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Neurospora experiment P-1037. Quarterly progress report to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, October 1--December 15, 1966

Description: The main values of the 302 gantry exercise were to check the preparation of the Neurospora experiment and the spacecraft loading procedure under timed conditions and to provide final assurance that necessary operations can be completed with appropriate inspection in the allotted time. Because of the brief time interval between the 302 Gantry Exercise and the scheduled Biosatellite A flight, no attempt was made to assay for forward-mutation frequecies; however, biocompatibility tests were performed on the 302 hardware by plating conidia from a number of the modules in the usual fashion to assay survival. The average heteokaryotic conidial survival was 82.6%, which is sufficiently high for use of the conidia in a forward-mutation experiment. Calibration of thermoluminescent dosimeters was carried out using a /sup 85/Sr ..gamma.. source.
Date: December 1, 1967
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An evaluation of vapor extraction of vadose zone contamination

Description: An in-depth analysis of vapor extraction for remediation of soils contaminated with volatile organic compounds (VOCS) was conducted at 13 sites. The effectiveness of vapor extraction systems (VES) was evaluated on the basis of soil concentrations of VOCs and soil-gas concentrations of VOC's. The range of effectiveness was found to be 64%--99% effective in removing organic contaminants from soil. At nine of the 13 sites studied in this report, vapor extraction was found to be effective in reducing VOC cooncentrations by at least 90%. At the remaining four sites studied, vapor extraction was found to reduce VOC concentrations by less than 90%. Vapor extraction is ongoing at two of these sites. At a third, the ineffectiveness of the vapor extraction is attributed to the presence of hot spots'' of contamination. At the fourth site, where performance was found to be relatively poor, the presence of geological tar deposits at the site is thought to be a major factor in the ineffectiveness.
Date: May 1, 1992
Creator: Crotwell, A. T.; Waehner, M. J.; MacInnis, J. M.; Travis, C. C. (Oak Ridge National Lab., TN (United States)) & Lyon, B. F. (Oak Ridge Associated Universities, Inc., TN (United States))
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Predesign cost estimate for re-refined lube oil plant

Description: The first estimates for a predesign of the BERC re-refining process are contained in this report. Although many process equipment variables are yet to be resolved, this first estimate indicates the probable viability of the process. Based upon a plant which could process 10 million gallons of waste lube oil a year, the following preliminary conclusions were made: Captial costs would approximate $2 million. Waste oil purchased at 15 cents/gal could be re-refined into blendable lube oils for 39 cents/gal. Considering a selling price of 47 cents/gal in bulk, the return on investment before taxes would approach 45 percent. The operation is very sensitive to the cost of the used oil. The plant capacity could be doubled or tripled with only a modest increase in cost. These findings and the predesign analysis show areas where more intensive R and D is required. More effort is also apparent to demonstrate the feasibility of economically gathering the waste oil. A larger plant would be more economical, but this must be balanced with the cost of collecting the used oil. In general, the project offers promise as a means of economically and profitably conserving millions of gallons of valuable lube oils.
Date: June 1, 1977
Creator: Bigda, R. J.
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Feasibility of calibration of liquid sodium flowmeters by neutron activation techniques

Description: Velocities of fluids in pipes can be measured by injecting radioactive tracers into the fluid and recording the activity downstream of the injection point. One convenient method of injecting radioactive tracers is by neutron activation of the fluid itself. The present report describes a FORTRAN program that can be used for the prediction of the counting rates of fluid flow tests performed with a pulsed neutron source and a scintillation detector. The program models the flow profile and the mixing of the fluid, the attenuation of neutrons and gamma rays in the fluid, and the geometric arrangement of the source and the detector. Using this program, an experiment for the measurement of the secondary sodium flow of the EBR-II was optimized. A pulsed D,T neutron source and a 5 in. x 5 in. NaI detector will be used in the EBR-II test. Under optimized conditions, the expected accuracy of the flow measurement is about 2 percent.
Date: July 1, 1976
Creator: Kehler, P.
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California residential energy standards: problems and recommendations relating to implementation, enforcement, and design. [Thermal insulation]

