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The Music Preparation of Elementary Education Majors in the Teacher Training Institutions of Texas

Description: A. What training are senior colleges giving students in Texas to prepare them for teaching music in the grades? B. What training are junior colleges giving students in Texas to prepare them for teaching music in the grades? C. What observations can be made on training now given? What recommendations can be made for improvement? D. 'What conclusions have supervisors of music in Texas reached concerning the ability of teachers trained in teachers' colleges? E. What is the reaction of teachers who are teaching music and who have had the six hours of music required by the state department?
Date: May 1943
Creator: Elliott, Elois Allison
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Technological Thinking in American Teacher Education, 1970-1979: a Hermeneutical Study of Alienated Consciousness

Description: The research presented here is of a sort almost never seen in today's social science work. Attempted here is a hermeneutical examination of teacher education literature of the 1970's, with the goal of revealing what otherwise would and generally does go unseen by most who practice and study teacher education, the tacitly held and taken-for-granted pre-judgements or prejudices which make such teacher education the reality it is. That is to say, the aim of this research is to "go behind what is said" in this literature in order to reveal the questions to which the literature's contents are the answer. This is necessary because such prejudices, such questions, determine in the first place the sorts of answers which can be given, by excluding other questions and points of origin, and thereby structure the form and content of teacher education as it is lived. The more specific purpose of this "going behind what is said," apart from merely revealing such prejudices, is, however, to examine them after they are revealed in order to reach a judgement as to whether or not some portion or, perhaps, all of these prejudices reflect a belief in and devotion to the alienated consciousness of technological thinking. This revelation and this judgement are presented in a chapter of nine sections: Professionalism; Management, Control, and Systems; Humans as Substances; Rationalism, Empiricism, Knowledge, and Morality; Learning, Teaching, and Academics; Education as School; Selling Materialism; Meritocracy and the Perfectability of Humans; Freedom, Participation, Community, and Power. These investigations leave little doubt, it seems, that teacher education and teacher educators in the United States during the 1970's, and by inference today also, are engrossed in and committed to technological thinking as the founding source of such work, and that such belief and commitment threaten not only teacher education as a ...
Date: May 1989
Creator: Zimmerman, Kenneth R. (Kenneth Ray)
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A Study of Relationships Between Teachers' Knowledge of and Attitude Toward Selected Teaching Strategies and Their Implementation in the Elementary Classroom

Description: The purpose of this study was to explore the variables of content knowledge, individual attitude, and span of time from initial training with regard to implementation of selected teaching practices in the elementary classroom. The sample consisted of thirty-two elementary classroom teachers who teach reading or mathematics in a large suburban school district in the Dallas Metropolitan Area. After completion of the second day's training in an inservice program on teaching strategies, the teachers were given a test to measure content knowledge of and attitude toward the teaching strategies. The test results were used in determining four groups for follow-up classroom observations four weeks and eight weeks after the in-service sessions. Using three-way analysis of variance, the data were analyzed. Results indicated that teachers with high content knowledge of the teaching strategies implemented these strategies to a greater degree than did teachers with low content knowledge. No significant relationship with regard to implementation was found for the variables of attitude or span of time. It can be concluded that teachers who know the content of inservice training are able to and do implement the training in their classrooms. Of equal significance is the conclusion that teachers who do not know the content do not demonstrate teaching skills which duplicate the training concepts. It can also be concluded that training of this type is beneficial to teachers regardless of their attitude, and that teachers who implement training will do so with knowledge of the content not affected by the factor of time. It is suggested that additional studies be conducted using these and other variables and combinations of variables which may have a relationship to the teachers' use of inservice training in the classroom.
Date: August 1987
Creator: Speak, Lynda Overton
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Teaching Beyond the Walls: A Mixed Method Study of Prospective Elementary Teachers’ Belief Systems About Science Instruction

