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Setting That Record Straight: Revised Program Notes for Sounds of New Music, Smithsonian Recordings

Description: Revised program notes for the recording "Sounds of New Music" produced by Smithsonian Recordings. The document includes an introduction, a list of relevant formats and associated OCLC numbers to which the notes correspond, and a brief description of each piece appearing on the recording.
Date: 2005
Creator: Hartsock, Ralph
Partner: UNT Libraries

A Postcard from Cairo

Description: A Postcard from Cairo is a chamber work for three performers (flute/soprano saxophone, vibraphone/conga, and electric guitar) supported by stereo tape and two digital sequencers. The musical content is a montage of Arabian, Indian, Spanish, and Moroccan ethnic music, combined with avant-garde sounds. The score reflects a mixture of traditional and contemporary elements featuring extensive use of improvisation and repetition. Each player is required to coordinate his responses in a variety of ways. Cues are governed by an analog clock, and pulses are provided by the tape/sequencer background.
Date: December 1984
Creator: Luis, Paul R. (Paul Reinaldo)
Partner: UNT Libraries