Description: Documents relevant to the development and implementation of the California energy insulation standards for new residential buildings were evaluated and a survey was conducted to determine problems encountered in the implementation, enforcement, and design aspects of the standards. The impact of the standards on enforcement agencies, designers, builders and developers, manufacturers and suppliers, consumers, and the building process in general is summarized. The impact on construction costs and energy savings varies considerably because of the wide variation in prior insulation practices and climatic conditions in California. The report concludes with a series of recommendations covering all levels of government and the building process. (MCW)
Date: August 1, 1977
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Micelle-derived catalysts for extended Schulz-Flory

Description: Our objective is to develop a catalyst for making gasoline or diesel range fuel selectively from synthesis gas. Our catalyst development approach is to provide a cut-off for the higher end of the hydrocarbon distribution by limiting the size of the active metal particle. We are using a micelle technique for preparing specific size ruthenium particles supported on [gamma]-alumina. Hydrocarbon cut-off was not observed with 40--60 [Angstrom] ruthenium particles on [gamma]-alumina. We could not determine whether smaller ruthenium particles would provide cut-off since they agglomerated during the test, apparently through the formation of ruthenium carbonyl. In order to determine whether ruthenium migration can be eliminated under a new set of testing conditions, we evaluated the effect of H[sub 2]:CO feed gas ratio and the effect of total pressure on ruthenium migration. Ruthenium migration was significantly suppressed but not totally eliminated by increasing the H[sub 2]:CO feed gas ratio from 0.9 to 3.0. At the same H[sub 2]:CO feed gas ratio, lowering the total pressure from 500 psig to 150 psig enhanced ruthenium migration. During the next quarter, the use of high pressure in conjunction with high H[sub 2]:CO feed gas ratio will be evaluated to eliminate ruthenium migration. In case agglomeration of small ruthenium particles cannot be totally eliminated, products initially obtained during a test will be carefully examined to determine whether cut-off occurs prior to ruthenium agglomeration.
Date: January 1, 1985
Creator: Abrevaya, H.
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Experimental test of gas heat transfer system for hydroxide heat storage

Description: In the development of a heat storage system based on inorganic hydroxide--oxide chemical transitions, the method of transferring heat into and out of the hydroxide storage material is of prime importance. This report presents the results of a series of tests using circulating gas as a means of heat transfer. On the basis of these results, it is concluded that circulating gas is a technically feasible concept, using steam as heat transfer fluid and using the chemical in the form of a fixed bed of porous granules.
Date: October 29, 1976
Creator: Ervin, G.
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Joint research report for 1974--1975

Description: A general progress report is given on the research being carried out in the Biophysics Laboratory of the IIT Department of Physics and the Department of Medical Physics at Michael Reese Medical Center on pulse radiolysis experiments.
Date: April 1, 1976
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Comment on Flavor-changing processes and CP violation in the S sub 3 times Z sub 3 model''

Description: Deshpande, Gupta and Pal neglected the presence of a complex phase in the mass matrix and in the Yukawa coupling matrices of the down-type quarks I argue that phase should not be neglected, because it can explain the observed CP violation. The mechanism of CP violation considered by those authors may certainly be present, but for simplicity one may want to eliminate it, by restricting the soft-breaking sector of the Higgs potential in such a way that complex Higgs bosons propagators do not occur.
Date: April 28, 1992
Creator: Lavoura, L.
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Postirradiation examination of Peach Bottom fuel test element FTE-4

