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Primary view of MtNIP Regulated Plants with Significantly Increased Size and Biomass
Dickstein, Rebecca; Salehin, Mohammad & Bagchi, Rammyani
November 2, 2012
Primary view of Direct Graphene Growth on Metal Oxides by Molecular Epitaxy
Kelber, Jeffry A.
June 13, 2013
Primary view of Graphene Magnetic Tunnel Junction Spin Filters and Methods of Making
Kelber, Jeffry A. & Zhou, Mi
May 25, 2012
Primary view of Single Reflective Optical Element for Interference Lithography
Lin, Yuankun; Lutkenhaus, Jeffrey & George, David
August 1, 2014
Primary view of System and Method for Multi-Residue Multivariate Data Compression
Garcia, Oscar N.; Fu, Shengli & Jaganathan Melaedavattil, Jyothy
April 1, 2013
Primary view of Intelligent Metamodel Integrated Verilog-AMS for Fast and Accurate Analog Block Design Exploration
Mohanty, Saraju P.; Kougianos, Elias & Zheng, Geng
March 12, 2014
Primary view of [Letters Patent for Flutter Wheels]
United States. Patent Office.
October 24, 1828
Primary view of Silicon tetrafluoride generation. [Patent application; from hexafluorosilicic acid]
Hansen, K.C. & Yaws, C.L.
January 3, 1982
Primary view of Transistorized power switch and base drive circuit therefore
Lee, F.C. & Carter, R.A.
March 24, 1981
Primary view of Grate assembly for fixed-bed coal gasifier
Notestein, J. E.
December 31, 1992
Primary view of High density hexagonal boron nitride prepared by hot isostatic pressing in refractory metal containers
Hoenig, C. L.
December 31, 1990
Primary view of Imaging Fourier transform spectrometer
Bennett, C.L.
September 13, 1993
Primary view of Analysis of hydrogen isotope mixtures
Villa-Aleman, E.
December 31, 1992
Primary view of Automatically processed alpha-track radon monitor
Langner, G. H. Jr.
May 2, 1991
Primary view of Cermet crucible for metallurgical processing
Boring, C.P.
December 31, 1994
Primary view of Compact acoustic refrigerator
Bennett, G. A.
December 31, 1991
Primary view of A device for the determination of low concentrations of oxygen in carbonaceous materials
Schultz, H.
December 31, 1991
Primary view of Durable zinc oxide-containing sorbents for coal gas desulfurization
Siriwardane, R.V.
December 31, 1994
Primary view of End moldings for cable dielectrics
Roose, L.D.
December 31, 1993
Primary view of Fiber optic monitoring device
Samborsky, J. K.
December 31, 1992
Primary view of Generation of low-divergence laser beams
Kronberg, J. W.
December 1992
Primary view of High adherence copper plating process
Mignardot, H.
December 31, 1992
Primary view of High speed door assembly
Shapiro, C.
December 31, 1991
Primary view of Plenum type crystal growth chamber
Montgomery, K. E.
December 31, 1990