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Surges in Southern Outfall Sewer and Flow Conditions in State Fairgrounds (Western Parkway) Pumping Plant, Louisville, Kentucky: Hydraulic Model Investigation

Description: Report of findings from various tests: "Model investigations of the surges occurring in sewer lines and of the flow conditions in a typical pumping plant, used to dispose of drainage during high river stages, were conducted as a part of the local flood protection project for Louisville, Kentucky. Studies conducted on a 1:32 scale simplified model of the Southern Outfall Sewer provided general information on the relative amount of relief from surges to be expected from the pumping station and manholes in the sewer line upstream" (p. v).
Date: June 1954
Creator: Waterways Experiment Station (U.S.)
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Uranium Content of Chattanooga Shale in East-Central Tennessee and Southern Kentucky

Description: From abstract: Uranium assays of all the samples collected by the Geological Survey from the Chattanooga shale in east-central Tennessee and southern Kentucky from 1947 to 1949 are assembled here, and conclusions are drawn concerning the distribution of the uranium. The 1108 assays from 80 localities provide reasonably reliable information on the stratigraphic and regional variations of the uranium content.
Date: October 1952
Creator: Conant, Louis C. & Swanson, Vernon E.
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Coal Geology of the White Oak Quadrangle, Magoffin and Morgan Counties, Kentucky

Description: From abstract: The White Oak quadrangle lies near the western edge of the eastern Kentucky coalfield and includes approximately 59 square miles of parts of Magoffin and Morgan Counties, Ky. The outcropping rocks are equivalent to most of the Breathitt formation of Pennsylvanian age. The regional southeast dip of the rocks is interrupted by the Irvine-Paint Creek fault, the Caney anticline, the Grape Creek syncline, and the Johnson Creek fault.
Date: 1957
Creator: Adkison, W. L.
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Uranium in the Southern United States

Description: From introduction: In this study on raw material sources of uranium the Southern Interstate Nuclear Board has catalogued all known occurrences of uranium and some references to thorium in a 17-state area (P1. 1). These occurrences have been evaluated as potential sources of uranium by the State Geological Surveys and the consultant group of SINB. Favorability guides have been applied to the known occurrences and recommendations have been made for future action by the states involved, federal agencies, or by industry. State recommendations are included in state-by-state summaries. The state reports were written either by personnel of the State Geological Surveys or were abstracted from State geological survey data by members of the consultant group...The purpose of this study was to compile information on and systematically assess uranium and other radioactive occurrences in the region. The SINB undertook the project because of its statutory, interstate capability as an extension of government in each of the 17 states, an arrangement that lends itself effectively to this cooperative undertaking.
Date: November 1970
Creator: Southern Interstate Nuclear Board
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Geology and Coal Resources of the Salyersville North Quadrangle, Magoffin, Morgan, and Johnson Counties, Kentucky

Description: From introduction: The U.S. Geological Survey has conducted investigations of the geology and coal resources of the area in and adjacent to the Salyers-ville North quadrangle in the Eastern Kentucky coal field (fig. 7). The Salyersville North quadrangle lies between lat. 3745' and 37052'30'' N., and long. 8300' and 83 07'30'' E.; it is a 71/2-minute quadrangle in the southeast quarter of the Dingus 15-minute area which also includes the Dingus, Lenox, and White Oak 7 -minute quadrangles (fig. 8). The present report is the second for the 15-minute Dingus area; a report by Adkison (1957) has been published for the White Oak quadrangle and a third report is in preparation for the Lenox quadrangle. Other published reports for quadrangles in the vicinity are those by Englund (1955) for Cannel City to the west; Bergin (1962) for Seitz to the southwest; and Hauser (1953) for Paintsville to the east.
Date: 1963
Creator: Adkison, W. L. & Johnston, J. E.
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A Flood Model for the Tug Fork Basin, Kentucky, Virginia, and West Virginia

Description: From abstract: This study used a rainfall-runoff model to determine if land-use changes associated with surface mining in the Tug Fork basin have affected basin streamflow characteristics.
Date: 1983
Creator: Doyle, W. Harry, Jr.; Curwick. Philip B. & Flynn, Kathleen M.
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Technique for Estimating Magnitude and Frequency of Floods in Kentucky

Description: Abstract: This report presents flood magnitude and frequency relations applicable to 'unregulated streams in Kentucky. The relations are based on flood data at 117 gaging stations in Kentucky and 14 in adjacent states having 10 or more years of record not significantly affected by man-made changes . Equations that relate flood magnitude and frequency to contributing drainage area in 16 geographic areas may be used to estimate magnitude of future floods with recurrence intervals of as much as 100 years on gaged and ungaged streams having drainage areas of 10 to 4,300 square miles (25 .9, to 11,100 square kilometers) . Estimating equations are also presented in graphical form for the convenience of the user . Additional graphs are presented to estimate flood magnitude for selected recurrence intervals along the Cumberland, Kentucky, and Ohio Rivers .
Date: November 1976
Creator: Hannum, Curtis H.
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Fluvial Sedimentation in Kentucky

