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Exceedance Frequency Analysis of Urban Stormwater Quality and Its Relation to Land Use Change, Denton, Texas

Description: Urbanization causes various environmental issues including water pollution, air pollution, and solid waste. Urbanization of watersheds has a profound influence on the quality of stormwater runoff. The quality of stormwater runoff is highly associated with land use. This study analyzed the exceedance frequency of stormwater quality in five watersheds of Denton over eleven years and also analyzed the relationship between stormwater quality and land use/cover of each watershed. The results showed that the most of the water quality parameters that were examined in the Lower Pecan watershed exceeded their threshold most frequently. The higher frequency of exceedance in this watershed can be attributed to the wastewater treatment plant and landfill site. Total suspended solids and turbidity were frequently exceeded in Hickory and Clear Creek watersheds. Conductivity was found to have highest percentage of exceedance in Upper Pecan and Cooper watersheds. Thus, rural watersheds were related with higher exceedance of TSS and turbidity whereas urban watersheds were related with higher exceedance of conductivity.
Date: August 2015
Creator: Shrestha, Manjul
Partner: UNT Libraries

Effects of Urbanization on Floods in the Dallas, Texas Metropolitan Area

Description: From abstract: The analyses indicate that in a fully-developed residential area, the flood peaks with be 1.2 to 1.4 times those from an undeveloped area; and the annual direct runoff will be about double that from an undeveloped area. Data were not sufficient to determine the increase in runoff from a highly industrialized area where the effective imperviousness approaches 100 percent.
Date: January 1974
Creator: Dempster, George R., Jr.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Effects of the Urbanization on Floods in the Houston, Texas Metropolitan Area

Description: Abstract: Rainfall and runoff data from drainage basins in the Houston metropolitan area and a 60-year rainfall record for the National Weather Service station, Houston-City, were used to simulate 60 annual flood peaks at 26 sites. Selected frequency characteristics, based on these simulated annual peaks are related to drainage area and percentage of impervious area. These relations which may be used to estimate the flood characteristics at ungaged sites, indicate that in the Houston metropolitan area, complete urbanization increases the magnitude of a 2-year flood nine times and increases the magnitude of a 50-year flood five times.
Date: April 1973
Creator: Johnson, Steven L. & Sayre, Douglas M.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Storm Runoff as Related to Urbanization Based on Data Collected in Salem and Portland, and Generalized for the Willamette Valley, Oregon

Description: Abstract: Storm runoff as related to urbanization is defined by a series of regression equations for Salem and for the Willamette Valley, Oregon. In addition to data from 17 basins monitored in the Salem area, data from 24 basins gaged in a previous study in Portland, Oregon-Vancouver, Washington were used defining the Willamette Valley equations. Basins used to define equations ranged in size from 0.2 to 26 square mi. Rainfall intensity varied from 1.8 to 2.2 in. for the 6-hour, 0.020 exceedance probability. Sensitivity analyses of equations indicate that urbanization of an undeveloped basin can increase peak discharge more than three times and almost double runoff volume. Much of Portland and Vancouver are located on porous river terraces where dry wells are used to shunt runoff. Much of east Salem is located on previously farmed land where drain tiles used to dewater soils still connect directly to streams.
Date: 1983
Creator: Laenen, Antonius
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Surface-Water Quality in the Campbell Creek Basin, Anchorage, Alaska

Description: From introduction: Data adequate to describe general flow conditions have been collected on most major streams in the Anchorage area, but comparable water-quality data needed to determine the effect of urbanization on the streams are scarce. Thus, in 1980 the U.S. Geological Survey, in cooperation with the Municipality of Anchorage, began a study of the effects of urban runoff on stream-water quality. A premise of the study was that urbanization does have an effect on the quality of surface runoff. The primary purpose of the study was to determine differences in water-quality characteristics between streams that drain natural and urban areas in Anchorage.
Date: 1983
Creator: Brabets, Timothy P. & Wittenberg, Loren A.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Potential for Downward Leakage to the Floridan Aquifer, Green Swamp Area, Central Florida

Description: From introduction: For the purpose of this evaluation, which is qualitative, and which is based on an arbitrary numerical ranking of the thickness and hydraulic conductivity of the different materials involved, the intent was to include only the relatively pure sand beds, which would most readily store and transmit appreciable quantities of water and the clay beds, which would most effectively retard the downward movement of water to the Floridian aquifer.
Date: 1977
Creator: Grubb, Hayes F.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Magnitude and Frequency of Floods in California

Description: From purpose and scope: This report describes methods for evaluating the magnitude and frequency of floods at gaged and (or) ungaged sites in California. The purpose is to provide a base for the study of floods and the review and extension of flood magnitude-frequency relations by agencies and individuals who are concerned with the management and control of floods, highway construction, and other related work.
Date: June 1977
Creator: Waananen, A. O. & Crippen, J. R.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