Description: This mixed method study investigated K-6 teacher candidates' beliefs about informal science instruction prior to and after their experiences in a 15-week science methods course and in comparison to a non-intervention group. The study is predicated by the literature that supports the extent to which teachers' beliefs influence their instructional practices. The intervention integrated the six strands of learning science in informal science education (NRC, 2009) and exposed candidates to out-of-school-time environments (NRC, 2010). Participants included 17 candidates in the intervention and 75 in the comparison group. All were undergraduate K-6 teacher candidates at one university enrolled in different sections of a required science methods course. All the participants completed the Beliefs about Science Teaching (BAT) survey. Reflective journals, drawings, interviews, and microteaching protocols were collected from participants in the intervention. There was no statistically significant difference in pre or post BAT scores of the two groups; However, there was a statistically significant interaction effect for the intervention group over time. Analysis of the qualitative data revealed that the intervention candidates displayed awareness of each of the six strands of learning science in informal environments and commitment to out-of-school-time learning of science. This study supports current reform efforts favoring integration of informal science instructional strategies in science methods courses of elementary teacher education programs.
Date: May 2016
Creator: Asim, Sumreen
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The Effect of Art 135-136, Foundations of Art, on Design Judgment of Elementary Education Majors at North Texas State University

Description: This paper is a report of research at North Texas State University concerning the effect of Art 135-136 on the design judgment of elementary education majors. It describes the measurement of the level of design judgments of elementary education majors who have completed the course and those who have not.
Date: January 1966
Creator: Smith, Dana F. R.
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A Study to Determine a Sound Program of Pre-Service Education for Teachers for Life Adjustment Schools

Description: This is a study to determine a sound method of pre-service education for teachers of life adjustment schools. For many years some of the leading educations have seen the need to revise the public schools to improve the quality of living in a democratic society. With the assumption that this change is necessary in order to quip the individuals with the tools for making adjustments to existing and impending life situations, a new type of teacher may be required. For the improvement of teachers and leaders, the schools, colleges, and departments of education must assume major responsibilities, for through them will come practically all of the teachers and administrators who will have a part in determining the course of education.
Date: August 1950
Creator: Kearns, James Kell
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Current and Future Trends in Computer Use in Elementary School Settings

Description: The study examined current and future trends in computer use in elementary school settings. A survey instrument was developed and validated for distribution to a random sample of 200 technology coordinators in the public school districts in the state of Texas from whom 95 responses were received. The survey instrument was used to obtain information about five areas of computer use in elementary schools. These areas are: physical configurations, instructional uses, implementation issues, training and staff development, and Internet use. The study found that all public school districts that participated in the study have acquired computer hardware in their elementary schools. In addition, some other advanced computer technology components are starting to be found in elementary schools, such as teacher workstations, CD-ROM, interactive video, computer multimedia, LCD panels, and laser printers. Respondents reported that elementary school teachers in their districts have incorporated computers into their classrooms as an instructional tool and many changes have occurred in teachers’ teaching styles due to computers. However, there are some problems that hinder the effective use of computers. The major problem is lack of training. A high percentage of respondents, 81.3%, indicated that the majority of their elementary school teachers had completed less than 30 hours of technology related professional development. Another problem was lack of funding which prevents most school districts from acquiring computer hardware and software. Currently, elementary schools in 87% of districts that participated in the study are connected to the Internet and the plan is that by the year 2001 all elementary schools will be connected.
Date: August 1999
Creator: Al-Awidi, Hamed M.
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Teacher Education Programs in Member Institutions of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI): a Comparison With NCATE Standards

Description: The problem of this study concerns the structure and content of teacher education programs in colleges and universities which are members of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). A questionnaire was developed and consisted of four sections: (1) general background information of the respondent; (2) questions relating to the live NCATE standards using a Likert scale of 1 to 3, regarding respondent's teacher education program; (3) general information concerning Bible credit hours required, critical problems and factors considered in job placement of graduates; and (4) an opinionnaire concerning current issues in teacher education, significant changes in respondents' programs and cooperative and unusual program arrangements. One hundred questionnaires were mailed to the 100 collegiate members of ACSI in 1987. Of the 75 returned, 57 were usable. This represents a 57 percent response rate. Based on the information provided by the chairpersons participating in the study, the following conclusions are drawn relative to ACSI teacher education programs: 1. The influence of an outside agency, such as the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), seems to benefit teacher education programs. 2. State accreditation of teacher education programs appears to be important to both NCATE and non-NCATE accredited programs. 3. Of the five NCATE standards, knowledge base for professional education was the standard that seemed to be the strongest to ACSI collegiate members. 4. ACSI schools emphasize biblical and theological education concurrent with teacher education. 5. Institutions with NCATE accredited programs seem to be satisfied with NCATE accreditation, although institutions with non-NCATE accredited programs seem to favor additional accreditation from an organization other than NCATE. 6. The small number of ACSI programs accredited by NCATE may be due to (1) theological conflicts, (2) fiscal requirements, (3) the amount of work involved in the accreditation process, or any combination of the ...
Date: May 1989
Creator: Kivioja, Larry A. (Larry Albert)
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Competency Needs of Administrators in Teacher Training Colleges in Kenya As Perceived By Administrators and Faculty

