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Conductor Structures Including Penetrable Materials

Description: Patent relating to conductors used in electronic components and related fabrication methods, and more particularly to metal conductors for use in electronic components created by deposition of metals and related fabrication methods.
Date: February 24, 2004
Creator: Kelber, Jeffry A.; Lei, Jipu; Magtoto, Noel P. & Rudenja, Sergei
Partner: UNT College of Arts and Sciences

Anti-Fretting Wear Coating for Substrates

Description: Patent relating to an anti-fretting wear coating for substrates.
Date: May 18, 2012
Creator: Scharf, Thomas W.; Mohseni, Hamidreza & Tiley, Jaimie S.
Partner: UNT College of Engineering

Automatically processed alpha-track radon monitor

Description: An automatically processed alpha-track radon monitor is provided which includes a housing having an aperture allowing radon entry, and a filter that excludes the entry of radon daughters into the housing. A flexible track registration material is located within the housing that records alpha-particle emissions from the decay of radon and radon daughters inside the housing. The flexible track registration material is capable of being spliced such that the registration material from a plurality of monitors can be spliced into a single strip to facilitate automatic processing of the registration material from the plurality of monitors. A process for the automatic counting of radon registered by a radon monitor is also provided.
Date: May 2, 1991
Creator: Langner, G. H. Jr.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Catalysts for Conversion of Methane to Higher Hydrocarbons

Description: Catalysts for converting methane to higher hydrocarbons such as ethane and ethylene in the presence of oxygen at temperatures in the range of about 700 to 900{degrees}C are described. These catalysts comprise calcium oxide or gadolinium oxide respectively promoted with about 0.025--0.4 mole and about 0.1--0.7 mole sodium pyrophosphate. A preferred reaction temperature in a range of about 800 to 850{degrees}C with a preferred oxygen-to-methane ratio of about 2:1 provides an essentially constant C{sub 2} hydrocarbon yield in the range of about 12 to 19 percent over a period of time greater than about 20 hours.
Date: May 15, 1991
Creator: Siriwardane, Ranjani V.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Photovoltaic solar concentrator module

Description: This invention consists of a planar photovoltaic concentrator module for producing an electrical signal from incident solar radiation which includes an electrically insulating housing having a front wall, an opposing back wall and a hollow interior. A solar cell having electrical terminals is positioned within the interior of the housing. A planar conductor is connected with a terminal of the solar cell of the same polarity. A lens forming the front wall of the housing is operable to direct solar radiation incident to the lens into the interior of the housing. A refractive optical element in contact with the solar cell and facing the lens receives the solar radiation directed into the interior of the housing by the lens and directs the solar radiation to the solar cell to cause the solar cell to generate an electrical signal. An electrically conductive planar member is positioned in the housing to rest on the housing back wall in supporting relation with the solar cell terminal of opposite polarity. The planar member is operable to dissipate heat radiated by the solar cell as the solar cell generates an electrical signal and further forms a solar cell conductor connected with the solar cell terminal to permit the electrical signal generated by the solar cell to be measured between the planar member and the conductor.
Date: May 16, 1991
Creator: Chiang, C. J.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

A unique system of Fe/Pd for magneto-optical recording and magnetic switching devices

Description: This invention is comprised of a high density magneto-optical information storage medium utilizing the properties of an ultrathin iron film on a palladium substrate. The present invention comprises a magneto-optical medium capable of thermal and magnetic stability and capable of possessing a vertical orientation of the magnetization vector for the magnetic material. Data storage relies on the temperature dependence of the coercivity of the ultrathin film. Data retrieval derives from the Kerr effect which describes the direction of rotation of a plane of polarized light traversing the ultrathin magnetic material as a function of the orientation of the magnetization vector.
Date: May 22, 1990
Creator: Liu, Chian Q. & Bader, S. D.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

A non-intrusive beam power monitor for high power pulsed or continuous wave lasers

Description: A system and method for monitoring the output of a laser is provided in which the output of a photodiode disposed in the cavity of the laser is used to provide a correlated indication of the laser power. The photodiode is disposed out of the laser beam to view the extraneous light generated in the laser cavity whose intensity has been found to be a direct correlation of the laser beam output power level. Further, the system provides means for monitoring the phase of the laser output beam relative to a modulated control signal through the photodiode monitor.
Date: May 29, 1991
Creator: Hawsey, R. A. & Scudiere, M. B.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Cavity resonance absorption in ultra-high bandwidth CRT deflection structure