UGEC Viewpoints, No. 2, September 2009

Description: Urbanization is a global phenomenon that has transformed and continues to alter landscapes and the ways in which societies function and develop. For this issue of UGEC Viewpoints, the editors collected case-studies presented at the Open Meeting that span across regions and themes: from Australia and the United States, as well as the less developed nations in Africa, megacities of Asia such as Dhaka, Bangladesh and Delhi, India, vulnerable coastal areas of the Yucatan Peninsula, and the largest rainforest in the world, the Brazilian Amazon. Currently, more than half of the world's population lives in cities; the United Nations projects that by 2030 the world will advance to the 60% urbanization threshold. Rapid urbanization effects will not only be present within the immediate locations (cities and their metropolitan areas), but will be experienced regionally and globally. The UGEC project seeks to better understand these implications and the complex dynamic systems of urban areas that affect and are affected by global environmental change (e.g., climate change, natural disasters, loss of biodiversity, freshwater ecosystem decline, desertification, and land degradation). Several commonalities are readily identifiable in the authors' research, some of which include an attention to the roles of the governance structures within cities; the functioning of ecosystem services, water, food, and sanitation service provision; as well as the role of research in assisting the successful development of sustainable urban plans and policies.
Date: September 2009
Creator: Urbanization and Global Environmental Change Project
Partner: UNT Libraries

Initial Science Plan of the Monsoon Asia Integrated Regional Study

Description: This Initial Science Plan identifies key environmental changes that affect the people and societies of the regions of Asia affected by monsoons. The plan pinpoints people and environments which are most vulnerable to monsoon damage. The plan ends with a reflection on important scientific issues and lists a number of future actions for the Monsoon Asia Integrated Regional Study.
Date: September 25, 2006
Creator: Fu, Congbin & De Vries, Fritz Penning
Partner: UNT Libraries

Use of the STORM Model for Estimating the Quantity and Quality of Runoff from the Metropolitan Area of Houston, Texas

Description: From introduction: The purpose of this study, made in cooperation with the Texas Department of Water Resources, was to adapt an existing model to utilize available streamflow and water quality data to compute runoff from the Houston area and to compute the concentrations and loads of selected water-quality constituents contained in the inflow to Galveston Bay.
Date: November 1979
Creator: Waddell, Kidd M.; Massey, Bernard C. & Jennings, Marshall E.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Urbanization and Tribalism in Nigeria, 1911-1963

Description: The problem with which this study is concerned is the description of the past and present trends in the process of urbanization in Nigeria. In addition, the study explores tribal practices and perspectives in Nigeria's urban areas, giving special attention to the bases for the continuous existence of these phenomena. The data used in the study are obtained from books, government documents of both the United States and Nigeria and the. United Nations demographic analysis documents. The study is divided into five chapters. Based on findings and research of this study, the conclusion is drawn that adaptation to Nigeria's urban life proceeds through modification of the traditional institutions and their combination with Western cultural values, technology and economic practices into a new social structure.
Date: May 1977
Creator: Sijuwade, Philip Oyebowale
Partner: UNT Libraries

Urbanization and Republican Growth in the South, 1950-1968

Description: This thesis tests the hypothesis that increasing urbanization in the South is positively correlated with rising Republican voting in presidential and gubernatorial races. A measure of urbanization was derived by subjecting socio-economic data from three censuses for all southern counties to factor analysis. This measure was regressed against Republican percentages of presidential vote in 1952, 1960 and 1968, and against GOP percentages in governor's races closest to the census years. The coefficients of correlation were uniformly low, reaching as high as .50 only once in each case. It was concluded that urbanization accounts for little in explaining variation in Republican voting and that contradictory findings are the result of reliance on less powerful analytic techniques, misunderstanding of more powerful ones or inadequate operationalization of key concepts.
Date: December 1975
Creator: Hughes, Dorene
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Urbanization Variable as It Affects Job Satisfaction

Description: The purpose of this study is to assess the relationship between job satisfaction and the level of city urbanization. Significant job satisfaction differences between employees in highly urban and in moderately urban cities are expected on the basis of past research. It is hypothesized that employees in moderately urban cities will have higher satisfaction scores than employees in highly urban cities. An affirmative finding would enhance the value of the relationships described in past research, and it would imply a basis for generalization of findings along a rural-urban continuum.
Date: August 1970
Creator: Jackson, Derrah E.
Partner: UNT Libraries

Determinants of the Applications to the Institutional Care in Turkey: Darulaceze Example

Description: Although institutional care has started to be outmoded in the developed countries with development of different models of care, it still has a considerable place in the developing countries such as Turkey. This is because, changes in the demographic structure, extended family, and urban development of Turkey has brought about several aging problems leading older adults to end up in institutions. Loneliness was one of the significant reasons given in the Social Inquiry Survey of Applicants of Darulaceze Old-Age Institution and the basis for a micro level analysis in this study. Therefore, the main objective of the study was to determine the predictors of loneliness, including age, the state of living alone, functional independence, education, and gender. Analysis of the results indicated that these predictors have significant effects on the loneliness predominantly defined by social factors rather than medical factors. In addition, the meso and macro level analyses were employed to control the micro level analysis and see a general picture of institutional care. Thus, an academic example of diagnosing the main reasons behind the institutional care was presented to understand the context of aging in Turkey.
Date: May 2013
Creator: Esendemir, Serif
Partner: UNT Libraries