Description: The problem of this study was the needed administrative competencies of administrators in teacher training colleges in Kenya as perceived by administrators and faculty. A questionnaire (Inventory of Administrative Competencies) was mailed to principals, vice-principals, and four faculty members selected at random from sixteen teacher training colleges in Kenya. Ninety-six questionnaires were returned, yielding a return rate of 100 percent. Responses were analyzed using t-tests and one-way analyses of variance utilizing the F-test of the statistical test. A series of post hoc comparisons was made using Duncan's New Multiple Range Test to locate significant differences. Based on the analysis of data, it was concluded that both administrators and faculty considered the desired status of the competency very high. The administrators were performing below the desired status. Size of college was the major factor for the differences in perceptions of the respondents. Years of experience and educational background had little or no effect on the respondents' responses to the questionnaire. The following recommendations were made: A future study should investigate the perceived desired status and present performance ratings assigned to a validated set of competency statements of those levels of administrative activities not included in this study. Such a study would involve school inspectors, provincial education officers, deans of students, and heads of departments. A study should be made to investigate the current methods of evaluating administrative competence in teacher training colleges in Kenya. The results of this study should be analyzed by the Ministry of Education teacher college program developers responsible for conducting administrative workshops or in—service training in Kenya. This study could provide developers with additional information for improving the adequacy and relevance of both pre—service and in-service programs for practicing administrators.
Date: May 1989
Creator: Konditi, Jane A. O. (Jane Akinyi Osamba)
Partner: UNT Libraries

A Study of the Utilization of Educational Media Programs in the Teachers' Colleges in Bangkok

Description: The purpose of this study was to determine the current status of the educational media programs in six teachers' colleges in Bangkok by analyzing the educational media programs as they are perceived by teachers, educational media teachers, and administrators with regard to utilization, administration, and personnel. The survey instrument was distributed to the 120 teachers, thirty-seven educational media teachers, and sixty administrators in the six major teachers* colleges in Bangkok. The total number of responses was 185, or 85.25 per cent of the population of teachers, educational media teachers, and administrators. The data were tabulated, and categories of availability and usage of educational media were established. The t test was applied to the data obtained from teachers and administrators to determine if significant differences existed at the 0.05 level with regard to the ranking of qualifications needed by educational media teachers. The findings from this study indicate that the teachers, educational media teachers, and administrators surveyed are basically in agreement regarding the utilization of educational media. Teachers and administrators agree on the qualifications of educational media teachers who serve in the teachers" colleges and in the majority of teachers' colleges the educational media center is a separate entity. Recommendations with regard to the training of educational media teachers and classroom teachers and suggestions for further study of the us. of educational media in other types of institutions of higher learning in Thailand are made.
Date: December 1987
Creator: Panthai Thaichon
Partner: UNT Libraries

A Compendium of Math and Science Research Funded by NCER and NCSER: 2002-2013

Description: A compendium of math and science educational programs that are further subdivided by content area, grade level, outcomes, and emerging college- and career-readiness standards. The development of all programs is based upon research conducted by the National Center for Education Research (NCER) and the National Center for Speical Education Research (NCSER).
Date: 2016
Creator: Yamaguchi, Ryoko; Hall, Adam; Larson, Meredith; Stapleton, Katina; Chhin, Christina & Ochsendorf, Rob
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Animated Autoethnographies: Using Stop Motion Animation As a Catalyst for Self-acceptance in the Art Classroom

