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The Passage of Sodium-24 and Rubidium-86 Across the Blood-Brain Barrier System of Canines at Low Body Temperatures

Description: To evaluate the blood-brain barrier system in the pathogenesis of an irreversible hypothermic state in dogs, concentrations of 2 4 Na and 86Rb were measured at body temperatures ranging from 37 0 C to 160 C. A suppression of transport of sodium was demonstrated, followed by an increase as the temperature was lowered. The concentration of rubidium ion increased in concentration as the temperature fell. These data indicate there may be a temperature threshold below which the blood-brain barrier system fails to maintain the internal environment of the central nervous system. The intimate relationship of several brain stem nuclei with the cerebro-spinal fluid indicates they may be at risk during profound cooling.
Date: May 1976
Creator: Burgess, Michael Clifton
Partner: UNT Libraries