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Synthesis, Uses and Compositions of Crystal Hydrogels

Description: Patent relating to the synthesis, uses and compositions of crystal hydrogels.
Date: November 15, 2002
Creator: Hu, Zhibing; Lu, Xihua; Gao, Jun; Cai, Tong; Huang, Gang & Zhou, Bo
Partner: UNT College of Arts and Sciences

Escherichia Coli CSRB Gene and RNA Encoded Thereby

Description: Patent regarding the synthesis, uses and compositions of crystal hydrogels.
Date: November 15, 2002
Creator: Hu, Zhibing; Lu, Xihua; Gao, Jun; Cai, Tong; Huang, Gang & Zhou, Bo
Partner: UNT College of Arts and Sciences

Tunable Polymer-Based Sonic Structures

Description: Patent relating to methods and devices for controlling the propagation of sound and particularly to tunable polymer-based sonic structures.
Date: November 14, 2013
Creator: Walker, Ezekiel; Neogi, Arup & Cai, Tong
Partner: UNT College of Arts and Sciences

Transistorized power switch and base drive circuit therefore

Description: A high power switching circuit is disclosed which utilizes a four-terminal Darlington transistor block to improve switching speed, particularly in rapid turn-off. Two independent reverse drive currents are utilized during turn-off in order to expel the minority carriers of the Darlington pair at their own charge sweep-out rate. The reverse drive current may be provided by a current transformer, the secondary of which is tapped to the base terminal of the power stage of the Darlington block. In one application, the switching circuit is used in each power switching element in a chopper-inverter drive of an electric vehicle propulsion system.
Date: March 24, 1981
Creator: Lee, F.C. & Carter, R.A.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Sterilization of fermentation vessels by ethanol/water mixtures

Description: This invention is comprised of a method for sterilizing process fermentation vessels with a concentrated alcohol and water mixture integrated in a fuel alcohol or other alcohol production facility. Hot, concentrated alcohol is drawn from a distillation or other purification stage and sprayed into the empty fermentation vessels. This sterilizing alcohol/water mixture should be of a sufficient concentration, preferably higher than 12% alcohol by volume, to be toxic to undesirable microorganisms. Following sterilization, this sterilizing alcohol/water mixture can be recovered back into the same distillation or other purification stage from which it was withdrawn. The process of this invention has its best application in, but is not limited to, batch fermentation processes, wherein the fermentation vessels must be emptied, cleaned, and sterilized following completion of each batch fermentation process.
Date: March 20, 1991
Creator: Wyman, C. E.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Amorphous silicon/polycrystalline thin film solar cells

Description: An improved photovoltaic solar cell is described including a p-type amorphous silicon layer, intrinsic amorphous silicon, and an n-type polycrystalline semiconductor such as cadmium sulfide, cadmium zinc sulfide, zinc selenide, gallium phosphide, and gallium nitride. The polycrystalline semiconductor has an energy bandgap greater than that of the amorphous silicon. The solar cell can be provided as a single-junction device or a multijunction device.
Date: March 13, 1991
Creator: Ullal, H. S.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Process for strengthening silicon based ceramics

Description: A process for strengthening silicon based ceramic monolithic materials and composite materials that contain silicon based ceramic reinforcing phases that requires that the ceramic be exposed to a wet hydrogen atmosphere at about 1400{degrees}C. The process results in a dense, tightly adherent silicon containing oxide layer that heals, blunts, or otherwise negates the detrimental effect of strength limiting flaws on the surface of the ceramic body.
Date: March 7, 1991
Creator: Kim, Hyoun-Ee & Moorhead, A. J.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Linear electric field mass spectrometry

Description: A mass spectrometer is described having a low weight and low power requirement, for use in space. It can be used to analyze the ionized particles in the region of the spacecraft on which it is mounted. High mass resolution measurements are made by timing ions moving through a gridless cylindrically sysmetric linear electric field.
Date: March 29, 1991
Creator: McComas, D. J. & Nordholt, J. E.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Magnetron sputtered boron films and Ti/B multilayer structures

Description: A method is described for the production of thin boron and titanium/boron films by magnetron sputter deposition. The amorphous boron films contain no morphological growth features, unlike those found when thin films are prepared by various physical vapor 5 deposition processes. Magnetron sputter deposition method requires the use of a high density crystalline boron sputter target which is prepared by hot isostatic pressing. Thin boron films prepared by this method are useful for ultra-thin band pass filters as well as the low Z element in low Z/high Z mirrors which enhance reflectivity 10 from grazing to normal incidence.
Date: March 11, 1991
Creator: Makowiecki, D. M. & Jankowski, A. F.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Precision surface machining