Description: The report presents the irradiation results and their evaluation for Peach Bottom fuel test element FTE-4. It describes in detail the efforts by General Atomic Company over the last two years to establish a system for extracting meaningful performance information from a fuel test element. This has been done with the goal of making direct comparisons between as-measured data and core design code predictions. Special emphasis has been placed on determining the 95% confidence limits on most of the preirradiation and postirradiation measurements in order to allow a better comparison with GAUGE, FEVER, and TREVER code calculations which are used in HTGR core thermal and mechanical design.
Date: July 1, 1977
Creator: Wallroth, C. F.; Holzgraf, J. F.; Jensen, D. D. & Zumwalt, L. R.
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Geothermal investigations in Idaho. Part IV. Isotopic and geochemical analyses of water from the Bruneau-Grand View and Weiser areas, southwest Idaho

Description: Variations of deuterium and oxygen-18 concentrations in thermal ground waters and local nonthermal springs have been used to aid in describing the source of recharge in the Bruneau-Grand View and Weiser areas, southwest Idaho. Isotope and geochemical data for the Bruneau-Grand View area suggest that recharge to the area may not be entirely from sources within the local surface-drainage area, but possibly from the areas of higher altitude of the Bruneau River drainage to the southeast; or that the hot water that wells and springs are discharging is water that was recharged at a time when the regional climate was much colder than the present climate. Recharge to the Weiser area is probably from areas of higher altitude to the north and northeast of the local drainage area. However, ''local'' precipitation does influence both the chemical and isotopic compositions of the waters in each area.
Date: January 1, 1976
Creator: Rightmire, C. T.; Young, H. W. & Whitehead, R. L.
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Discrimination of uranium alteration zones in selected areas by use of LANDSAT MSS imagery. Final report

Description: The surface alteration halos of fifty known uranium occurrences in the Western United States have been analyzed to determine spectral signatures in imagery acquired by the LANDSAT Multi-Spectral Scanner. The deposits included veins and metasediments in the northeast of Washington, batholitic districts in the northwest of Idaho, veins and intrusives in a portion of the Colorado Front Range and sedimentary deposits on the Colorado Plateau. Image analysis employed an analog hybrid video processing system composed of a light table, vidicon camera, image analyzer and color output monitor. A complete description of the theory and methodology is provided in the report.
Date: February 1, 1977
Creator: Kober, C. L. & Procter-Gregg, H. D.
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Magnetic measurements on the magnets used in the new low-[beta] insertions at B0 and D0

Description: This report is a compilation of the data obtained from the MTF measurements made of the superconducting low-[beta] quadrupole magnets and spools used in the low-[beta] inserts at B0 and D0 in the Tevatron. The measurements were done at 4.6K. Very high gradients are required in these quadrupoles to achieve a value of the amplitude function [beta], of 0.25m at the interaction point. The transfer function, viz. the gradient for a given current in the coils has a nominal value of 0.2913 T/cm/kA in the two shell quadrupoles and 0.5825 T/cm/kA in the one shell quadrupole built from segmented 5-in-1 conductor. As a comparison the transfer constants in the superconducting lattice quads in the Tevatron have a transfer constant of [approx]0.173T/cm/kA. This improvement in performance is the result of the R D effort, at Fermilab, that preceeded the construction of these magnets. In those cases where the data are not presented in the same way as they are reported by MTF, the author explains the method by which the data have been reduced to produce the numbers in this report. Not all the available data are reproduced in this report. They are stored in one or more data bases and can be retrieved when needed.
Date: May 1, 1993
Creator: Gelfand, N. M.
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Mitochondrial phenotypes and genotypes in yeast. Technical annual progress report, September 1, 1975--August 31, 1976

Description: An eight component yeast complex III preparation has been obtained which contains up to 6.2 nanomoles of heme b per mg protein. Studies in which the enzyme activity associated with the complex (reduced CoQ-cytochrome c reductase) was monitored, and in which in vivo /sup 14/C-leucine incorporation into whole washed mitochondrial membranes was carried out suggest that (1) entrance of mitochondrially translated proteins into the mitochondrial inner membrane is not dependent upon a prior build up of cytoplasmically made precursors, and (2) that catabolite repression of the formation of cytoplasmically made precursors is mediated by a mitochondrially translated repressor protein.
Date: January 1, 1976
Creator: Rouslin, W.
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Yakima River Spring Chinook Enhancement Study, 1988 Annual Report.

