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The Story of North Texas : from Texas Normal College, 1890, to the University of North Texas system, 2001

Description: A history of the institution of the University of North Texas, featuring photographs of people and events on campus and charting its development from the Texas Normal College to its role in the sciences, mathematics, humanities, social sciences and teacher education, amongst others.
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Date: 2002
Creator: Rogers, James L.
Partner: UNT Libraries

An Overview of the Dallas-Fort Worth Area's Long-Term Water and Transportation Needs

Description: This report gives an overview of the Dallas-Fort Worth area's long-term water and transportation needs. Recognizing the importance of a reliable long-term water supply, the Dallas/Fort Worth region has invested heavily in reservoirs and transmission facilities over the past 50 years. Indeed, the dramatic population and employment growth enjoyed by the Metroplex over the past several decades would not have occurred absent an abundant and reliable supply of fresh water for residential and commercial uses. Despite the foresightedness of the region's leaders, according to the Texas Water Development Board the region may soon find itself facing a water deficit. This report, by the University of North Texas Center for Economic Development and Research, examines the implications of the DFW area's long-term water and transportation needs.
Date: March 2004
Creator: Weinstein, Bernard L. & Clower, Terry L.
Partner: UNT Center for Economic Development and Research