SNCC based upon the philosophy of love and nonviolence, approximately 1960-1964. Chapter IV examines the structure of SNCC based upon a philosophy of hatred and rejection, approximately 1964-1968. The chapter also includes a postscript discussing SNCCts progressive movement away from the philosophy of nonviolence after 1968.
Date: August 1972
Creator: Michaelis, Daniel J.
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Family Crisis Intervention Training: A Creative Framework

Description: The purpose of this analysis is to construct a program framework relating relevant factors of the law enforcement environment to a communication crisis training format. Such a design transcends simple reporting of existing programs by incorporating the as yet unrelated research of communicologists, psychologists, and sociologists into a unified approach. The underlying thrust of this study encourages the development of a broader base for police training. The need for that broader base, with full awareness of the interrelated nature of this program to the policeman's total responsibilities, seems apparent. The approach of this design seeks to be creatively utilization rather than traditionally value-laden.
Date: December 1973
Creator: Roemisch, Jerry Joe
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Margo Jones's Visions for Theatre

Description: The purpose of this study is to make an account of the theatrical plans and activities of Margo Jones other than the productions in her theatre in Dallas and her experiences as a producer and director on Broadway.
Date: August 1968
Creator: Altermann, Mark A.
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A Survey of the Physical Facilities of the Public School Speech and Hearing Programs in the State of Texas

Description: The purposes of this survey were (1) to determine the nature of the case load of speech clinicians in Texas public school speech and hearing therapy programs, (2) to determine the type and condition of facilities in which the therapy described in item one above is being conducted, (3) to ascertain what the speech and hearing clinicians of the state believed to be essential for the effective practice of therapy, and (4) to find out what the clinicians believed to be special problems in their present facilities.
Date: August 1968
Creator: Long, Tommy C.
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A Burkeian Analysis of the Crimean War Speeches of John Bright

Description: This study investigates the motives behind the rhetorical strategies of rejection and acceptance used by John Bright in his four Parliamentary speeches opposing the Crimean War. Kenneth Burke's dramatistic pentad was used to evaluate the four speeches. An examination of the pentad's five elements reveals that Bright had six motives for opposing the war. To achieve his purpose in giving the speeches--to restore peace to England and the world--Bright' used the major rhetorical agencies of rejection and acceptance. Bright's act, his selection of agencies, and his purpose were all definitely influenced by the scene in which they occurred.
Date: August 1974
Creator: Bass, Jeff Davis
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Auditory Function in Patients with Sickle Cell Anemia

Description: This study investigated the incidence of peripheral hearing loss in sickle cell anemia and the possibility of central auditory nervous system involvement. Nine Black subjects with sickle cell disease and nine with normal hemoglobin were administered an auditory test battery. There appeared to be no correlation between number of crisis episodes, duration of symptoms, severity of symptoms, and audiologic manifestations. Acoustic reflex testing suggested the possibility of "aired neural function in the sickle cell group. Whether impaired function was due to peripheral VIIIth nerve or to central brain stem involvement could not be determined. Results of the central auditory test battery suggested the possibility of impaired or reduced central auditory function in subjects with sickle cell anemia.
Date: December 1976
Creator: Sharp, Margaret A.
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Characterization and Structure in the Playwriting of Brendan Behan

Description: The problem with which this investigation is concerned is that of determining a stylistic relationship between the playwriting techniques of Brendan Behan and those of accepted models, both traditional and modern. The approach is divided into two avenues of research. The first is that of establishing a historical perspective for the style of Behan's dramaturgy; the second is that of comparing the reactions to Behan's work by his contemporary critics. The purpose of this study is to analyze the playwriting techniques of Brendan Behan, giving particular emphasis to his methods of characterization and structure. This analysis is not an attempt to evaluate Behan's effectiveness or skill as a playwright. It is, instead, in the form of a comparison-and-contrast report which attempts to present antithetical ideas of playwriting and to arrive, finally, at a synthesis of critical opinion concerning Behan's methods of play construction.
Date: December 1973
Creator: Caldwell, Raymond H.
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The Rhetoric of Agitation and Control in the Chartist Movement in England, 1837-1848

Description: Chapter I includes a description of the Chartist Movement and discusses the criteria found in John W. Bowers and Donovan J. Och's Rhetoric of Agitation and Control that were used to analyze the agitation and control groups of the movement. Chapter II describes the ideologies of both groups. Chapter III analyzes the rhetorical strategies of the agitation group: petition, solidification, promulgation, polarization, non-violent resistance, and confrontation-escalation, and the strategies of the control group: avoidance and suppression. Chapter IV concludes that Chartist agitators effectively used rhetorical strategies; however, the control strategy of suppression was stronger and brought about the demise of Chartism.
Date: May 1974
Creator: McGee, Carla Creighton
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1972 Presidential Campaign Investigation Based on Attitude Measurements of Candidate Images

