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The Development of a Theory of Sports Competitiveness

Description: The purpose of this study was to construct a theory of sports competitiveness which would (1) contribute to a greater understanding of competitiveness as an aspect of human behavior affecting sports performance, and (2) serve as a source of hypotheses for experimental research and as a framework for interpretation of the results of experimental studies of competitiveness.
Date: December 1971
Creator: McNeal, Larry Winford, 1940-
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An Exploratory Study of Victim Reactions to Two Disasters

Description: The following chapters report an exploratory study of reactions to two disasters, a tornado and floods, which struck Dallas, Texas, in the spring of 1957. Although the findings and discussion are presented in the context of a somewhat shortened version of the time sequence described above, the major emphasis is on the differential impact of the two types of disaster agents and on the reactions of victims to disaster situations.Two disasters had occurred in the Dallas area, both having a major effect upon Negro areas of residence in that city. Furthermore, a rapid, impressionistic survey of the two areas made by Doctor Harry E. Moore of the Department of Sociology of the University of Texas and Doctor H. J. Friedsam of the Department of Sociology of North Texas State University, suggested that the two areas were also homogeneous in income level and. possibly in other ways. 5 Hence, the situation presented an opportunity to study and compare the residents' reactions to two different disaster agents. More specifically, it was felt that an exploratory study to determine whether or not there was Qadifference in the responses of tho victims to the tornado and floods could be undertaken.
Date: August 1963
Creator: Miller, James J.
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Psychology and Global Climate Change: addressing a mutifaceted phenomenon and set of challenges

Description: This report examines the role of the field of psychology in understanding and dealing with global climate change. The report explores the psychological drivers for contributing to climate change and the psychological barriers to action in response to the threat of climate change. The report makes policy recommendations based on its findings.
Date: March 2010
Creator: American Psychological Association. Task Force on the Interface Between Psychology and Global Climate Change.
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Testing a Model of Internalized Anomie

Description: A new theoretical model of human behavior was presented and tested in this research. Structural equation modeling (LISREL) was used to test the notion that living in an anomic family system would produce an internalized sense of normlessness or "egonomie" that precedes the development of problematic behavior for the individual.
Date: December 1995
Creator: Glass, John E. (John Edward)
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Celestial concomitants of human behavior

Description: The objective of this dissertation is to provide a sensitive and replicable test of selected astrological hypotheses. One such testable astrological notion is the idea that the angular relationships between the heavenly bodies at a person's birth time are predictive of his or her personality traits. In this study a sample of 155 volunteers was administered the Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire (16 PF) and a correlation between the frequencies for the subjects' four astrological aspects (sextiles, trines, squares, and opporitions) and the Q4 scale (Tension/Relaxation) of the 16PF was determined.
Date: December 1978
Creator: Noblitt, James Randall
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