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Bioluminescence monitor and method for enzymatic determinations. [Patents]

Description: An on-line, nonreferenced apparatus for measuring the concentration of a biomarker species in authentic biological samples in solution comprises conduit means for conducting said sample solution from a source of said solution, stream diversion means disposed within the conduit for diverting a predetermined amount of said sample for analysis, means for introducing and independently regulating the flow of one or more reactants disposed in fluid communication with said diverted stream, incubating means within the diverted stream for reacting said reactants and biomarkers to produce a bioluminescence emission, and means disposed within the diverted stream for monitoring said emission intensity which is correlatable to said biomarker concentration.
Date: April 28, 1981
Creator: Bostick, William D.; Denton, Mark S. & Dinsmore, Stanley R.
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Novel 7-substituted coumarin compounds and an improved method for their synthesis. [Patent application]

Description: Novel substituted coumarin compounds and an improved method for their synthesis are disclosed. The preferred class of compounds are substituted at the 7-position. The method of synthesis comprises reacting a polyhydroxy benzene or a substituted phenol, with a ..beta..-alkoxy acrylic acid or nitrile, in the presence of a Lewis acid catalyst. By the inclusion of the catalyst in the reaction mixture, the reaction can be carried out under much milder experimental conditions and in increased yields. The method is also applicable to the preparation of substituted amino phenols.
Date: January 20, 1982
Creator: Bissell, E.R.
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Multipolar corneal-shaping electrode

Description: The disclosure relates to a multipolar probe using radiofrequency energy to reshape the cornea of an eye. The surface of the cornea is flushed continuously with a conductive coolant during operation.
Date: April 30, 1981
Creator: Doss, J.D.
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Cutting assembly

Description: A cutting apparatus includes a support table mounted for movement toward and away from a workpiece and carrying a mirror which directs a cutting laser beam onto the workpiece. A carrier is rotatably and pivotally mounted on the support table between the mirror and workpiece and supports a conduit discharging gas toward the point of impingement of the laser beam on the workpiece. Means are provided for rotating the carrier relative to the support table to place the gas discharging conduit in the proper positions for cuts made in different directions on the workpiece.
Date: January 28, 1982
Creator: Packi, D.J.; Swenson, C.E.; Bencloski, W.A. & Wineman, A.L.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department