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Predicting Achievement in a Graduate School of Education

Description: The purpose of this study was to determine the relationships between selected criteria and academic achievement in graduate studies leading to certain master's degrees in education at North Texas State University. The major areas in education which were included were Elementary Education, Elementary School Administration and Supervision, Secondary Education, Secondary School Administration and Supervision, and Physical Education. Graduate grade-point average was used as the criterion for academic achievement.
Date: June 1963
Creator: Hughes, Billie Edward, 1927-
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Multiple Measures of the Effectiveness of Public School Montessori Education in the Third Grade

Description: The problem of this study was to measure the effectiveness of a public school Montessori program. The purpose of this study was to measure and compare student academic achievement and self-concept, attendance and promotion rates, and level of parental involvement in the schools of students enrolled in public school Montessori and traditional programs. The 95 subjects in this study were third-grade subjects selected from the student populations in Montessori and traditional school sites. The Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) was used as the pre-test scores, and the Norm-referenced Assessment Program for Texas (NAPT) was used as the post-test scores to compare academic achievement in reading and mathematics. Multiple regression was used to compare the levels of academic achievement and self-concept. Multiple regression was also used to test for possible relationship between the Montessori and traditional programs and gender and ethnicity.
Date: May 1994
Creator: Cisneros, Márelou Medrano
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Performance Standards for Secondary School Vocational Education

Description: This Background Paper contains the results of OTA’s analysis. Throughout the study OTA sought and received the assistance of many individuals and organizations in the business, education, and government communities. Their thoughtful contributions and criticisms were invaluable, although their participation does not necessarily reflect their endorsement of the contents of the report, for which OTA bears sole responsibility.
Date: April 1989
Creator: United States. Congress. Office of Technology Assessment.
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School Dropouts: Education Could Play a Stronger Role in Identifying and Disseminating Promising Prevention Strategies

Description: A letter report issued by the General Accounting Office with an abstract that begins "The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) reports that the national status dropout rate--the percentage of 16- through 24-year olds who are not enrolled in school and who lack a high school diploma or a high school equivalency certificate--fluctuated between 10.9 and 12.5 percent between 1990 and 2000. However, dropout rates have varied considerably between regions of the country and among ethnic groups. Research has shown that dropping out it is a long-term process of disengagement that begins in the earliest grades. NCES and private research organizations have identified two factors--an individual's family and his or her experience in school--that are related to dropping out. Various state, local, and private programs are available to assist youth at risk of dropping out of school. These programs range in scope from small-scale supplementary services that target a small group of students, such as mentoring or counseling services, to comprehensive school-wide restructuring efforts that involve changing the entire school to improve educational opportunities for all students. One federal program, the Dropout Prevention Demonstration Program, is specifically targeted to dropouts, but the program is new and the Department of Education has yet to evaluate its effectiveness. In September 2001, the program awarded grants to state and local education agencies working to reduce the number of school dropouts. Other federal programs have dropout prevention as one of their multiple objectives, and many more federal programs serve at-risk youth but do not have dropout prevention as a stated program goal."
Date: February 1, 2002
Creator: United States. General Accounting Office.
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Interaction Effects of Office Education Programs, Community Size, and Teacher Attitude on the Attitudes Held by High School Office Education Students Toward Office Employment

Description: The purpose of the study was to ascertain whether significant differences in attitudes held by office education students are associated with (l) the type of office education program in which students were enrolled, (2) the size of the community in which the students lived, and (3) the attitude held by the classroom teacher.
Date: August 1971
Creator: Pitko, Anita Jane, 1922-
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Does Vocational Education Help the "Forgotten Half"?: Short-term Economic Consequences of High School Vocational Education for Non-College Students

Description: This background paper uses very recent data to address that question for individuals just one year out of high school. The paper also presents data on the types of occupations that these young people engage in, and rough statistical correlations between those occupations and types of high-school-level vocational coursework.
Date: September 1995
Creator: United States. Congress. Office of Technology Assessment.
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A Study of the Leisure Time Activities of the Boys of Big Spring High School During the School Year 1948-1949 and the Summer of 1949 with Recommendations for the Future Development of the High School Physical Education and the City Recreation Program