Description: From abstract: This report, covering periods 1942-45 and 1951-81, documents the characteristics of sediment being transported from 79 drainage areas within the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and at eight stations on the main stem of the Ohio River.
Date: December 1983
Creator: Flint, Russell F.
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Alert Systems for Missing Adults in Eleven States: Background and Issues for Congress

Description: This report discusses the emerging development of nationwide alert systems to recover missing adults, such as those with mental impairment (such as Alzheimer's disease), developmental disabilities, or suicidal tendencies. This report provides an overview of such alert systems in 11 states: Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Texas, and Virginia. This report also provides a discussion of issues for Congress to consider with respect to the federal role, if any, in developing state alert programs for missing adults.
Date: May 7, 2009
Creator: Fernandes, Adrienne L. & Colello, Kirsten J.
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Tobacco Price Support: An Overview of the Program

Description: About 94 percent of U.S. tobacco production is flue-cured and burley (cigarette tobacco types). These crops are particularly important to the agriculture of North Carolina and Kentucky. The federal tobacco price support program is designed to support and stabilize prices for farmers.
Date: June 25, 2004
Creator: Womach, Jasper
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The Oil Fields of Allen County Kentucky, with Notes on the Oil Geology of Adjoining Counties

Description: From introduction: The purpose of the field work was to investigate the geology of the county, particularly the structure or lay of the oil-bearing strata and the results of drilling to date. Structural conditions in the producing fields were determined by running level lines to the wells and correlating the data recorded in the well logs generously furnished by the operators.
Date: 1919
Creator: Shaw, Eugene W. & Mather, Kirtley F.
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Fluorspar Deposits in Western Kentucky: Part 1

Description: From introduction: The need for fluorspar in the manufacture of open-hearth steel, hydrofluoric acid, aluminum, certain insecticides, refrigerants and airconditioning compounds, welding rods, 100-octane gasoline, and many other products necessary to the prosecution of World War II resulted in unprecedented demands for this commodity. To help increase production to meet these demands, the War Production Board in 1942 asked the United States Geological Survey to plan a comprehensive study of the fluorspar deposits in the United States. This study has been carried on in many parts of the country in cooperation with geologists and engineers of State and Federal agencies and with local producers.
Date: 1955
Creator: Williams, James Steele; Duncan, Helen & Hardin, George C., Jr.
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Fluorspar Deposits in Western Kentucky: Part 2

Description: From abstract: The central part of the Commodore fault system is in the western Kentucky fluorspar district, in Crittenden County, about 6 miles northwest of Marion. It has yielded from 30,000 to 40,000 tons of crude fluorspar and nearly 20,000 tons of zinc ore. Limestones, sandstones, and shales of the Meramec, Chester, and Pottsville groups of Carboniferous age crop out as relatively flat-lying beds, except near faults. The rocks are transected by high-angle normal faults. The main faulted zone is the Commodore fault system, which displaces the beds from 1,500 to 2,000 feet. The principal vein minerals are fluorite, calcite, smithsonite, sphalerite, and galena. Fluorite and smithsonite are the chief ore minerals, occurring as lenses along the faults. The mines have been worked since 1892, but most of the workings are caved or filled with water.
Date: 1954
Creator: Trace, Robert D.
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Fluorspar Deposits in Western Kentucky: Part 3

Description: Abstract: The Moore Hill fault system in the central part of the Kentucky-Illinois fluorspar field is about 26 miles long. Fluorspar has been produced from a part nearly 5 miles long, and since mining began in 1899 this system has yielded more than 300,000 tons of fluorspar. Lead and zinc sulfides commonly are found in the ore, but only rarely do they occur in sufficient quantity to be worth recovering. The productive part of the fault system was mapped and the properties and principal mines described. The high-angle normal faults of the system cut limestones, sandstones, and shales of Mississippian age. Stratigraphic displacements range from less than a foot to as much as 550 feet. The fluorspar bodies are sporadically distributed in veins of calcite and fluorite along the faults.
Date: 1954
Creator: Thurston, William R.; Hardin, George C., Jr. & Klepser, Harry J.
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The Flora of the New Albany Shale: Part 1. Diichnia Kentuckiensis, a New Representative of the Calamopityeae