Description: An improved ultra-high bandwidth helical coil deflection structure for a cathode ray tube is described comprising a first metal member having a bore therein, the metal walls of which form a first ground plane; a second metal member coaxially mounted in the bore of the first metal member and forming a second ground plane; a helical deflection coil coaxially mounted within the bore between the two ground planes; and a resistive load disposed in one end of the bore and electrically connected to the first and second ground planes, the resistive load having an impedance substantially equal to the characteristic impedance of the coaxial line formed by the two coaxial ground planes to inhibit cavity resonance in the structure within the ultra-high bandwidth of operation. Preferably, the resistive load comprises a carbon film on a surface of an end plug in one end of the bore.
Date: May 15, 1991
Creator: Dunham, M. E. & Hudson, C. L.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Atomic line emission analyzer for hydrogen isotopes

Description: Apparatus for isotopic analysis of hydrogen comprises a low pressure chamber into which a sample of hydrogen is introduced and then exposed to an electrical discharge to excite the electrons of the hydrogen atoms to higher energy states and thereby cause the emission of light on the return to lower energy states, a Fresnel prism made at least in part of a material anomalously dispersive to the wavelengths of interest for dispersing the emitted light, and a photodiode array for receiving the dispersed light. The light emitted by the sample is filtered to pass only the desired wavelengths, such as one of the lines of the Balmer series for hydrogen, the wavelengths of which differ slightly from one isotope to another. The output of the photodiode array is processed to determine the relative amounts of each isotope present in the sample. Additionally, the sample itself may be recovered using, a metal hydride.
Date: May 8, 1991
Creator: Kronberg, James W.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

False color viewing device

Description: This invention consists of a viewing device for observing objects in near-infrared false-color comprising a pair of goggles with one or more filters in the apertures, and pads that engage the face for blocking stray light from the sides so that all light reaching, the user`s eyes come through the filters. The filters attenuate most visible light and pass near-infrared (having wavelengths longer than approximately 700 nm) and a small amount of blue-green and blue-violet (having wavelengths in the 500 to 520 nm and shorter than 435 nm, respectively). The goggles are useful for looking at vegetation to identify different species and for determining the health of the vegetation, and to detect some forms of camouflage.
Date: May 8, 1991
Creator: Kronberg, J. W.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Elimination of ``memory`` from sample handling and inlet system of a mass spectrometer

Description: This paper describes a method for preparing the sample handling and inlet system of a mass spectrometer for analysis of a subsequent sample following analysis of a previous sample comprising the flushing of the system interior with supercritical CO{sub 2} and venting the interior. The method eliminates the effect of system ``memory`` on the subsequent analysis, especially following persistent samples such as xenon and krypton.
Date: May 8, 1991
Creator: Chastgner, P.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Cyanoethylated Compounds as Additives in Lithium/Lithium Ion Batteries

Description: The power loss of lithium/lithium ion battery cells is significantly reduced, especially at low temperatures, when about 1% by weight of an additive is incorporated in the electrolyte layer of the cells. The usable additives are organic solvent soluble cyanoethylated polysaccharides and poly(vinyl alcohol). The power loss decrease results primarily from the decrease in the charge transfer resistance at the interface between the electrolyte and the cathode.
Date: May 8, 1998
Creator: Nagasubramanian, Ganesan
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Production of super-smooth articles

Description: Super-smooth rounded or formed articles made of thermoplastic materials including various poly(methyl methacrylate) or acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymers are produced by immersing the articles into a bath, the composition of which is slowly changed with time. The starting composition of the bath is made up of at least one solvent for the polymer and a diluent made up of at least one nonsolvent for the polymer and optional materials which are soluble in the bath. The resulting extremely smooth articles are useful as mandrels for laser fusion and should be useful for a wide variety of other purposes, for example lenses.
Date: May 29, 1981
Creator: Duchane, D.V.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

High-energy-overcurrent protective device

Description: Electrical loads connected to capitance elements in high voltage direct current systems are protected from damage by capacitance discharge overcurrents by connecting between the capacitance element and the load, a longitudinal inductor comprising a bifilar winding wound about a magnetic core, which forms an incomplete magnetic circuit. A diode is connected across a portion of the bifilar winding which conducts a unidirectional current only. Energy discharged from the capitance element is stored in the inductor and then dissipated in an L-R circuit including the diode and the coil winding. Multiple high voltage circuits having capacitance elements may be connected to loads through bifilar windings all wound about the aforementioned magnetic core.
Date: May 18, 1981
Creator: Praeg, W.F.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

