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Gas-Driven Microturbine

Description: The present invention is directed to a means of fabricating a gas-driven microturbine that is capable of providing autonomous propulsion in which the rapidly moving gases are directed through a micromachined turbine to power mechanical, electrical, or electromechanical devices by direct mechanical linkage of turbo-electric generator components in a domain ranging from tenths of micrometers to thousands of micrometers. By optimally selecting monopropellants or bipropellants to be the fuel set, a more efficient gas-driven microturbine can be realized from the increased mass flow rate of the gas stream due to the higher combustion reaction energies of these fuel sets. Additionally, compressed gas can be utilized to provide a high-flow gas stream for the gas-driven microturbine. The present invention is adaptable to many defense and non-defense applications, including the provision of mechanical power for miniature devices such as fans, geared mechanisms, mechanical linkages, actuators, bio-medical procedures, manufacturing, industrial, aviation, computers, safety systems, and electrical generators.
Date: July 14, 1999
Creator: Sniegowski, Jeffrey J.; Rodgers, Murray S.; McWhorter, Paul J.; Aeschliman, Daniel P. & Miller, William M.
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Low-Temperature Synthesis of Actinide Tetraborides by Solid-State Metathesis Reactions

Description: The synthesis of actinide tetraborides including uranium tetraboride (UB,), plutonium tetraboride (PUB,) and thorium tetraboride (ThB{sub 4}) by a solid-state metathesis reaction are demonstrated. The present method significantly lowers the temperature required to {approx_equal}850 C. As an example, when UCl{sub 4}, is reacted with an excess of MgB{sub 2}, at 850 C, crystalline UB, is formed. Powder X-ray diffraction and ICP-AES data support the reduction of UCl{sub 3}, as the initial step in the reaction. The UB, product is purified by washing water and drying.
Date: December 14, 2004
Creator: Lupinetti, Anthony J.; Garcia, Eduardo & Abney, Kent D.
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Wafer Fabrication Monitoring/Control System and Method

Description: Patent relating to systems and methods for monitoring and testing patterning processes including etching, cleaning, and depositing of low k and ultra-low k dielectrics for semiconductor technologies.
Date: March 15, 2012
Creator: Chen, Jin-Jian & Chyan, Oliver M. R.
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Hydrocarbon synthesis catalyst and method of preparation and use thereof. [DOE patent application]

Description: A catalyst for the synthesis of hydrocarbons from carbon monoxide and hydrogen composed of palladium or platinum and cobalt supported on a solid phase is disclosed. The catalyst is prepared by heating a heterogeneous component of the palladium or platinum deposited on the solid support in a solution of cobalt carbonyl or precursors thereof. The catalyst exhibits excellent activity, stability in air, and produces highly desirable product fractions even with dilute gaseous reactants. The catalyst is preferably used in dilute slurry form, which is desirable from a heat transfer standpoint.
Date: August 14, 1981
Creator: Sapienza, R.S.; Sansone, M.J. & Slegeir, W.A.R.
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Acoustical heat-pumping engine

Description: The disclosure is directed to an acoustical heat pumping engine without moving seals. A tubular housing holds a compressible fluid capable of supporting an acoustical standing wave. An acoustical driver is disposed at one end of the housing and the other end is capped. A second thermodynamic medium is disposed in the housing near to but spaced from the capped end. Heat is pumped along the second thermodynamic medium toward the capped end as a consequence both of the pressure oscillation due to the driver and imperfect thermal contact between the fluid and the second thermodynamic medium.
Date: August 14, 1981
Creator: Wheatley, John C.; Swift, Gregory W. & Migliori, Albert
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Detonator-activated ball shutter

Description: A detonator-activated ball shutter for closing an aperture in about 300 ..mu..seconds is disclosed. The ball shutter containing an aperture through which light, etc., passes, is closed by firing a detonator which propels a projectile for rotating the ball shutter, thereby blocking passage through the aperture.
Date: May 14, 1981
Creator: McWilliams, R.A. & Von Holle, W.G.
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Improved photoelectrodialytic cell

Description: A multicompartment photoelectrodialytic demineralization cell is provided with a buffer compartment interposed between the product compartment and a compartment containing an electrolyte solution. Semipermeable membranes separate the buffer compartment from the product and electrolyte compartments. The buffer compartment is flushed to prevent leakage of the electrolyte compartment from entering the product compartment.
Date: August 14, 1981
Creator: Murphy, G.W.
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Halogenated high {Tc} superconductors and method of preparation

Description: Disclosed is a method for producing a superconductor of the R-Ba-Cu-O system which comprises of selecting an insulating material of the formula RBa{sub x}Cu{sub y}O{sub z} where R is selected from the group consisting of Y, La, Pr, Nd, Sm, Eu, Gd, Ho, Er, Tm, and Lu, and where x ranges from about 1.7 to about 2.3, y ranges from about 2.7 to about 3.3 and z ranges from about 5.0 to about 6.99, and halogenating said material with a halogen selected from the group consisting of chlorine, bromine, iodine, and mixtures thereof, while maintaining said material at a temperature ranging from about 160 to about 440{degrees}C, for a period of time sufficient to cause incorporation of said halogen into said material. Also, disclosed are the materials produced by the method and articles of manufacture incorporating said materials as electronic circuitry components.
Date: November 14, 1990
Creator: Radousky, H. B.; Glass, R. S. & Fluss, M. J.
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Method for preparing homogeneous single crystal ternary III-V alloys

Description: A method for producing homogenous single crystal III--V ternary alloys of high crystal perfection using a floating crucible system in which the outer crucible holds a ternary alloy of the composition desired to be produced in the crystal and an inner floating crucible having a narrow, melt-passing channel in its bottom wall holds a small quantity of melt of a pseudo-binary liquidus composition which would freeze into the desired crystal composition. The alloy of the floating crucible is maintained at a predetermined lower temperature than the alloy of the outer crucible, and a single crystal of the desired homogeneous alloy is pulled out of the floating crucible melt, as melt from the outer crucible flows into a bottom channel of the floating crucible at a rate that corresponds to the rate of growth of the crystal.
Date: August 14, 1990
Creator: Ciszek, T. F.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department