Description: The purposes of this study were: (1) to determine by grade groups how the boys of Big Spring High School spend their leisure time, (2) to gain information for use in broadening the instruction in physical education and recreation, (3) to have information for possible recommendations for the physical education department and city recreation program.
Date: 1950
Creator: Bonner, Ross Wayne
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A Study of the Previous Public Senior High School Physical Education on Experiences of Freshman Girls Enrolled at North Texas State College for the Spring Semester, 1960, with Recommendations for the Curriculum in the Area of Physical Education for Service Classes at North Texas State College

Description: The investigator became interested in the question, "What is the typical high school background in physical education of freshman girls enrolled in Texas colleges." The investigator was particularly interested in the background of freshman girls enrolled in North Texas State College. On the basis of the above interest, the investigator undertook a study of the previous public senior high school experiences in physical education of freshman girls enrolled at North Texas State College for the spring semester, 1960, with recommendations for the curriculum in the area of physical education for the college service classes.
Date: August 1960
Creator: Curtis, Joyce Mae
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A Study of the Goals for Public School Education in Texas

Description: The problem with which this study was concerned was that of determining which of the "Goals for Public School Education in Texas" were perceived as appropriate by local educators and students in smaller school districts and to determine the degree to which each of these goals was being implemented. This study had a two-fold purpose. The first was to compare the differences between appropriateness and implementation as perceived by senior students, teachers, administrators, and the composite group. A comparison between the three groups regarding both appropriateness and implementation was also made. The second purpose of the study was to determine if sex, ethnic background, and geographic location were factors when comparing perceptions concerning the appropriateness and implementation of the "Goals for Public School Education in Texas." The comparison between students, teachers, and administrators revealed a significant difference between the groups on each, of the eighteen goals regarding appropriateness. With regard to implementation, there was a significant difference between groups on eight of the goals. Differences were generally between students and teachers and students and administrators. The comparison between male and female students revealed that the female students perceived the goals to be more appropriate than did the male students. There were no significant differences between their perceptions regarding implementation. There were significant differences between Anglos, Blacks, and Mexican Americans on ten of the eighteen goals with regard to appropriateness and on three of the eighteen goals regarding implementation. Generally the Anglos perceived the goals to be more appropriate than the other two groups. Geographically there were significant differences between the regions regarding both appropriateness and implementation. Differences varied regarding perceived appropriateness. Central Texas generally perceived implementation higher than the other regions and West Texas generally perceived implementation lower.
Date: May 1977
Creator: Rogers, Jim O.
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The suitability of five Denton County clays for use in high school ceramics classes

Description: The purpose of this study is to determine the suitability of five clays from the vicinity of Denton, Texas for use in high-school ceramics classes. The abundance of natural clays in Denton County and throughout the state of Texas, the ease with which clays may be obtained, and the ease with which they may be refined for use provide almost unlimited teaching possibilities in high-school art classes.
Date: August 1949
Creator: Tooley, Martin P.
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A comparison of special education service delivery in the public school districts in the state of Texas: meeting the requirement for least restrictive environment

Description: This study examined the rates of regular class placement for Texas public school students with learning disabilities, mental retardation, and emotional disturbance and possible reasons for a high rate of placement.
Date: May 1991
Creator: Stewart, Dewanda K.(Dewanda Kay)
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The relation of business education to other subject fields in the public high schools of Oklahoma

Description: This study attempts to ascertain the status of, the enrollments in, and the offerings available in business education as well as the relationship between business education and other subject fields in grades ten, eleven, and twelve of the Oklahoma public high schools for the school year 1976-1977.
Date: May 1978
Creator: Robbins, Patricia K.
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Articulation of the Primary with the Secondary Instrumental Band Program in the Public Schools

Description: The purpose of this thesis is to acquaint future band and orchestra directors with a successful, thoroughly "tried and tested" plan of building an instrumental program within the music department. This thesis presents the technique of instrumentating the senior high school band by planning an instrumental program from the first grade to the time the band student reaches the senior high school level.
Date: August 1949
Creator: Olivadoti, Joseph, 1893-1977
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An Evaluation of the Professional Training of Secondary School Principals at North Texas State College:1939-1949

