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PRTR second generation shim assembly

Description: From introduction: "This document discusses the design, fabrication, assembly, and testing of a second generation shim rod assembly, and testing of a second generation shim rod assembly prototype for use in the Plutonium Recycle Test Reactor."
Date: November 1964
Creator: Rasmussen, D. E.
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Fast Reactor Core Design Parameter Study

Description: Report describing parametric studies of eleven fast reactor fuel systems undertaken to determine the design and economic factors for producing electricity. The methods used for making the parametric studies are described, as well as the results of these studies. Appendices begin on page 103.
Date: March 1960
Creator: Atomic Power Development Associates
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The HGCR-1, a Design Study of a Nuclear Power Station Employing a High-Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactor with Graphite-UO₂ Fuel Elements

Description: "The preliminary design of a 3095-Mw(thermal), helium-cooled, graphite- moderated reactor employing sign conditions, 1500 deg F reactor outlet gas would be circulated to eight steam generators to produce 1050 deg F, 1450-psi steam which would be converted to electrical power in eight 157-Mw(electrical) turbine- generators. The over-all efficiency of this nuclear power station is 36.5%. The significant activities released from the unclad graphite-UO₂ fuel appear to be less than 0.2% of those produced and would be equivalent to 0.002 curie/ cm/ sup 3/ in the primary helium circuit. The maintenance problems associated with this contamination level are discussed. A cost analysis indicates that the capital cost of this nuclear station per electrical kilowatt would be around 0, and that the production cost of electrical power would be 7.8 mills/kwhr" (p. iii).
Date: 1959
Creator: Cottrell, William B.; Copenhaver, C. M.; Culver, H. N.; Fontana, M. H.; Kelleghan, V. J. & Samuels, G.
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Atlas of Irradiated Fuel Structures

Description: Compilation of photographs, photomicrograph mosaics of fuel element cross-sections, and autoradiographs of irradiated fuels. These images were colleted to understand in-reactor fuel kinetics and illustrate structural changes that occur during irradiation of ceramic fuel elements.
Date: October 1966
Creator: Horn, G. R.
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Chemical Engineering Division Fuel Cycle Programs Progress Report: April-June 1978

Description: Quarterly report of the Argonne National Laboratory Chemical Engineering Division regarding activities related to properties and handling of radioactive materials, operation of nuclear reactors, and other relevant research. This report includes studies on advanced solvent extraction techniques focused on the development of centrifugal contactors for use in Purex processes, extraction kinetics of ruthenium and zirconium in the presence of uranium, and dispersion of uranium and plutonium by fires.
Date: December 1979
Creator: Steindler, M. J.; Ader, M.; Bernstein, G.; Flynn, K.; Gerding, T.; Jardine, L. J. et al.
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Carbide Fuel Development: Phase 1 Report, Period of May 15 to September 15, 1959

Description: From foreword: This report describes the work accomplished including the Conceptual Design task and the initial results of the tasks on Facility Design and Fabrication, Fuel Fabrication and Evaluation, and Fuel Reprocessing.
Date: October 15, 1959
Creator: Bolomey, R.; Lazerus, S.; Sapir, J.; Sofer, G.; Steinmetz, H.; Strasser, A. et al.
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Carbide Fuels in Fast Reactors

Description: Abstract: Cladding and fuel material processing prospects are reviewed, and fuel system possibilities for near-term (~1 mill/kwh) and long-range (<0.5 mil/kmh) fuel cycles are described.
Date: September 15, 1965
Creator: Wheelock, C. W.
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UC Fuel Element Design and Fabrication

Description: Abstract: Uranium monocarbide shows considerable potential for use as a fuel in high temperature, high power density, nuclear power reactors. As Atomics International is proposing its use in sodium graphite type reactors, it was necessary to develop a process for fabricaing sodium bonded uranium carbide fuel elements.
Date: August 1, 1964
Creator: Draganchuk, W.
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The High-Temperature Irradiation Behavior of Hypostoichiometric Uranium Monocarbide

Description: From abstract: A series of three multi-compartmented experiments was designed to investigate the irradiation behavior uranium carbide fuels, as a function of composition, temperature, and burn-up; and the mechanical properties of Type 304 stainless steel, as a function of temperature and integrated thermal neutron flux.
Date: August 31, 1965
Creator: Hahn, R. D.
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