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Effects of Alterations to Low Gradient Reaches of Utah Streams

Description: This report describes an investigation of the effects of stream channelization on fish and macro-invertebrates in low gradient reaches of Blacksmith Fork River and the Logan River in the floodplain of Cache Valley in northern Utah. Channelization adversely affected both fish and macro-invertebrate populations and biomass, with the severity of impact directly related to the amount and duration of disturbance of the physical habitat.
Date: April 1980
Creator: Wydoski, Richard S.
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A Review of the Physical and Engineering Properties of Raw and Retorted Oil Shales from the Green River Formation: Final Report

Description: "This report summarizes published geotechnical properties of raw and retorted oil shales from the Green River Formation. Basic physical properties including gradation, specific gravity and Atterberg limits and engineering properties including compaction, permeability, settlement, soundness, and strength are summarized and discussed. Where appropriate, conclusions are drawn about the suitability of retorted oil shales as a geotechnical construction material. Appendix A discusses three retorting processes used to extract oil from oil shale" (abstract, para. 2-3).
Date: March 1978
Creator: Snethen, Donald; Farrell, Warren J. & Townsend, Frank C.
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The Ecology of Stream and Riparian Habitats of the Great Basin Region

Description: "The purpose of this profile is to summarize the ecological information available for and relevant to stream and riparian habitats of the Great Basin. The Great Basin comprises the northern half of the Basin and Range physiographic province and covers most of Nevada and western Utah and portions of California, Oregon, and Idaho. The entire basin actually consists of numerous subbasins and mountain ranges which present an extremely diverse physical setting" (p. iii).
Date: September 1989
Creator: Minshall, G. Wayne; Jensen, Sherman E. & Platts, William S.
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Uranium Hydrogeochemical and Stream Sediment Reconnaissance of the Moab NTMS Quadrangle, Utah/Colorado, Including Concentrations of Forty-Three Additional Elements

Description: Partial abstract: "During the summers of 1976, 1977, and 1978, 442 water and 1755 sediment samples were collected from 1801 locations within the 19 400 km2 area of the Moab quadrangle, Utah and Colorado, by private contractors for the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory. Water samples were collected from streams, springs, and wells; wet and dry sediment samples were collected both from stream channels and from springs. Each water sample was analyzed for 13 elements, including uranium, and each sediment sample was analyzed for 43 elements, including uranium, thorium, and vanadium. All field and analytical data are listed in the appendixes of this report" (p. 1).
Date: September 1979
Creator: Goff, Sue & Warren, Richard G.
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Studies of Basin-Range Structure

Description: From preface: This paper represents the partial fruition of a broad plan to reexamine critically the subject of Basin-Range structure.
Date: 1928
Creator: Gilbert, Grove Karl
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Uranium in the Dirty Devil Shimarump Channel Deposit

Description: From abstract: Uranium ores occur in a river channel deposit of composite type. Uranium and its daughter elements segregate during migration and each has its own accumulator. The entire deposit stays close to radioactive equilibrium but individual mineral components have departures up to 1000 fold.
Date: June 1952
Creator: Bain, George W.
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Reconnaissance Examinations of Copper Uranium Deposits West of the Colorado River

Description: Several relatively small copper-uranium deposits have been found in southwestern Utah along the contact of the Shinarump and Moenkopi formations of Triassic age, at least from the San Rafael Swell area of Emery County, southward through central and eastern Garfield County, southwestward into western Kane County, and westward into the southern part of Washington County.
Date: November 1950
Creator: Everhart, Donald L.
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Reconnaissance of Henry Mountains Area, Wayne and Garfield Counties, Utah

Description: From introduction: A trip into the Henry Mountains area occupied the days from March 6 to 9, 1951, inclusive, excepting March 7, which was used to examine Reo Hunt's deposit in Poison Spring Wash. Observations were made on stratigraphy, regional geology, and the locations of the known deposits of uranium and vanadium.
Date: April 5, 1951
Creator: Reinhardt, E. V.
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Preliminary Memorandum, East Slope Area, Marysvale, Utah

