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An Examination of the Acting Career of Edmund Kean

Description: The characterizations of Kean mirrored the deprivation which he suffered as a child, as well as his wild and volcanic nature. It is difficult in a study of Kean to divorce the actor from the man, and the man from the actor. This thesis concludes that each of these two aspects of this genius of the English stage exerted a profound influence upon the other.
Date: August 1972
Creator: Hutson, William F.
Partner: UNT Libraries

An Analysis of the Methods and Effectiveness of the Downward Flow of Communications at Texas Instruments Incorporated

Description: This study is for the purpose of identifying the flow of internal downward communication and its effectiveness in a particular large industry, Texas Instruments Incorporated. Specifically, the following questions are examined in this study: (1) Has information which has been sent down by top management been spread to all levels, and is it being understood? (2) Are employees at all levels receiving the information they desire and sometimes need for their work? (3) For different types of subject matter, what channels are being used to transmit messages down the system, and are they effective mediums?
Date: August 1972
Creator: Saunders, Gail S.
Partner: UNT Libraries

An Analysis of the Old Testament Prophetic Elements in the Speeches of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Description: This study analyzes five speeches delivered by Martin Luther King, Jr. to determine the ways in which King used the elements of prophetic rhetoric. It examines the major Old Testament prophets, Amos and Ezekiel specifically, for parallels in the following areas: (1) the life, personality, and spiritual calling of the prophet, (2) the language, prophecies, and central themes of the prophet's message, and (3) the historical period in which the prophet lived and the events that created a need for the rhetoric of prophecy.
Date: December 1972
Creator: McMullen, Jo A.
Partner: UNT Libraries

A Survey of the Rhetorical Devices Employed by Women's Liberation Organizations in the United States

Description: Just as themes are important in the analysis of a movement, the means used to promote those themes are just as significant and that is the purpose of this paper. More specifically, the purposes are (1) to describe the sub-groups and report their goals, [2) to describe the numerous rhetorical devices extant in the movement, (3) to classify the subgroups into conservative or liberal categories: conservative, liberal, and those devices used by both conservatives and liberals, and (5) to suggest any trend of device usage which is apparent.
Date: December 1972
Creator: Simpson, Charles David
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New Shades of Clown White: a Study of Selected Comic Pantomimists in Europe and America 1920-1970

Description: This thesis is neither a textbook of pantomime, with instructions for the development of mimetic expertise, nor a history of pantomime. What is recorded here is the personal philosophy of the art of pantomime advanced by Jean-Louis Barrault, √Čtienne Decroux, Charlie Chaplin, Marcel Marceau, and Red Skelton. The section devoted to each artist contains the portions of his biography pertaining to his development as a mime and a representative sample of critical reactions to his work. In addition to this purpose, this thesis also offers evidence that the comic style of pantomime underwent a change in nature in its use by the mimes who are studied here. Whereas the comic style was original! y unique to pantomimes that had no other intent but to produce laughter or, at most, pathos by physical comedy, these mimes took the comic pantomime into the realms of introspection and philosophy.
Date: August 1972
Creator: Phillips, J. Michael
Partner: UNT Libraries

An Analysis of Attitudes toward the Role of the PTA and its Communication of Goals and Programs

Description: The purpose of this study is to examine some aspects the Parent Teacher Association through designing a questionnaire, administering it to individuals involved to some degree in the organization, evaluating the data received, and then making knowledgeable observations about it. The specific aspects to be examined are its role and its communication of goals and programs as seen by several groups. Although the scope is limited to the Texas PTA, attitudes toward PTA in general are reflected in the responses.
Date: August 1973
Creator: Novak, Rynell S.
Partner: UNT Libraries

A Production Book for an Experimental Staging of Nikolai Gogol's The Inspector General

Description: The January 17 and 18, 1966, thesis production presented at North Texas State University was an experimental production of The Inspector General, as based on historical, philosophical, and analytical study of both the play and the author, Nikolai Gogol. A thesis production consists of a written analysis and evaluation of the play and its author and the actual production of the play. The thesis production enables the candidate to illustrate his mastery of theatre discipline. The written portion demonstrates his ability to develop the concepts necessary to the production of a play, and the presentation of the play offers the candidate the opportunity to show his creativity and aesthetic understanding of theatre.
Date: August 1966
Creator: Peninger, John Edward
Partner: UNT Libraries

