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Head of Aphrodite

Description: The female head is slightly turned and this view is straight into the face. The hair is wavy and held in place with a band. The color of the marble is a warm yellow. A tendril of hair curves around the neck and shoulder.
Date: [-0490..-0430]
Creator: Phidias
Partner: UNT College of Visual Arts + Design

A God of the Sea

Description: The patina on the head is black and the man's gaze is straight up and to the subject's right. The man has a full head of longish hair and a mustache and beard. He appears about middle age. The head is mounted on a cylindrical pedestal base.
Date: unknown
Creator: Donatello
Partner: UNT College of Visual Arts + Design

Head of Athena

Description: In this sculpture, the head of Athena looks slightly downward. She's wearing a draping garment and the bust is cut off at the shoulders. Her hair curls down each side of her face and she wears her traditional cap.
Date: [-0499..-0400]
Creator: School of Phidias
Partner: UNT College of Visual Arts + Design