Description: Precision finishing apparatus utilizing line contact polishing to produce optical quality parts. A rotatable cylinder is horizontally disposed above a workpiece which is mounted on a rotatable, and horizontally and vertically adjustable chuck. Predetermined surfaces can be cut into the surface of the cylinder to produce figures of revolution, such as aspheres,, when the workpiece is being rotated.
Date: March 6, 1991
Creator: Lazazzera, Vito J. & Schmell, Rodney A.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

All-vapor processing of P-type tellurium-containing II-VI semiconductor and ohmic contacts thereof

Description: An all dry method for producing solar cells is provided comprising first heat-annealing a II-VI semiconductor; enhancing the conductivity and grain size of the annealed layer; modifying the surface and depositing a tellurium layer onto the enhanced layer; and then depositing copper onto the tellurium layer so as to produce a copper tellurium compound on the layer.
Date: March 1, 2000
Creator: McCandless, Brian E.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Fluidtight Seal for a Container

Description: A fluidtight seal for a container is formed by abutting a metal ring with a step machined in a convexo-concave container closure device and inserting this assembly into an open end of the container. Under compressive force, the closure device deforms causing the metal ring to pivot about the step on the closure device and interact with symmetrically tapered inner walls of the container to form a fluidtight seal between the container and the closure device. The compressive force is then withdrawn without affecting the fluidtight characteristic of the seal. A destructive force against the container closure device is necessary to destroy the fluidtight seal.
Date: March 31, 1999
Creator: Morrison, Edward F.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Optical transcutaneous bilirubin detector

Description: This invention consists of a transcutaneous bilirubin detector comprising a source of light having spectral components absorbable and not absorbable by bilirubin, a handle assembly, electronic circuitry and a fiber optic bundle connecting the assembly to the light source and circuitry. Inside the assembly is a prism that receives the light from one end of the fiber optic bundle and directs it onto the skin and directs the reflected light back into the bundle. The other end of the bundle is trifucated, with one end going to the light source and the other two ends going to circuitry that determines how much light of each kind has been reflected. A relatively greater amount absorbed by the skin from the portion of the spectrum absorbable by bilirubin may indicate the presence of the illness. Preferably, two measurements are made, one on the kneecap and one on the forehead, and compared to determine the presence of bilirubin. To reduce the impact of light absorption by hemoglobin in the blood carried by the skin, pressure is applied with a plunger and spring in the handle assembly, the pressure limited by points of a button slidably carried in the assembly that are perceived by touch when the pressure applied is sufficient.
Date: March 4, 1991
Creator: Kronberg, J. W.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Chemotactic selection of pollutant degrading soil bacteria

Description: A method is described for identifying soil microbial strains which may be bacterial degraders of pollutants. This method includes: Placing a concentration of a pollutant in a substantially closed container; placing the container in a sample of soil for a period of time ranging from one minute to several hours; retrieving the container and collecting its contents; microscopically determining the identity of the bacteria present. Different concentrations of the pollutant can be used to determine which bacteria respond to each concentration. The method can be used for characterizing a polluted site or for looking for naturally occurring biological degraders of the pollutant. Then bacteria identified as degraders of the pollutant and as chemotactically attracted to the pollutant are used to innoculate contaminated soil. To enhance the effect of the bacteria on the pollutant, nutrients are cyclicly provided to the bacteria then withheld to alternately build up the size of the bacterial colony or community and then allow it to degrade the pollutant.
Date: March 4, 1991
Creator: Hazen, T. C.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Apparatus and method for critical current measurements

Description: An apparatus for the measurement of the critical current of a superconductive sample, e.g., a clad superconductive sample, the apparatus including a conductive coil, a means for maintaining the coil in proximity to a superconductive sample, an electrical connection means for passing a low amplitude alternating current through the coil, a cooling means for maintaining the superconductive sample at a preselected temperature, a means for passing a current through the superconductive sample, and, a means for monitoring reactance of the coil. The alternating current capable of generating a magnetic field sufficient to penetrate, e.g., any cladding, and to induce eddy currents in the superconductive material, passing a steadily increasing current through the superconductive material, the current characterized as having a different frequency than the alternating current, and, monitoring the reactance of the coil with a phase sensitive detector as the current passed through the superconductive material is steadily increased whereby critical current of the superconductive material can be observed as the point whereat a component of impedance deviates.
Date: March 15, 1991
Creator: Martin, J. A. & Dye, R. C.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Steering system for a train of rail-less vehicles