Description: As a doctoral student, I was asked to teach a course based on emerging technologies and postmodern methods of inquiry in the field of art education. The course was titled Issues and Applications of Technology in Art Education and I developed a method of inquiry called animated autoethnography for pre-service art educators while teaching this course. Through this dissertation, I describe, analyze, interrogate, value, contextualize, reflect on, and artistically react to the autoethnographic animated processes of five pre-service art educators who were enrolled in the course. I interviewed the five participants before and after the creation of their animated autoethnographies and incorporated actor-network theory within the theoretical analysis to study how the insights of my students’ autoethnographies related to my own animations and life narratives. The study also examines animated autoethnography as a method of inquiry that may develop or enhance future teaching practices and encourage empathic connections through researching the self. These selected students created animations that accessed significant life moments, personal struggles, and triumphs, and they exhibited unique representations of self. Pre-service art educators can use self-research to create narrative-based short animations and also use socio-emotional learning to encourage the development of empathy within the classroom. I show diverse student examples, compare them to my own animations, and present a new model of inquiry that encourages the development of self by finding place in chaos, loving the unknown, embracing uncertainty, and turning shame into a celebration of life.
Date: August 2015
Creator: Blair, Jeremy Michael
Partner: UNT Libraries

Effectiveness of the Undergraduate Curriculum in Teacher Education in Developing Desired Teaching Competencies

Description: The purpose of this study is to identify and evaluate the competencies that a person who desires to teach should possess in order to be an effective classroom teacher. Identification of these competencies will be made from evidence obtained through a consensus of student's opinions, these opinions to be solicited from students currently enrolled in courses required for a major in elementary education, and from the consensus of faculty members who ware currently teaching these courses.
Date: August 1959
Creator: Turkett, Arlie Keith
Partner: UNT Libraries

An Evaluation of Selected Aspects of a Teacher Education Admissions Program

Description: The problem of this study was an analysis of the scores made on selected standardized tests used as one part of the procedure for admission to the teacher education program at North Texas State University. The students involved were enrolled in their first professional course in education.
Date: August 1965
Creator: Smith, Robert Gough, 1919-
Partner: UNT Libraries

An Analysis of the Attitudes of Recent Graduates Toward the Secondary Teacher Education Program at Texas A & I University at Kingsville

Description: The problem with which this study is concerned is to conduct an analysis of the secondary teacher education program at Texas A & I University at Kingsville in determining the extent the program meets the needs of its graduates and to recommend improvements based on these findings. The purposes of this study are to investigate the effectiveness of the program in providing educational theories and practices, subject area knowledge and general knowledge to enable its graduates to function effectively in their societal roles as individuals and teachers. It is also a purpose of this study to solicit the graduates' opinions concerning the program's strengths and weaknesses.
Date: August 1973
Creator: Bryant, Paul D.
Partner: UNT Libraries

Changes in Attitudes and Anxieties toward Teaching of Interns and Traditional Student Teachers

Description: The problem of this study was to determine the difference in attitude and anxieties toward the teaching profession of beginning teachers entering public education in Texas who have been through a semester-long intern program as opposed to those who have gone through a traditional eight-week student teaching program. Purposes of the study were to provide assessment data for planning and delivering preservice training experiences to prospective teachers, to compare similarities and differences in the attitudes of prospective teachers who have been through the intern program with those who have been in traditional student teaching, and to provide useful information to colleges and universities concerning the effectiveness of their teacher education programs. The targeted study groups were 22 fall semester interns and a comparison group of 27 fall semester traditional student teachers. All participants were seeking secondary certification. The study was conducted in the fall of 1994. The groups were matched according to gender, chronological age, race designation, grade-point-average, and level of family income. In summary, the findings of this study indicate that only two of the six research questions proved to be statistically significant. It is interesting to note, however, that individually a significant percentage of both of the groups showed a reduction in anxiety and a significant percentage of both groups showed a reduced positive attitude toward teaching as a profession. It is only for the student teachers, however, that the results were statistically significant for both tests.
Date: May 1996
Creator: Whittemore, Jon Frederick
Partner: UNT Libraries