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Preliminary Solution Critical Experiments for the High-Flux Isotope Reactor

Description: Report containing experiments conducted at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Critical Experiments Facility. These experiments involved "determining the critical parameters of the assembly with varying amounts of neutron absorber in the D20 reflector, measuring the relative neutron flux distribution for various conditions of reflector poison and fissile solution concentration, determining the ratio of the absolute thermal-neutron flux in the center of the assembly to the power in the fissile solution , and determining the effect on reactivity of reducing the hydrogen density in the central region of the assembly" (p. 1).
Date: June 12, 1963
Creator: Fox, J. K.; Magnuson, D. W. & Gilley, L. W.
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Hanford Graphite Superheat Reactor (HGSR) Design Study and Evaluation

Description: Report containing the results of a preliminary study of a design concept for a graphite-moderated pressure tube reactor. Topics include reactor design, operating procedures, subsystems, hazards analysis, and economic potential. Appendices begin on page 174.
Date: January 1964
Creator: Hanford Atomic Products Operation. N-Reactor Project Section.
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Argonne High-Flux Research Reactor: AHFR Conceptual Design Study

Description: Report issued by the Argonne National Laboratory discussing high-flux research reactor design studies. As stated in the summary, "this report presents a reactor design to meet the needs of the basic research program at Argonne National Laboratory. The program requires some irradiation in thermal flux...and some beam experiments..." (p. 5). This report includes tables, and illustrations.
Date: June 1959
Creator: Link, L. E.; Armstrong, R. H.; Cameron, T. C.; Heineman, J. B.; Kelber, C. N.; Kier, P. H. et al.
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Casting and Fabrication of Core Material For Argonne Low Power Reactor Fuel Elements

Description: Report issued by the Argonne National Laboratory over studies conducted on the Argonne Low Power Reactor. As stated in the abstract, "this report describes the manufacture of 1150 fuel core blanks, of which 816 were used in the fabrication of fuel elements. Development, casting, hot and cold rolling, cleaning, and punching of core blanks are discussed, as are nondestructive testing and evaluation of the manufacturing processes" (p. 7). This report includes tables, illustrations, and photographs.
Date: December 1959
Creator: Salley, R. L. & Burt, W. R., Jr.
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Design of the Argonne Low Power Reactor (ALPR)

Description: Report containing "[a] description (...) of the design of a prototype "packaged" nuclear power plant. The purpose of the plant is to alleviate fuel oil logistics and storage problems posed by remote auxiliary DEW Line radar stations north of the Arctic Circle. The ALPR (redesignated SL-1) is a 3 Mwt, heterogeneous, highly enriched uranium- fueled, natural-circulation boiling water reactor, cooled and moderated with light water. Steam at 300 psig, dry and saturated (421 deg F) is passed directly from the reactor to a conventional turbine-generator to produce electric power (300 kw nominal) and space-heating (400 kw) requirements consistent with rigid mechanical and structural specifications prescribed by the military, and dictated by the extreme geophysics prevailing at the ultimate site. The over-all design criteria emphasize: simplicity and reliability of operation and maintenance, with minimum supervision; minimum on-site construction; maximum use of standard components; limited water supply; utilization of local gravel for biological shielding; transportability by air lift; and nominal 3-year fuel operating lifetime per core loading." (p. 15)
Date: May 1961
Creator: Hamer, E. E.; Grant, N. R.; Hooker, H. H.; Jorgensen, G. L.; Kann, W. J.; Lipinski, W. C. et al.
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The Electrical Design of the EBR-II

Description: Report that "summarizes the electrical design of the Experimental Breeder Reactor II Facility (EBR-II). It attempts to gather together and present in reasonable detail the essential features and workings of the completed design, and to present a concise overall view of the system" (p. 11).
Date: June 1966
Creator: Verber, F. & Schmidt, H. L.
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EOCR Control Rod and Driver Fuel Hydraulic Tests

Description: Report discussing the results of experiments on an EOCR prototype control rod, control rod drive, and driver fuel assembly that were extensively tested in 500 deg F Santowax and 132 deg F water. These tests not only established the operating characteristics of these assemblies but also revealed a number of deficiencies in the various components. It includes descriptions of the control rod, control rod drive, and driver fuel assembly together with descriptions of their method of operation.
Date: October 19, 1962
Creator: Harrison, L. J.
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Construction Completion Report: CAI-816, 100-N Reactor Plant

Description: Report from Hanford Laboratories concerning "the design and construction of the 100-N Reactor and heat dissipation plant complete with the necessary auxiliaries" (p. 2). Details of its construction and the plant's systems and instrumentation are described as well as economic considerations.
Date: October 15, 1964
Creator: Buckner, C. L.
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