Description: The purpose of the study is to trace the origin and development of the public school principalship, to present past and present certification standards for the principalship as expressed by leading educators and certifying officials in the various states, and to select a group of graduates of North Texas State College and measure their training and aptitudes against those stated.
Date: 1950
Creator: Bray, Lemuel J.
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Movement Expression as the Basis for Teaching Musical Form in the Primary Grades

Description: The purpose of this study is to present a plan whereby teachers may effect a more worthwhile meaning of musical form by teaching it in connection with an activity that shall be called 'movement.' The problem of the study is to bring together the knowledge that come from the writer's experience as a teacher, and the data from the limited literature on the subject and organize them in such a way as to formulate this plan.
Date: August 1941
Creator: Smith, Dorothy Inge
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[Proposal for Extra District Funds]

Description: A proposal from the Dallas Independent School District's Board of Education seeking outside funding for School Health Education to Prevent the Spread of AIDS.
Date: April 24, 1990
Creator: Dallas Independent School District (Tex.). Board of Education.
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An Analysis of an Individual Study Instructional Approach of Teaching Mathematical Concepts to High School Vocational Office Education Students

Description: The problem of this study was an analysis of an individual study instructional approach of teaching mathematical concepts as they relate to business needs. The purposes were as follow: (1) to identify mathematical competencies required by business firms; (2) to further validate CVAE materials; (3) to evaluate the achievement of vocational office education students using programmed materials to review business mathematics; and (4) to develop, present, and describe a teaching model for these applications.
Date: August 1983
Creator: Brown, Verla L.
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A Critical Evaluation of Eight Series of Music Books for Grades Four, Five and Six

Description: This study is an evaluation of individual music textbooks from eight series for grades four, five, and six, by a definite criterion basis. It seems very worthwhile to have an evaluation of such books: (a) to aid in the wise selection of music books, and (b) to become familiar with the contributions of each series.
Date: August 1949
Creator: LeMond, Nell Verna
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Issues in American engineering education: a selective review of the literature: a draft report

Description: First part of this report describes the project, provides a timeline of significant events in engineering education, and summarizes the findings. The second part discusses the objectives of the study which is divided into three parts, and the third part is a bibliography of the materials on which this report is based.
Date: 1987
Creator: Goldman, Steven L.
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A Survey of the Twentieth Century American Trends in Secondary Mathematics Education

Description: This investigation of twentieth century trends in mathematics education includes the survey of existing literature and questionnaires conducted with retired and active Texas teachers. Historical events, trends in curriculum, instruction, learning theories, and contradictions of twenty-year periods are delineated. Questionnaire responses are tabulated along the same periods and vignettes of typical classrooms are drawn from the data. Results of the survey show the impact of societal forces on mathematics curricula, a continued downward expansion of content into lower grades and expanding knowledge of learning processes. A unified mathematics curriculum, classroom-related learning theory research, and further development of team-teaching are postulated as future trends. Recommendations include further examination of trends through isolation of other variables such as region and ethnicity.
Date: May 1980
Creator: Maloney, Letty Lynn
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A Descriptive Study of the Professional Preparation and Teaching Experiences of Male Physical Education Graduates of North Texas State University for the College Sessions From 1965 Through 1973

Description: The problem of this study was to obtain the professional opinion of male physical education graduates of North Texas State University with respect to appropriateness of their professional preparation in association with their teaching experiences. An opinionated questionnaire was developed and used to collect the data. Standard and Advanced First Aid and Safety Education, Teaching Physical Education in Secondary Schools and Foundations of Health were the required courses found to be most valuable to the participants in their teaching experiences. Basketball, track and field, football and volleyball were the activities most often used by the participants in their teaching activities.
Date: May 1976
Creator: Bomar, Forrest D.
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[Dr. and Mrs. Blackburn seated at a library table 2]

Description: Photograph of Dr. and Mrs. Blackburn are seated in a library on campus. The two are looking at an open book in front of them. Dr. Blackburn is wearing a suit and tie and is pointing towards something in the book. Mrs. Blackburn is holding down the pages in the book closest to her. Dr. Blackburn was a staff-member at North Texas State University's School of Education and was a governor of the Phi Delta Kappa fraternity.
Date: August 3, 1962
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