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Participation in Student Financial Aid Programs during the Freshman Year and Persistence in a Private University

Description: The study determined the overall persistence rate of first-time full-time entrants into a mid-sized private university during the fall semesters 1989 to 1991 to the 2nd year (1990 to 1992). The study compared the retention rate of recipients and nonrecipients of a variety of financial aid programs. Included is a comparison of groups receiving various types of financial assistance and whether or not there are differences between the groups with respect to types of assistance, gender, ethnicity (African American, Hispanic, Anglo), high school grade point average, and national test scores (SAT, ACT). The types of assistance studied were categorized by academic scholarships, university-operated student employment, need-based grants, activity awards, entitlements, and loans. The question of whether renewal, elimination, or reduction in assistance relates to retention was also studied.
Date: August 1997
Creator: Munson, Leo W.
Partner: UNT Libraries

Relationships among and Between Alcohol Consuption Rates, Alcohol Expectancies, and Early Recollections among Three Groups of College Males

Description: Extensive documentation exists which firmly establishes the high use rates and disastrous consequences of alcohol consumption by university students. Use rates for this population have been linked to attitudes toward alcohol consumption, especially alcohol expectancies. Research to date on alcohol expectancies has shown differences in expectancies among various groups. However much of this research has been conducted without a theoretical basis, accomplishing little in explaining how beliefs and drinking behavior are related. The investigation was designed to explore the relationships among and between early recollections and alcohol expectancies and to explore how the contents of early recollections function in relation to expectancies in terms of alcohol consumption patterns among three groups of college males (student-athletes, fraternity men, and independents). The content of individuals' early recollections was analyzed and compared to expectancies and consumption rates for each of the three groups. The study addressed seven hypotheses regarding alcohol consumption rate comparisons, comparisons of consequences experienced as a result of alcohol consumption, comparisons of alcohol expectancies, and comparisons of reported content of early recollections. Multiple regression analysis was utilized to test the extent to which select early recollections and alcohol expectancy scores contributed to the explained variance in alcohol consumption patterns.
Date: December 1998
Creator: Taylor, Angela D. (Angela Denise)
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An Investigation of the Effectiveness of Programed Learning in the Teaching of Harmonic Dictation in a Beginning College Music Theory Course

Description: The problem of the study was to investigate the comparative effectiveness of two methods of teaching harmonic dictation to beginning college music students. The methods were (1) the conventional teacher-classroom approach as suggested by Robert Ottman's Elementary Harmony, and (2) a linear programed book to be used in conjunction with a series of tape recordings. This volume is Harmonic Dictation, a Programed Text.
Date: August 1964
Creator: Daniels, Melvin Lucas, 1931-
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Liberality toward the Negro as Related to Classification and School of Study

Description: The purpose of the present study is to measure the amount of liberality of college students, freshman through graduate, in the schools of psychology and business administration at North Texas State University, toward the Negro. This purpose was accomplished through the use of a variation of the semantic differential which was developed by C. E. Osgood to measure the meaning of various concepts.
Date: January 1969
Creator: Dunlap, Caswell J.
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The Interrelationships among Anxiety, Intelligence, and Academic Achievement in College Students

Description: It was the purpose of this study to investigate the nature of the relationships among anxiety, achievement, and intelligence. It was deduced that anxiety and intelligence work together mainly at the level of average intelligence. At this level, the addition of drive in the form of anxiety increases performance level, while a lack of drive or anxiety decreases that level. The influence of anxiety on academic achievement is insignificant at other levels due to the overriding effects of intelligence.
Date: May 1969
Creator: Combs, Don Carlos
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El Espejo, Volume 1, 2011

Description: El Espejo literary journal contains writing by Spanish students at the University of North Texas including essays in Spanish literature and linguistics and creative pieces such as poetry and short stories.
Date: 2011
Creator: University of North Texas. Department of World Languages, Literatures and Cultures.
Partner: UNT College of Arts and Sciences

The Effect of Group Counseling upon Students' Achievement in a Baccalaureate Program in Nursing

Description: The purpose of the study was to utilize group counseling as an attempt to assist an experimental group of students to identify and overcome difficulties which might serve as deterrents to the successful completion of the educational program. The assumption was made that efforts to assist students to have successful experiences would alleviate the high attrition rates of students from nursing education programs.
Date: June 1972
Creator: McLaughlin, Geddes Morris
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A Comparative Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Group Guidance and Individual Counseling with Freshmen

