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Downhole refractive-index logging device. [Patent application]

Description: This invention provides an antenna arrangement for accurately measuring the magnetic permeability of earth formations. It provides a high-resolution coil array of a transmitting coil and six receiving coils to enable self-consistency checks for evaluating tight gas and oil-bearing strata. (DLC)
Date: January 20, 1982
Creator: Yu, J.S.
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Iron active electrode and method of making same

Description: An iron active electrode and method of preparing same in which iron sulfate is calcined in an oxidizing atmosphere at a temperature in the range of from about 600/sup 0/C to about 850/sup 0/C for a time sufficient to produce an iron oxide with a trace amount of sulfate are described. The calcined material is loaded into an electrically conductive support and then heated in a reducing atmosphere at an elevated temperature to produce activated iron having a trace amount of sulfide which is formed into an electrode plate.
Date: April 16, 1981
Creator: Jackovitz, J.F.; Seidel, J. & Pantier, E.A.
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Fast transient digitizer

Description: Method and apparatus are presented for sequentially scanning a plurality of target elements with an electron scanning beam modulated in accordance with variations in a high-frequency analog signal to provide discrete analog signal samples representative of successive portions of the analog signal; coupling the discrete analog signal samples from each of the target elements to a different one of a plurality of high speed storage devices; converting the discrete analog signal samples to equivalent digital signals; and storing the digital signals in a digital memory unit for subsequent measurement or display.
Date: July 8, 1981
Creator: Villa, F.
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Magnetron sputtered boron films and Ti/B multilayer structures

Description: A method is described for the production of thin boron and titanium/boron films by magnetron sputter deposition. The amorphous boron films contain no morphological growth features, unlike those found when thin films are prepared by various physical vapor 5 deposition processes. Magnetron sputter deposition method requires the use of a high density crystalline boron sputter target which is prepared by hot isostatic pressing. Thin boron films prepared by this method are useful for ultra-thin band pass filters as well as the low Z element in low Z/high Z mirrors which enhance reflectivity 10 from grazing to normal incidence.
Date: March 11, 1991
Creator: Makowiecki, Daniel Matthew & Jankowski, Alan Frederic
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department