Description: Smolt outmigration was monitored at Wapatox on the Naches River and Prosser on the lower Yakima. The spring outmigration at Wapatox was estimated to be smolts. The survival from egg to smolt was calculated using the 1986 redd counts and the 1988 smolt outmigration at Prosser. The smolt to adult survival was calculated based on the 1983 smolt outmigration estimated at Prosser and the 1984 return of jacks (3 year old fish), the 1985 return of four year old adults, and the 1986 return of five year old fish to the Yakima River. 13 refs., 4 figs., 47 tabs.
Date: December 1, 1988
Creator: Fast, David E.
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Steady state radiative cooling rates for low-density high-temperature plasmas

Description: Steady-state radiative cooling rates, average charge states (Z), and mean square charge states (Z/sup 2/) for 47 elements with atomic number Z ranging from 2 to 92 have been calculated for low-density (n/sub e/ < 10/sup 16/ electrons/cm/sup 3/), high-temperature (T = 0.002 ..-->.. 100 keV) plasmas. The 47 elements spanning the periodic table include many materials of interest to controlled thermonuclear fusion research. The results for the radiation rates and charge states are presented graphically versus plasma temperature and in the form of least squares polynomial fits.
Date: July 1, 1977
Creator: Post, D. E.; Jensen, R. V.; Tarter, C. B.; Grasberger, W. H. & Lokke, W. A.
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Photochemistry and enzymology of photosynthesis. Annual progress report, May 1, 1975--April 30, 1976

Description: Work during the reporting period can be separated into four main topics. Highlights include oxygen evolution, proton transport, acid-base induced fluorescence changes, and mass spectrometer studies. Under some conditions we have observed the apparent transition of S/sub 1/ to S/sub 2/ in the dark. Redox titrations showed that this transition has a midpoint potential of 400 mV at pH 7, and a pH dependence of 60 mV per pH unit. The proton uptake and release that apparently accompany the reduction and oxidation of plastoquinone were found to oscillate with a period of two in flashing light. Proton release associated with the O/sub 2/-evolving system was found to oscillate with a period of four in flashing light; however, only one-half of the protons seemed to be liberated in the final O/sub 2/-evolving step. We found that three to four protons per electron were transported from the outside to the inside of the thylakoid, which suggests that at each coupling site one electron transports two protons simultaneously. Further evidence was obtained for a base-induced backflow of electrons to the System II acceptor Q. A subsequent fluorescence transient, which could not be readily rationalized in the context of standard models, was also observed. Using whole algae, we observed that molecular O/sub 2/ directly competes with CO/sub 2/ for photosynthetically generated reducing power via a process unrelated to carbon metabolism. In a study using CO/sub 2/-depleted chloroplasts, we found that bicarbonate was not the immediate source of O/sub 2/ in the bicarbonate-dependent Hill reaction.
Date: April 1, 1976
Creator: Kok, B.; Fowler, C. F.; Radmer, R. J. & Hardt, H. H.
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Research on the seasonal snow of the Arctic Slope

Description: This project deals with the seasonal snow on Alaska's Arctic Slope. Although it is concentrated on snow of the R{sub 4}D project area, it is important to relate the snow cover of this area with the rest of the Arctic Slope. The goals include determination of the amount of precipitation which comes as snow, the wind transport of this snow and its depositional pattern as influenced by drifting, the physical properties of the snow, the physical processes which operate in it, the proportions of it which go into evaporation, infiltration and runoff, and the biological role of the snow cover.
Date: January 1, 1987
Creator: Benson, C. S.
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Geothermal resource utilization: paper and cane sugar industries. Final report