A Project in Design for William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night

Description: The purpose of this thesis is to design the sets and costumes for William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night or What You Will adapting to the sixteenth century Italian commedia dell' arte style.
Date: August 1967
Creator: Dickson, Tom A.
Partner: UNT Libraries

An Analysis and Production Book for a Staging of Samuel Spewack's Under the Sycamore Tree

Description: It is the purpose of this study to (1) produce a play in an expressionistic style; (2) submit a thesis of analysis; and (3) present the thesis in such a way as to show that an expressionistic style can be applied to a play written for the professional stage in a creative, artistic manner.
Date: August 1967
Creator: Long, Jerry Lyndon
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Don Pasquale: A Project in Theatrical Design

Description: The purpose of this project was to create an original production scheme which will prove acceptable to the American audience. The production of Don Pasquale adhered to the following guidelines: (1) the production was adapted in terms of the American audience for which it was being performed, it was sung in English and all allusions to the opera's European origin were either omitted or altered to conform to the American stylization, (2) the adaptation of the opera centered around an American historical perspective, a point in American history with which the audience could nostalgically identify.
Date: August 1970
Creator: Oldham, Robert W.
Partner: UNT Libraries

An Analysis and Production Book for a Staging of Jerry Bock's and Sheldon Harnick's The Apple Tree

Description: The problem with which this study is concerned is that of critically analyzing and producing the musical comedy The Apple Tree. The study attempts to adapt some of the major unifying elements of this production and, in addition, unite the show through the use of color. The study also attempts to update the production through an extension of symbolism based on the style of Peter Max; to produce a major musical comedy in a stylized and symbolic style, and to show how a stylized and symbolic method of production can be used to achieve simplicity and unity within the confines of a limited budget.
Date: May 1971
Creator: Foard, Robert B.
Partner: UNT Libraries

David Belasco's Naturalistic Stagecraft and Stage Lighting

Description: It is the purpose of this paper to make a general study of David Belasco's use of naturalism in the American theatre. More specifically, it is to determine Belasco's methods of achieving naturalism in his stage settings and lighting. From the study of his techniques and methods, and effort is made to establish his contributions to the naturalistic movement.
Date: January 1968
Creator: Boutwell, Ronald E.
Partner: UNT Libraries

Love is the Answer: a Creative Thesis Production Combining Multi-Media and Oral Interpretation

Description: The problem of this thesis in creative production is concerned with the use of multi-media in an oral interpretation program so as not to obscure the author's message. The production attempted to utilize literature chosen to represent a basic theme and present it with selected media so that a positive response is evoked from the audience. The study also attempts to show, through example, that a program of oral interpretation using multi-media can sustain audience interest for a full evening of entertainment. An attempt is also made to show that multi-media need not be in constant use, that some literature can best utilize the "subtractive theory" which intensifies the message by deleting a majority of media.
Date: August 1971
Creator: Lane, Todd K.
Partner: UNT Libraries

Social Judgement, the Semantic Differential, and Attitude Intensity

Description: The basic problem of this study Is whether or not the semantic differential attitude instrument may be used to measure attitude Intensity. The method of determining this is to use an instrument which is known to measure attitude Intensity in conjunction with the semantic differential and determine whether or not a significant correlation exists between the two.
Date: December 1971
Creator: Renshaw, Steven L.
Partner: UNT Libraries

Relationships between Dogmatism and Ego-Involvement

Description: The purpose of this thesis is to examine the relationships between personality-centered and issue-centered approaches to a study of attitudes. The relationships will be sought through examination of the essential characteristics of the ideas behind each approach and by exposing the same population to both of the data-gathering methods employed by these researchers, i.e., Rokeach's Dogmatism Scale, and Sherif, et al.'s Method of Ordered Alternatives.
Date: January 1969
Creator: Dean, Sandra E.
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Contributions of Gordon McLendon to the Broadcast Profession

Description: The purpose of this study is to describe Gordon McLendon's contributions to the broadcast profession and to explain why he is regarded as a leader of that profession. There has been no effort to provide a unified statement of the contributions made by him to the broadcast profession. To provide a complete picture of McLendon's contributions to the broadcast profession, an account is needed of his various innovations and activities.
Date: January 1970
Creator: Wolff, Harvey A.
Partner: UNT Libraries