Description: Abstract: A new genus of the Cycadofilicales, Diichnia, is described from the New Albany shale, of late Devonian age, in central Kentucky. The one known species, which is based on stem material showing internal structure, belongs in the family Calamopityeae. Foundation for the generic segregation is seen in the double leaf truce of the genotype, D. kentuckiensis, in contrast with the originally single trace in other known representatives of the family.
Date: 1936
Creator: Read, Charles B.
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Geology of the Big Stone Gap Coal Field of Virginia and Kentucky

Description: From introduction: In presenting this paper the writer has two objects in view. The first is to add to the general knowledge respecting the geology of this central district [Appalachian coal basin]. The groups determined in this region will be carried over the adjoining territory if they can be distinguished and they afford a type-section of the Coal-measures where they are probably best developed. The results are not put forth as final, but as representing the most probable conclusions from the observed facts.
Date: 1893
Creator: Campbell, Marius R.
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Availability and Quality of Water from Underground Coal Mines in Johnson and Martin Counties, Kentucky

Description: From abstract: This report provides water users with detailed information on the location, quantity, and quality of water available from underground coal mines in the Breathitt Formation of Pennsylvanian age in part of eastern Kentucky. The principal coal seams mined are the Van Lear in Johnson County and the Alma in Martin County. Coal mines that contained water were located by field inventory and coal-mine maps.
Date: 1981
Creator: Mull, D. S.; Cordiviola, Steven & Risser, Dennis W.
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Carbonizing Properties: Eastern Kentucky Coals from Elkhorn Number 1, Elkhorn Number 2, Leatherwood, and Harlan Beds

Description: From Introduction and Summary: "This report gives results of an investigation of the carbonizing properties of the following eastern Kentucky coals: Elkhorn No.1 bed, No. 28 mine, Wayland, Floyd County; Elkhorn No.2 bed, Turner No.5 mine, Drift, Floyd County; Leatherwood (Haddix No.5) bed, Leatherwood mine, Leatherwood, Perry County; and Harlan bed, Path Fork mine, Path Fork, Harlan County."
Date: 1952
Creator: Davis, J. D.; Reynolds, D. A.; Brewer, R. E.; Wolfson, D. E.; Naugle, B. W.; Frederic, W. H. et al.
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Analyses of Coals in the United States with Descriptions of Mine and Field Samples Collected between July 1, 1904 and June 30, 1910 Part 2. Descriptions of Samples

Description: From Introduction: "This volume contains the descriptions of the samples whose analyses are published in the preceding volume, Part I of this bulletin. The descriptions have been compiled from the notebooks of the persons who collected the samples, have been condensed from accounts given in published reports of the United States Geological Survey, or have furnished by the collection themselves. Inasmuch as the descriptions represent the work of many persons during a period of six years, and inasmuch as they were recorded under widely differing conditions, they necessarily vary in fullness detail."
Date: 1913
Creator: Lord, N. W.
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Coal-Mine Accidents in the United States and Foreign Countries

Description: From Introduction: "The lack of comparable and accurate statistics of coal-mine accidents in the united States as a whole led the Bureau of Mines in 1911 to undertake the collection of such data. The mining departments of the leading foreign coal-producing countries have long taken cognizance of the importance of statistics. The bureau feels that in presenting the tables embodied in this report it is offering the and comparable statistics of coal-min accidents for the country as a whole that have ever been published."
Date: 1913
Creator: Horton, Frederick W.
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Analyses of Coals in the United States with Descriptions of Mine and Field Samples Collected between July 1, 1904 and June 30, 1910: Part 1. -- Analyses

Description: From Significance and value of Analyses of Coal: "The analyses published in this report cover samples of coal collected in many different parts of the country with unusual care by experiences men, in such manner as to make them representative of extensive beds of coal."
Date: 1913
Creator: Lord, N. W.
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The Coke Industry of the United States as Related to the Foundry

Description: From Introduction: "The present bulletin, published by the Bureau of Mines because of the analyzing and testing of fuels have been transferred from the Geographical Survey to the Bureau of Mines, briefly reviews the status of the coke industry, some features of practice in the use of coke in the foundry, the probable happenings of a cupola heat, and the reasons for modifying charging practice so that a particular coke can be used to best advantage."
Date: 1910
Creator: Moldenke, Richard
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Analyses of Tipple and Delivered Samples of Coal: (Collected During the Fiscal Years 1948 to 1950 Inclusive)

Description: From Forward: "This bulletin is the first of a new series, which includes analyses of only tipple and delivered coal. It covers samples collected throughout the United States from July 1, 1947 to June 30, 1950 (fiscal years 1948-50). It is planned that future publications of this series will cover a period of one fiscal year only and be issued as soon as possible after June 30 of each year."
Date: 1953
Creator: Snyder, N. H. & Aresco, S. J.
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