Description: This study was made as a specific contribution to an overall report by the United States in the area of industrial utilization of geothermal resources. This is part of an overall study in non-electrical uses of geothermal resources for a sub-committee of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. This study was restricted to the geopressured zone along the Northern Gulf of Mexico Coast. Also, it was limited to utilizing the thermal energy of this ''geoenergy'' resource for process use in the Pulp and Paper Industry and Cane Sugar Industry. For the selected industries and resource area, this report sets forth energy requirements; identifies specific plant and sites; includes diagrams of main processes used; describes process and equipment modifications required; describes energy recovery systems; sets forth waste disposal schemes and problems; and establishes the economics involved. The scope of work included considerable data collection, analysis and documentation. Detailed technical work was done concerning existing processes and modifications to effectively utilize geothermal energy. A brief survey was made of other industries to determine which of these has a high potential for utilizing geothermal energy.
Date: March 1, 1975
Creator: Hornburg, C. D. & Morin, O. J.
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Landau damping of low and high power slow electrostatic waves

Description: Waves were excited in a warm plasma at frequencies above the lower hybrid frequency and have measured their damping characteristics under a variety of conditions. Strong wave absorption was measured if ..omega../k/sub ''/ less than or equal to 3 v/sub e/, in agreement with the predictions of linear Landau damping. At a certain critical power level, consistent with the power required to flatten the velocity distribution, the absorption disappears. Above this level evidence was obtained for the appearance of an enhanced electron tail between 80--250 eV, in and above the energy range where Landau damping should occur.
Date: September 1, 1977
Creator: Paoloni, F. J.; Motley, R. W.; Hooke, W. M. & Bernabei, S.
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Review of world experience and properties of materials for encapsulation of terrestrial photovoltaic arrays. Final report

Description: Available information defining the state of the art of encapsulation materials and processes for terrestrial photovoltaic devices and related applications were collected and analyzed. Based on criteria of properties, processability, availability, and cost, candidate materials were identified which have potential for use in encapsulation systems for low-cost, long-life terrestrial photovoltaic arrays manufactured by automated, high-volume processes. The criteria for consideration of the encapsulation systems were based on the goals for arrays with a lifetime of over 20 years high reliability, an efficiency greater than 10 percent, a total array price less than $500/kW, and a production capacity of 5 x 10/sup 5/ kW/yr. (WDM)
Date: July 21, 1976
Creator: Carmichael, D. C.; Gaines, G. B.; Sliemers, F. A.; Kistler, C. W. & Igou, R. D.
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Thermal Shock Experiment (TSEX): a ''proof-of-principle'' evaluation of the use of electron beam heating to simulate the thermal mechanical environment anticipated for the first wall of the Reference Theta-Pinch Reactor (RTPR)

Description: The results of a ''proof-of-principle'' Thermal Shock Experiment (TSEX), designed to simulate the thermal mechanical response of insulator-metal composite first walls anticipated for pulsed high-density fusion reactors, are given. A programmable 10-kV, 1.0-A electron beam was used to pulse repeatedly (0.30-mm)Al/sub 2/O/sub 3//(1.0-mm) Nb-1Zr composite samples 200 to 300 K, relative to a base-line temperature of 1000 K. The experimental goals of TSEX were established relative to the first-wall environment anticipated for the Reference Theta-Pinch Reactor (RTPR). A detailed description of the TSEX ''proof-of-principle'' apparatus, experimental procedure, and diagnostics is given. The results of extensive thermal analyses are given, which are used to estimate the thermal stresses generated. Although little or no control was exercised over the sample fabrication and thermal history, one sample experienced in excess of 800 thermal cycles of approximately 250 K at approximately 1000 K, and the results of optical and SEM examination of this specimen are presented. The resistance of this sample to macroscopic failure was truly impressive. Recommendations for the construction of an apparatus dedicated to extensive testing of first-wall composites are given on the basis of these ''proof-of-principle'' TSEX results.
Date: June 1, 1977
Creator: Armstrong, P. E. & Krakowski, R. A.
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