Description: A steering system for use with a multiple vehicle train is disclosed which permits tracking without rails of one vehicle after another. This system is particularly useful for moving conveyor systems into and out of curved paths of room and pillar underground mine installations. The steering system features an elongated steering bar pivotally connected to each of adjacent vehicles at end portions of the bar permitting angular orientation of each vehicle in respect to the steering bar and other vehicles. Each end portion of the steering bar is linked to the near pair of vehicle wheels through wheel yoke pivot arms about king pin type pivots. Movement of the steering bar about its pivotal connection provides proportional turning of the wheels to effect steering and tracking of one vehicle following another in both forward and reverse directions.
Date: March 13, 1981
Creator: Voight, Edward Theodore
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Hydrodesulfurization and hydrodenitrogenation catalysts obtained from coal mineral matter. [Patent application]

Description: A hydrotreating catalyst is prepared from coal mineral matter obtained by low temperature ashing coals of relatively low bassanite content by the steps of: (a) depositing on the low temperature ash 0.25 to 3 grams of an iron or nickel salt in water per gram of ash and drying a resulting slurry; (b) crushing and sizing a resulting solid; and (c) heating the thus-sized solid powder in hydrogen.
Date: March 26, 1981
Creator: Hwai-der Liu, K. & Hamrin, C.E. Jr.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Method and apparatus for the formation of a spheromak plasma

Description: An inductive method and apparatus for forming detached spheromak plasma using a thin-walled metal toroidal ring are described that uses external current leads and internal poloidal and toroidal field coils located inside a vacuum chamber filled with low density hydrogen gas and an external axial field generating coil. The presence of a current in the poloidal field coils, and an externally generated axial field sets up the initial poloidal field configuration in which the field is strongest toward the major axis of the toroid. The internal toroidal-field-generating coil is then pulsed on, ionizing the gas and inducing poloidal current and toroidal magnetic field into the plasma region in the sleeve exterior to and adjacent to the ring and causing the plasma to expand away from the ring and toward the major axis. Next the current in the poloidal field coils in the ring is reversed. This induces toroidal current into the plasma and causes the poloidal magnetic field lines to reconnect. The reconnection continues until substantially all of the plasma is formed in a separated spheromak configuration held in equilibrium by the initial external field.
Date: March 24, 1981
Creator: Jardin, S.C.; Yamada, M.; Furth, H.P. & Okabayashi, M.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Coal gasification vessel. [Patent application]

Description: A vessel system comprises an outer shell of carbon fibers held in a binder, a coolant circulation mechanism and control mechanism and an inner shell comprised of a refractory material and is of light weight and capable of withstanding the extreme temperature and pressure environment of, for example, a coal gasification process. The control mechanism can be computer controlled and can be used to monitor and modulate the coolant which is provided through the circulation mechanism for cooling and protecting the carbon fiber and outer shell. The control mechanism is also used to locate any isolated hot spots which may occur through the local disintegration of the inner refractory shell.
Date: March 17, 1981
Creator: Loo, Billy W.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Continuous chain bit with downhole cycling capability

Description: A continuous chain bit for hard rock drilling is disclosed which is capable of downhole cycling. A drill head assembly moves axially relative to a support body while the chain on the head assembly is held in position so that the bodily movement of the chain cycles the chain to present new composite links for drilling. A pair of spring fingers on opposite sides of the chain hold the chain against movement. The chain is held in tension by a spring-biased tensioning bar. A head at the working end of the chain supports the working links. The chain is centered by a reversing pawl and piston actuated by the pressure of the drilling mud. Detent pins lock the head assembly with respect to the support body and are also operated by the drilling mud pressure. A restricted nozzle with a divergent outlet sprays drilling mud into the cavity to remove debris. Indication of the centered position of the chain is provided by noting a low pressure reading indicating proper alignment of drilling mud slots on the links with the corresponding feed branches.
Date: March 17, 1981
Creator: Ritter, D.F.; St. Clair, J.A. & Togami, H.K.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department