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The Chloride Volatilization Process of Ore Treatment

Description: From Introduction: "This bulletin aims ti bring the salient features of the process to the attention of metallurgists for the purpose of furnishing information to and receiving comments from interested parties with the ultimate hope that the process will be a commercial success."
Date: 1923
Creator: Varley, Thomas; Barrett, E. P.; Stevenson, C. C. & Bradford, Robert H.
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Flotation Tests of Idaho Ores

Description: From Introduction: "This paper covers part of the investigations carried on by the United States Bureau of Mines in cooperation with the Idaho Bureau of Mines, the University of Idaho, and certain mining companies of the Coeur d' Alene region. Although the results of the tests included in this report are not to be considered final, they indicate possibilities and may suggest others leading to a solution of the problem of separating lead and zinc sulphides by differential flotation in the treatment of certain ores."
Date: 1921
Creator: Wright, Clarence A.; Parmelle, James G. & Norton, James T.
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Recovery of Zinc from Low-Grade and Complex Ores

Description: From Introduction: "Vocalization in retorts has been, until recently, the only commercial process of producing spelter, hence the zinc mine operators have had to meet the terms of the zinc mine operators have had to meet the terms of the zinc smelters in regard to the following requirements: (1) Minimum percentage of zinc the ore must contain; (2) the chemical combination of the zinc in the ore; (3) the proportion present of those elements that interfere with the successful recovery of the zinc when the ore is retorted. As stated previously, and as will be shown later, a large part of the valuable mineral content of the ore is lost in effecting this concentration. As a result of the other requirements that have to be met in zinc smelting, much zinc is lost in the mining and milling of zinc ore."
Date: 1919
Creator: Lyon, Dorsey A. & Ralston, Oliver C.
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Description: From Introduction: "Material for this report was gathered during the last quarter of 1928 and the first quarter of 1929, when the author visited the quick-silver-producing districts of California, Nevada, Texas, Oregon, Washington and Arizona to view the progress made in recent years and gather material for a comprehensive study of the present-day quicksilver industry of the United States."
Date: 1931
Creator: Schuette, C. N.
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Sampling and Estimation of Ore Deposits

Description: Report issued by the Bureau of Mines over the sampling and analyses of ore deposits. Methods, problems, and results are presented and discussed. This report includes tables, and illustrations.
Date: 1932
Creator: Jackson, Charles Freeman & Knaebel, John B.
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Approximate Quantitative Microscopy of Pulverized Ores, Including the Use of the Camera Lucida

Description: Technical paper issued by the Bureau of Mines over microscopy of pulverized ores. As stated in the introduction, "this paper, which deals with the study of pulverized ores and the use of the camera lucida in such work, discusses an investigation undertaken at the Seattle and the Golden mining experiment stations of the Bureau of Mines" (p. 3). This paper includes tables, illustrations, and photographs.
Date: October 1919
Creator: Coghill, Will H. & Bonardi, J. P.
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A Preliminary Report on Uranium, Radium, and Vanadium

Description: From Introduction: "This bulletin presents a summary of available information regarding the sources of uranium, radium, and vanadium, the methods used in treating the ores, and the uses of the the finished products. In particular the paper describes the ores found in the United States, giving especial attention to those characteristics of the ores and the conditions of their occurrence that affect mining and treatment."
Date: 1916
Creator: Moore, Richard B. & Kithil, Karl L.
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Lead and Zinc Mining and Milling in the United States: Current Practices and Costs

Description: From Object and Scope of Bulletin: "The purpose of this paper to combine in a single volume discussions of the winning of lead and zinc ores from the mines and of the milling of the ores with descriptions of practices at typical properties in the United States."
Date: 1935
Creator: Jackson, Charles F.; Knaebel, John B. & Wright, C. A.
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