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Primary view of Methods and Devices for Enrollment and Verification of Biometric Information in Identification Documents
Mohanty, Saraju P.
April 24, 2008
Primary view of Aqueous Dispersion of Hydrogel Nanoparticles with Inverse Thermoreversible Gelation
Hu, Zhibing & Xia, Xiaohu
December 9, 2004
Primary view of Organic Light-Emitting Diodes from Homoleptic Square Planar Complexes
Omary, Mohammad A.
July 8, 2009
Primary view of Petroleum Oil Analysis Using Liquid Nitrogen Cold Stage - Laser Ablation - ICP Mass Spectrometry
Verbeck, Guido F. & Hoffman, William D.
November 2, 2011
Primary view of Use of Microwaves to Crosslink Carbon Nanotubes
Tour, James M.; Stephenson, Jason J.; Imholt, Timothy; Dyke, Christopher A.; Yakobson, Boris I. & Roberts, James A.
December 17, 2003
Primary view of Toxic Agent Sensor and Detector Method, Apparatus, and System
Henley, Donald E.; Anand, Aman; Imholt, Timothy & Roberts, James A.
May 25, 2006
Primary view of 911 Services and Vital Sign Measurement Utilizing Mobile Phone Sensors and Applications
Dantu, Ram; Chandrasekaran, Vikram & Gupta, Neeraj K.
September 20, 2012
Primary view of Passive gas separator and accumulator device
Choe, Hwang & Fallas, T.T.
November 29, 1993
Primary view of Closure Mechanism and Method for Spent Nuclear Fuel Canisters
Doman, Marvin J.
November 23, 2004
Primary view of Method and Apparatus for Monitoring the Integrity of a Geomembrane Liner using time Domain Reflectometry
Morris, John L.
November 9, 1998
Primary view of Method for chemically analyzing a solution by acoustic means
Beller, L. S.
November 1995
Primary view of Method of Evaluating, Expanding, and Collapsing Connectivity Regions Within Dynamic Systems
Bailey, David A.
November 16, 2004
Primary view of Method and Apparatus for measuring Gravitational Acceleration Utilizing a high Temperature Superconducting Bearing
Hull, John R.
November 6, 1998
Primary view of Use of Phosphates to Reduce Slag Penetration in CR203-Based Refractories
Kwong, Kyei-Sing; Dogan, Cynthia P.; Bennett, James P.; Chinn, Richard E. & Petty, Arthur V.
November 9, 2004
Primary view of Design for Ceramic Membrane Reactor with two Reactant Gases at Different Pressures
Balachandran, Uthamalingam & Mieville, Rodney L.
November 18, 1998
Primary view of Halogenated high {Tc} superconductors and method of preparation
Radousky, H. B.; Glass, R. S. & Fluss, M. J.
November 14, 1990
Primary view of Planar fuel cell utilizing nail current collectors for increased active surface area
George, Thomas J. & Meacham, G.B. Kirby
November 26, 1999
Primary view of New silicotitanate molecular sieve and condensed phases
Nenoff, Tina M. & Nyman, May D.
November 1, 2000
Primary view of Directly Susceptible, Noncarbon Composite Crucible
Holcombe, Cressie E., Jr.; Kiggans, James O., Jr.; Morrow, S. Marvin & Rexford, Donald
November 25, 1998
Primary view of Method of Forming Diamonds from Carbonaceous Material
Daulton, Tyrone; Lewis, Roy; Rehn, Lynn & Kirk, Marquis
November 30, 1999
Primary view of Method for simultaneous use of a single additive for coal flotation, dewatering and reconstitution
Wen, Wu-Wey; Gray, M.L. & Champagne, K.J.
November 9, 1993
Primary view of Statistically Qualified Neuro-Analytic system and Method for Process Monitoring
Vilim, Richard B.; Garcia, Humberto E. & Chen, Frederick W.
November 4, 1998
Primary view of Toroidal magnetic detector for high resolution measurement of muon momenta
Bonanos, P.
November 30, 1990
Primary view of Oxidation resistant alloys, method for producing oxidation resistant alloys
Dunning, John S. & Alman, David E.
November 5, 2002