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Primary view of Kissimmee River Structures, Central and Southern Florida Flood Control Project: Hydraulic Model Investigation
Turner, Herman O., Jr. & Pickering, Glenn A.
March 1979
Primary view of Forecasting Trafficability of Soils: Airphoto Approach, Volume 2
Waterways Experiment Station (U.S.)
June 1963
Primary view of Investigation for South Fill Area, United States Military Academy, West Point, New York
Taylor, Hugh M., Jr.; Poplin, Jack K. & Mitchell, Gerald B.
August 1980
Primary view of Concrete and Rock Tests, Major Rehabilitation and Compliance, Lockport Lock, Illinois Waterway, Chicago District: Final Report
Stowe, Richard L.; Ragan, Steve A.; Campbell, Roy L.; Pavlov, Barbara A.; Thornton, Henry T., Jr. & Wong, Ging S.
April 1980
Primary view of Analysis of Field Compaction Data: Report 2, Littleville Dam, Westfield River, Massachusetts
Torrey, Victor H., III
December 1970
Primary view of Levee Underseepage Software: User Manual and Validation [Floppy Disk]
Cunny, Robert W.; Agostinelli, Victor M., Jr. & Taylor, Hugh M., Jr.
September 1989
Primary view of Levee Underseepage Analysis for Special Foundation Conditions
Wolff, Thomas F.
September 1989
Primary view of Levee Underseepage Software: User Manual and Validation
Cunny, Robert W.; Agostinelli, Victor M., Jr. & Taylor, Hugh M., Jr.
September 1989
Primary view of Numerical Simulation of Tidal Hydrodynamics, Great Egg Harbor and Corson Inlets, New Jersey
Butler, H. Lee
June 1978
Primary view of Use of Borehole Geophysical Methods in Determining in Situ Bulk Densities and Water Contents in Unconsolidated Materials: Final Report
Hunt, Richard W.
September 1977
Primary view of Shoreline Movements, Report 2: Tybee Island, Georgia, to Cape Fear, North Carolina, 1851-1983
Anders, Fred J.; Reed, David W. & Meisburger, Edward P.
Primary view of 15 Mile Road/Edison Corridor Sewer Tunnel Failure Study, Detroit Area, Michigan
Albert, Dick; Hoff, George C.; Lorence, Brian; Mitchell, Gerald B.; Mlakar, Paul F.; Murphy, William L. et al.
January 1981
Primary view of Monolith Joint Repairs: Case Histories
May, James G. & McDonald, James E.
August 1989
Primary view of A Review of the Physical and Engineering Properties of Raw and Retorted Oil Shales from the Green River Formation: Final Report
Snethen, Donald R.; Farrell, Warren J. & Townsend, Frank C.
March 1978
Primary view of General Design for Replacement of or Modifications to the Lower Santa Ana River Drop Structures, Orange County, California: Hydraulic Model Investigation
George, John F.; Pickering, Glenn A. & Turner, Herman O., Jr.
April 1994
Primary view of Pile Loading Tests Combined Morganza Floodway Control Structure
Waterways Experiment Station (U.S.)
January 1950
Primary view of A Laboratory Development of Cavitation-Free Baffle Piers, Bluestone Dam, New River, West Virginia
Waterways Experiment Station (U.S.)
March 1948
Primary view of Trafficability of Soils: Effects of Surface Conditions on Drawbar Pull of a Wheeled Vehicle
Rush, Edgar S. & Robinson, J. H.
April 1971
Primary view of Investigation of the Suitability of Prepakt Concrete for Mass and Reinforced Concrete Structures
Waterways Experiment Station (U.S.)
October 1951
Primary view of Retrogressive Failures in Sand Deposits of the Mississippi River, Report 1: Field Investigations, Laboratory Studies and Analysis of the Hypothesized Failure Mechanism
Torrey, Victor H., III; Dunbar, Joseph B. & Peterson, Richard W.
June 1988
Primary view of Project DRIBBLE, Petrographic Examination and Physical Tests of Cores, Tatum Salt Dome, Mississippi
Waterways Experiment Station (U.S.)
January 1963
Primary view of Model Study of Channel Improvement and Stabilization in the Pryors Island Reach of the Ohio River
Waterways Experiment Station (U.S.)
September 1, 1938
Primary view of Model Study of Plans for Channel Improvement at Dogtooth Bend, Mississippi River, Folder 1
Waterways Experiment Station (U.S.)
April 2, 1938
Primary view of Model Study of the Outlet Structures for the Wappapello Dam
Waterways Experiment Station (U.S.)
August 15, 1938