Description: The relationship of attitude measurement with the political campaign process provides the problem area that this study considers. The purpose of this political communication study is to explore in detail and describe various "attitude" profiles of voters and resulting candidate "images" of the 1972 presidential election. These "attitudes" and "images" are determined through the use of three primary research instruments: the semantic differential scale, the Method of Ordered Alternatives, and the political philosophy continuum. In addition to these, a record of actual voting behavior serves as validating support of the measured attitudes. This study deals with "attitudes" toward and candidate "images" of George McGovern, R. Sargent Shriver, Richard M. Nixon, and Spiro T. Agnew, the Democratic and Republican candidates for President and Vice-President in 1972. This descriptive investigation unfolds into three major problem areas: 1. to report and describe "panoramic images" of Nixon,. McGovern, Agnew, and Shriver, as measured by the semantic differential scale. 2. to give an account of voter preferred positions A through I as measured by the Method of Ordered Alternatives in connection with "attitude" as measured by the evaluative factor of the semantic differential scale, and subsequently aligned with actual voting behavior. 3. to determine the relationship between voters' own political philosophies and their perceived political philosophies of the four candidates as measured by the political philosophy continuum. The remainder of this chapter overviews the historical mileau of the 1972 presidential campaign, explains the research design and procedures, and offers an organizational preview of the remaining five chapters.
Date: December 1973
Creator: Ricks, Dana Carol
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The Relationship Between Self-Concept and Empathic Communicative Ability

Description: This study deals with the following question': "Who is most 'trainable' as an effective empathic communicator?" In the process it will attempt to determine if self-concept is significantly correlated with communicative ability, specifically the ability to respond empathically to others. Measurement of self-concept will employ the Tennessee Self Vie Scale which will be administered to the members of an undergraduate speech course, Speech 360. Tests measuring the levels of empathic discrimination and empathic communication will be given to the same population in determining empathic communicative ability scores.
Date: December 1973
Creator: Chovanetz, Benjamin Albin
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Symbolism in Afro-American Slave Songs in the Pre-Civil War South

Description: This thesis examines the symbolism of thirty-five slave songs that existed in the pre-Civil War South in the United States in order to gain a more profound insight into the values of the slaves. The songs chosen were representative of the 300 songs reviewed. The methodology used in the analysis was adapted from Ralph K. White's "Value Analysis: The Nature and Use of the Method." The slave songs provided the slaves with an opportunity to express their feelings on matters they deemed important, often by using Biblical symbols to "mask" the true meanings of their songs from whites. The major values of the slaves as found in their songs were independence, justice, determination, religion, hope, family love, and group unity.
Date: December 1976
Creator: Sebastian, Jeannie Chaney
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Helen, Later: An Original Play

Description: The purpose of this play is to dramatize the change of government in ancient Greece from a matriarchy to a patriarchy and from rule by the Ionian to rule by the Dorian Greeks through the last years of Helen of Troy. Faced with a challenge by her husband, Menelaus, who wants his sons to rule, Helen manages through intrigue to arrange for her daughter to gain the throne. Helen herself becomes a "goddess."
Date: August 1977
Creator: Throop, Cheryl Ann
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The History and Development of Casa Mañana Musicals, 1958-1980

Description: The investigation is a historical survey tracing the development of Casa Mañana Musicals, Inc., Fort Worth, Texas, from its experimental beginning in 1958 as the first permanent musical arena theatre in the United States, through twenty-three subsequent seasons. The study includes a chapter on the origins of theatre and the influences behind its concept dating back to the 1936 Casa Mañana produced by Billy Rose. Subsequent chapters deal with the theatre's seasons and its struggle to gain acceptance. The theatre's more recent financial and labor problems are also considered. Major sources include such unpublished data as production and financial records of the theatre, contracts, correspondence, minutes of the board of directors, and interviews. Published sources include accounts in newspapers and periodicals.
Date: May 1981
Creator: Jones, Jan Lynn
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The Contributions of Gordon McLendon to the Broadcast Profession

Description: The purpose of this study is to describe Gordon McLendon's contributions to the broadcast profession and to explain why he is regarded as a leader of that profession. There has been no effort to provide a unified statement of the contributions made by him to the broadcast profession. To provide a complete picture of McLendon's contributions to the broadcast profession, an account is needed of his various innovations and activities.
Date: January 1970
Creator: Wolff, Harvey A.
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A Comparison of Results of the Illinois Test of Psycholinguistic Abilities and Certain Other Tests Used in Evaluating Children with Learning Disabilities

Description: The purpose of this study is to determine whether or not the Illinois Test of Psycholinguistic Abilities, including its subtests and total test scores, can be used reliably as predictors of achievement on other tests used in the diagnosis of language disorders in children.
Date: June 1970
Creator: Garvin, Susanne B.
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An Analysis of Three Modes of Group Interpretation in the Speech Arts Curriculum

Description: Four objectives guided the research and writing of this thesis. First, there was an attempt to identify and establish specific educational goals for a group interpretation production. Second, there was an effort to describe certain procedures for selecting, adapting, arranging, and presenting a piece of literature to an audience through a group interpretation performance. Third, this thesis attempted to relate the three modes of group interpretation—Choric Interpretation, Readers Theatre, and Chamber Theatre—as a single art form. Fourth, there has been an attempt to suggest specific evaluative criteria and evaluation sheets for group interpretation performances.
Date: August 1968
Creator: Young, Jerry D.
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