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APPR-1 Research and Development Program. Design Analysis for Flow and Temperature Measurement Program, Task No. 5

Description: From objectives: "To establish, by literature search, analysis and design, the engineering and fabrication requirements for modifying reactor components and developing and installing the necessary instrumentation to carry out a fuel temperature and flow measurement experimental program."
Date: September 26, 1958
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Final Report on Test L4, a Loss-of-Flow Experiment

Description: The behavior of FTR-type, mixed-oxide, pre-irradiated "high-power-structure" fuel during a simulation of an FTR loss-of-flow accident was studied in the Mark-IIA integral TREAT loop. Analysis of the data leads to a postulated scenario (sequence and timing) of events in this test. This scenario is presented, together with the calculated timing of events obtained by use of SAS code.
Date: December 1976
Creator: Eberhart, James G.; Lo, R. & Barts, E. W.
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Design and Fabrication of the EBR-II Environmental Instrumented Subassembly : Test XX07

Description: The EBR-II environmental instrumented subassembly (EISA), or Test XX07, was designed, fabricated, and irradiated to provide in-core measurements of irradiation conditions. This subassembly contained 57 elements with uranium metal-5 wt.% fissium fuel and four non-fueled elements. It was instrumented with two permanent-magnet flowmeters, 13 coolant thermocouples at various axial and radial locations, 10fuel-centerline thermocouples, and two self-powered detectors. The subassembly was irradiated in EBR-II for about 11,600 MWd (-186 days), reaching a peak burnup of about 2.9 at.% During its residence in the reactor, XX07 provided in-core measurements of flow, temperature and flux levels under both steady-state and dynamic conditions.
Date: 1977
Creator: Gillette, J. L.; Ploncsik, J.; Smaardyk, A.; Walker, D. E.; Filewicz, E. C.; Longnecker, A. A. et al.
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Design, Construction, and Initial Operation of the ANL Research Salt-Gradient Solar Pond

Description: The design consideration of a 1/4 acre research salt-gradient solar pond is described. Experience learned during the construction of the solar pond is presented. Initial operation of the pond indicates that the construction of the pond is sound and no leakage has occurred. The pond began to warm up during March of 1981. The maximum pond temperature reached 63 C at the end of July and it is still rising. All signs indicate that the operation of the well instrumented pond will be a success and the performance of the pond will be as expected, if not better.
Date: 1981
Creator: Cha, Y. S.; Sha, W. T. & Hull, J. R.
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EBR-II Environmental Instrumented Subassembly XX08 : Engineering and Assembly

Description: Subassembly XX08 is a fueled and instrumented subassembly designed primarily for an ongoing program to investigate the thermal-hydraulic core environment within EBR-II under normal and off-normal plant operating conditions. XX08 contains 58-xenon-tagged, EBR-II Mark-II driver-fuel elements. The Mark-II fuel is expected to provide XX08 with an irradiation lifetime three times as great as that attained with its predecessor, XX07, i.e., a 9 versus 2.9% burnup. A burnup of 9 at.% is equivalent to about 29,000 MWt dyays of EBR-II reactor operation, which corresponds to 11 reactor runs at 2700 MWd per run.
Date: May 1978
Creator: Smaardyk, A.; Filewicz, E. C.; Longnecker, A. A.; Poloncsik, J.; Tokar, J. V.; Walker, D. E. et al.
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On the Establishment of the Thermodynamic Scale of Temperature by Means of the Constant-Pressure Thermometer

Description: Report issued by the Bureau of Standards over two different types of gas thermometry, with its main focus on the constant-pressure thermometer. The thermodynamic scale of temperature is also discussed. This report includes tables, and illustrations.
Date: 1907
Creator: Buckingham, Edgar
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