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Primary view of CDMA Network Design
Akl, Robert G.
May 2002
Primary view of Cell Design to Maximize Capacity in CDMA Networks
Akl, Robert G.
April 2002
Primary view of Current Research in Wireless at UNT
Akl, Robert G.
October 2004
Primary view of Global versus Local Call Admission Control in CDMA Cellular Networks [Presentation]
Akl, Robert G. & Parvez, Asad
July 2004
Primary view of Impact of Interference Model on Capacity in CDMA Cellular Networks
Akl, Robert G. & Parvez, Asad
July 2004
Primary view of Capacity Allocations in Multi-cell UMTS Networks for Different Spreading Factors with Perfect and Imperfect Power Control [Presentation]
Akl, Robert G. & Nguyen, Son
January 2006
Primary view of Retention and Recruitment of Women in Computer Engineering
Akl, Robert G. & Garlick, Ryan
July 2006
Primary view of Energy-Aware Routing and Hybrid Synchronization in Sensor Networks
Akl, Robert G.
September 2007
Primary view of Self-Configuring Wireless MEMS Network
Akl, Robert G.; Kavi, Krishna M. & El Rewini, Hesham
January 2008
Primary view of Robocamp: Encouraging Young Women to Embrace STEM
Akl, Robert G.; Keathly, David & Garlick, Ryan
February 2009
Primary view of Subscriber Maximization in CDMA Cellular Networks
Akl, Robert G.
August 2004
Primary view of Research, Teaching, and Outreach
Akl, Robert G.
December 2005
Primary view of WiFi and WCDMA Network Design
Akl, Robert G.
April 2005
Primary view of A For-Fee Scholarly Publishing Service Based in the Library
Hawkins, Kevin S.
January 31, 2015
Primary view of Customer Service in the Library
Keshmiripour, Setareh & Peebles, Emily
December 2014
Primary view of An Extensible Approach to Interoperability Testing: The Use of Special Diagnostic Records in the Context of Z39.50 and Online Library Catalogs
Moen, William E.; Hammer, Sebastian; Taylor, Mike; Thomale, Jason & Yoon, JungWon
June 2005
Primary view of UNT Digital Libraries: Past, Present and Future
Phillips, Mark Edward
April 25, 2011
Primary view of Reference Beyond the Desk: Nontraditional Modes of Reference
Thomsett-Scott, Beth
April 15, 2011
Primary view of Open Access at the UNT Libraries
Phillips, Mark Edward
May 20, 2011
Primary view of Open Access to UNT Faculty's Scholarly Publications
Halbert, Martin; Moen, William E. & Hartman, Cathy Nelson
March 25, 2010
Primary view of What's My Leadership Color?
Thomsett-Scott, Beth
Primary view of Who Are These Unauthorized Immigrants and What Are We Going To Do About Them?
Martinez-Ebers, Valerie
April 13, 2011
Primary view of Digitization 101
Phillips, Mark Edward
April 12, 2011
Primary view of Nuts & Bolts: Preserving Digital Content at the University of North Texas
Hartman, Cathy Nelson & Phillips, Mark Edward
June 2008