High-efficiency photoionization detector

Description: A high efficiency photoionization detector using tetraaminoethylenes in a gaseous state having a low ionization potential and a relative photoionization cross section which closely matches the emission spectrum of xenon gas. Imaging proportional counters are also disclosed using the novel photoionization detector of the invention. The compound of greatest interest is TMAE which comprises tetrakis(dimethylamino)ethylene which has a measured ionization potential of 5.36 +- 0.02 eV, and a vapor pressure of 0.35 torr at 20/sup 0/C.
Date: May 12, 1981
Creator: Anderson, D.F.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Conductor for a fluid-cooled winding and method for making same

Description: A conductor and method of making the conductor are provided for use in winding electrical coils which are cooled by a fluid communicating with the conductor. The conductor is cold worked through twisting and reshaping steps to form a generally rectangular cross section conductor having a plurality of helical cooling grooves extending axially of the conductor. The conductor configuration makes it suitable for a wide variety of winding applications and permits the use of simple strip insulation between turns and perforated sheet insulation between layers of the winding.
Date: May 12, 1981
Creator: Kenney, W.J.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Real-Time Combustion Controls and Diagnostics Sensors (CCADS)

Description: The present invention is directed to an apparatus for the monitoring of the combustion process within a combustion system. The apparatus comprises; a combustion system, a means for supplying fuel and an oxidizer, a device for igniting the fuel and oxidizer in order to initiate combustion, and a sensor for determining the current conducted by the combustion process. The combustion system comprises a fuel nozzle and an outer shell attached to the combustion nozzle. The outer shell defines a combustion chamber. Preferably the nozzle is a lean premix fuel nozzle (LPN). Fuel and an oxidizer are provided to the fuel nozzle at separate rates. The fuel and oxidizer are ignited. A sensor positioned within the combustion system comprising at least two electrodes in spaced-apart relationship from one another. At least a portion of the combustion process or flame is between the first and second electrodes. A voltage is applied between the first and second electrodes and the magnitude of resulting current between the first and second electrodes is determined.
Date: May 3, 2005
Creator: Thornton, J.D.; Richard, G.A.; Dodrill, K.A.; Nutter, R.S. Jr & Straub, D.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

X-Ray Imaging Crystal Spectrometer for Extended X-Ray Sources

Description: Spherically or toroidally curved, double focusing crystals are used in a spectrometer for X-ray diagnostics of an extended X-ray source such as a hot plasma produced in a tokamak fusion experiment to provide spatially and temporally resolved data on plasma parameters such as ion temperature, toroidal and poloidal rotation, electron temperature, impurity ion charge-state distributions, and impurity transport. The imaging properties of these spherically or toroidally curved crystals provide both spectrally and spatially resolved X-ray data from the plasma using only one small spherically or toroidally curved crystal, thus eliminating the requirement for a large array of crystal spectrometers and the need to cross-calibrate the various crystals.
Date: May 1, 1999
Creator: Bitter, Manfred L.; Fraekel, Benjamin; Gorman, James L.; Hill, Kenneth W.; Roquemore, Lane A.; Stodiek, Wolfgang et al.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Control Coil Arrangement for a Rotating Machine Rotor

Description: A rotating machine (e.g., a turbine, motor or generator) is provided wherein a fixed solenoid or other coil configuration is disposed adjacent to one or both ends of the active portion of the machine rotor for producing an axially directed flux in the active portion so as to provide planar axial control at single or multiple locations for rotor balance, levitation, centering, torque and thrust action. Permanent magnets can be used to produce an axial bias magnetic field. The rotor can include magnetic disks disposed in opposed, facing relation to the coil configuration.
Date: May 5, 1999
Creator: Shah, Manoj R. & Lewandowski, Chad R.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Enhanced adhesion for LIGA microfabrication by using a buffer layer

Description: The present invention is an improvement on the LIGA microfabrication process wherein a buffer layer is applied to the upper or working surface of a substrate prior to the placement of a resist onto the surface of the substrate. The buffer layer is made from an inert low-Z material (low atomic weight), a material that absorbs secondary X-rays emissions from the substrate that are generated from the substrate upon exposure to a primary X-rays source. Suitable materials for the buffer layer include polyamides and polyimide. The preferred polyimide is synthesized from pyromellitic anhydride and oxydianiline (PMDA-ODA).
Date: May 22, 1998
Creator: Bajikar, Sateesh S.; DeCarlo, Francesco & Song, Joshua J.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department