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Commentary on "Near-Death Experiences with Hallucinatory Features"

Description: Abstract: In this response to Keith Augustine's paper, I discuss the question of the nature and causation of near-death experiences (NDEs) with hallucinatory features. The attribution of hallucinations to either a brain mechanism or a peek into the afterworld raises fundamental questions about both the epistemology and ontology of our neuroscience, and of our scientific models of an afterlife. It also raises questions about the physiological state of the brain giving rise to NDEs that arise in very different situations and are clearly unlikely to have a unitary cause. These fundamental questions can be answered only in proper prospective trials when both the brain physiology and psychological variables of the experiencer are known.
Date: Autumn 2007
Creator: Fenwick, Peter
Partner: UNT Libraries

Superjective Ontology: A Post-Cartesian Tool for the Near-Death Experience

Description: Abstract: This study questions the validity of subjective and objective categories, and suggests a new approach, which I call "superjective ontology," as a tool for resolving archaic difficulties. In the first section, I present evidence that a deeply ingrained problem of "ontological disparity" really does exist, along with the extent to which this conditions our thought patterns. I then summarize monism and dualism, and present the core thesis advancing the argument from superjective ontology. Finally I suggest evidence that might be sought for the core thesis, with special emphasis on the near-death experience.
Date: Autumn 2004
Creator: Carmen, A. Ashanen
Partner: UNT Libraries

[Controlled Vocabulary Graphic]

Description: This graphic expresses kinds of controlled vocabularies as a continuum of least to most complex and illustrates how different vocabularies are related; it includes notes describing the image on a separate page. The slide was used as a visual aid at a workshop during THATCamp (The Humanities and Technology Camp) as part of the Digital Frontiers conference at UNT Libraries.
Date: September 22, 2012
Creator: Tarver, Hannah
Partner: UNT Libraries