Description: The primary objective was to investigate the effectiveness of short-term group guidance and short-term individual counseling with freshman college students. The design utilizes the method and procedure of comparing similar groups of students who received group guidance, students who received individual counseling, and students who received no counseling or guidance. A comparison of the ratio between self-ratings and objectively evaluated test scores before and after the study served as the basis for determining the effectiveness of the experimental variables.
Date: January 1962
Creator: Kemp, George Allen
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The Effectiveness of Two Techniques of Counseling with Students on Academic Probation

Description: The problem of this study was to analyze the effectiveness of two counseling procedures which were used with college students on academic probation. The functions of the problem were: 1. To determine whether there were any differences on selected variables among three groups of college students on academic probation who participated in individual counseling, in group guidance, or were given no formal counseling. 2. To determine the degree to which the relative effectiveness of group guidance, individual counseling, and no counseling was related to the scholastic aptitude of the students.
Date: August 1962
Creator: Speegle, Philip Tenney, 1938-
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Effectiveness of Short-Term Group Guidance with a Group of Transfer Students Admitted on Academic Probation

Description: The problem of this study was to determine the effectiveness of short-term group guidance in improving the academic achievement of transfer students admitted to North Texas State University on scholastic probation. In addition to the primary problem, an analysis was made of the differences in changes in certain psychological needs, as measured by the Edwards Personal Preference Schedule, between academically successful and unsuccessful students. Changes in these psychological needs were determined for students who participated in group guidance sessions and compared with changes made by a group of students who did not participate in group guidance. The relationship between these need changes and grade-point average was studied for these students. A comparison of the number of drop-outs was made between students who participated in group guidance sessions and students who did not participate.
Date: August 1962
Creator: Maroney, Kenneth Austin
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Relationship between Certain Factors of Late and Regular Registrants

Description: The purpose of the study is to determine if significant differences and relationships exist between students who enrolled late and those who enrolled on time at Tarleton State College between the years 1955-1962 inclusive. The study involves comparing the records of 325 freshman and sophomore students who registered late with those of 325 matched freshman and sophomore students who enrolled on time.
Date: May 1964
Creator: Chilton, Bradley Stuart, 1927-
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Factors Related to Change of Major by College Students

Description: The problem of this study is to discover what factors are associated with change of major in college students. Questions that need to be answered are (1) Is academic success or failure related to change of major? (2) Is mental ability associated with change of major? (3) Is change of interest related to change of major? (4) Are there reasons that are personal and peculiar to the individual that are associated with change of major? (5) Is inadequate occupational information related to change of major? (6) Do social reasons such as a desire for a vocation with greater prestige, increasing interest in being of service to people, or having to conform to the wishes of parents and relatives relate to change of major?
Date: August 1961
Creator: Firkins, Curtis James, 1906-
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Teaching the College Freshman to Write

Description: This thesis will deal with five points of emphasis--content, logic, organization, demon errors, and style. Not a complete manual for teaching freshman composition, this thesis will serve as a simplified guide. This thesis is written for the inexperienced teacher of freshman English who may need guidance, but it should also be of interest to the experienced teacher who wants to confirm his own practices or to find new approaches for teaching the college freshman how to write.
Date: August 1969
Creator: Harris, Pamela Matheidas
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Some Comparisons Among Self-acceptance, Authoritarianism, and Defensiveness in Negro and White College Students

Description: It was the purpose of this study to investigate the relationship among three personality variables--self-acceptance, authoritarianism, and defensiveness; and, further, to determine what, if any, differences exist between Negro and white college students on these variables.
Date: August 1967
Creator: Hands, Sandra L.
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Effects of Anxiety on the Short-term Memory Proficiency of College Students

Description: Based on the review of literature, it has been demonstrated that anxiety has some detrimental effects on the short-term memory functions of the college student. In order to improve the experimental methodology, the present study combined Type I and Type II studies of short-term memory as a function of anxiety. The two were combined so that the major criticisms in each study were controlled.
Date: June 1969
Creator: Payne, Terry D.
Partner: UNT Libraries

A Comparison of the Effects of Four Selected Programs of Physical Education with Regard to Physical Fitness and Attitude Toward Physical Education

Description: The problem of this study was the determination of the relationship between four selected programs of physical education and (a) physical fitness, and (b) attitude toward physical education among low-physically-fit freshman and sophomore male college students.
Date: January 1969
Creator: Gravett, Bob Lee
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