Description: From introduction: Preliminary field data have been assembled as a background for laboratory investigations directed toward interpretation of alteration features in the East Slope area. Such data constitute one of several units which should improve our understanding of the pattern of uranium distribution.
Date: November 1951
Creator: Green, Jack & Kerr, Paul F.
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Geological Investigation of the Trachyte District, Henry Mountains, Utah

Description: Abstract: Uranium-vanadium ore has long been known in the Trachyte district. Production started in 1913 and has been erratic and intermittent to date. Until recently, practically all production from the Henry Mountains area has come from the Trachyte district.
Date: December 6, 1951
Creator: Brooke, Gerald L.; Shirley, Raymond F. & Swanson, Melvin A.
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Reconnaissance of the Lower Chinle Along the Colorado River Between the Moab and Dewey Bridges, Grand County, Utah

Description: Abstract: The sandstones and conglomerates contained in the Shinarump conglomerate stratigraphic level in the area along Colorado River between the Moab and Dewey bridges have been assigned to the lower Chinle. One small anomaly was located, but no favorable radioactive areas were found. Gray-green mudstone and siltstone zones and carbonated material are absent.
Date: October 4, 1954
Creator: Rogers, K. J.
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Reconnaissance for Uranium in the Uinta Basin of Colorado and Utah

Description: Abstract: Weak uranium mineralization is widespread throughout the Uinta Basin of northeastern Utah and northwestern Colorado, in rocks ranging in age from Permian to Eocene. No commercial ore bodies are known, although formations there have characteristics elsewhere considered favorable for ore deposition.
Date: January 1957
Creator: Noble, E. A. & Annes, E. C.
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Uranium-Vanadium Deposits of the Cottonwood Wash Mining Area: San Juan County, Utah

Description: Introduction: This study was made in conjunction with a core drilling program designed to trace ore trends from existing mines eastward under deeper cover. The exploration drilling covered an area of about 1 square mile. The results of previous drilling by the Commission, which covered an additional 10 square miles, have been incorporated in this report.
Date: March 1958
Creator: Pitman, R. K. & Gross, E. B.
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Relation of Sedimentary Trends Tectonic Features, and Ore Deposits in the Blanding District, San Juan County, Utah: Technical Report for April 1, 1953 to March 31, 1954

Description: Introduction: Under a contract between the United States Atomic Energy Commission and the University of Utah the writer has been investigating the sedimentary relations of the uranium deposits of the Salt Wash sandstone in the Colorado Plateau.
Date: March 1954
Creator: Stokes, William Lee
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[Marysvale Region Study], Annual Report: June 30, 1953-April 1, 1954, Part 1

Description: First part of an annual report describing studies conducted by researchers at Columbia University to surveyuranium mineralization in the Marysvale, Utah region: "Part I deals with field studies and mineralogical data derived from the laboratory examination of suites collected during the previous summer" (p. 5).
Date: April 1954
Creator: Kerr, Paul F.; Lapham, Davis M.; Bodine, Marc W., Jr.; Hamilton, P. K. & Bethke, Philip Martin
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Interpretation and Evaluation of the Uranium Occurences Near Goodsprings, Nevada: Final Report

Description: Abstract: The uranium occurrences near Goodsprings, Clark Co., Nevada, are divided into two distinct types which differ from each other in geographic distribution, localization of mineralization, mineralogy and origin. None of the known deposits is of present commercial significance and therefore this study emphasizes the genetic rather than the economic aspects.
Date: December 31, 1954
Creator: Barton, Paul B. & Behre, Charles H.
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Kinematics of the Aspen Grove Landslide, Ephraim Canyon, Central Utah

Description: From Abstract: This report describes the kinematics of the Aspen Grove landslide of Ephraim Canyon in central Utah that moved during the spring and summer months of 1983-86.
Date: 1993
Creator: Baum, Rex L.; Fleming, Robert W. & Johnson, Arvid M.
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