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Keep the home front pledge : pay no more than ceiling prices, pay your points in full.

Description: Color poster promoting compliance with food conservation and price control programs. A young blond woman in an apron raises her hand to take a pledge. By her shoulder is a small inset box featuring a graphic image of a hand carrying a food basket, with the slogan, "Food Fights for Freedom". Additional captions contained in this inset are "Produce and Conserve" and "Share and Play Square".
Date: 1944
Creator: United States. Office of Price Administration.
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French Resistance helps throttle the Boche.

Description: Black & white photograph of of a soldier in a helmet being choked by two hands. The soldier's face is tinted green; the hands are not. The poster background is in shades of blue, white, and red. A red flame design shoots up along the right side of the photo, and a white flame design is superimposed on the hands.
Date: [1944]
Creator: Louvat, R.
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Onion-set production.

Description: A guide to growing green onions from sets, in order to increase production and alleviate a wartime onion shortage.
Date: May 1944
Creator: Walker, J. C. (John Charles), 1893-; Edmundson, W. C. (Wilbur Clifford), 1888- & Jones, H. A. (Henry Albert), 1889-
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A Study to Determine the Social Attitudes and Behavior Problems in a Given Elementary School

Description: The purpose of this investigation is to study a given school situation with which the writer is familiar to determine as objectively as possible the various social attitudes present and their resultant behavior. To what extent these attitudes depend upon the home environment of the child is to be studied. The influence of the age-grade range in the development of various attitudes is to be considered, and the influence of the school environment as a factor in the process of attitude formation and social adjustment is to be determined.
Date: August 1944
Creator: Scott, Gladys M.
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Annual Report of Research and Technologic Work on Coal: Fiscal Year 1943

Description: Report issued by the U.S. Bureau of Mines discussing the annual report over the research and technology of coal during 1943. The report describes mining methods, and properties of coal. This report includes tables, illustrations, photographs, and a map.
Date: February 1944
Creator: Fieldner, Arno Carl; Beltz, J. C. & Fisher, P. L.
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Standardized Construction of Mine Ventilating Doors

Description: Report issued by the U.S. Bureau of Mines discussing the development and construction of ventilation doors in mine operations. The importance of functioning ventilating doors is presented. The construction process is described in detail. This report includes an illustration.
Date: April 1944
Creator: Hartley, J. C. & Moschetti, A. C.
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Coal-Mine Explosions and Coal- and Metal-Mine Fires in the United States During the Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 1943

Description: Report issued by the U.S. Bureau of Mines discussing coal mine fires and explosions during the fiscal year of 1943. Causes of the fires and explosions are presented, as well as the number of fatalities from each. This report includes tables, and illustrations.
Date: February 1944
Creator: Harrington, D. & Fene, W. J.
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[The Activator], Volume 1, Number 1, October 1944

Description: This publication of the Dallas-Fort Worth Section of the American Chemical Society includes information about research, prominent scientist, organizational business, and various other stories of interest to the community. Published monthly during long academic semesters.
Date: October 1944
Creator: American Chemical Society. Dallas/Fort Worth Section.
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[Observation on machining speeds and feeds]

Description: This memorandum describes a trip on February 17th, 1944, in which the author stopped at the Baker Brothers Machine Company in Toledo to get the latest information on machining speeds and feeds and to determine the validity of their reported three pieces per hour per machine. The Baker Brothers reported that the three pieces per hour figure is an average given for determining delivery dates and allows for machining shapes other than a straight cylinder. They recommended a speed of 360 RPM for turning with a .010 feed.
Date: March 2, 1944
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Hanford Site annual dangerous waste report: Volume 3, Part 2, Waste Management Facility report, dangerous waste

Description: This report contains information on hazardous wastes at the Hanford Site. Information consists of shipment date, physical state, chemical nature, waste description, handling and containment vessel, waste number, waste designation and amount of waste.
Date: December 31, 1944
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Latin American Music: A Compendium of Bibliographical Aids for Teachers

Description: In this bibliography an attempt has been made to furnish references to teachers that may assist them to develop in the students: (1) an attitude of friendly interest which will help to link the Americas in mutual respect and to promote a better understanding of problems to be met; (2) to gain an understanding and appreciation of the background of South American culture of today; (3) to become familiar with the folk music as well as the concert, both vocal and instrumental.
Date: May 1944
Creator: Kee, Lillian Sullivan, 1893-
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