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Description: Shoes of polished brown leather. Designed with slightly rounded toe, the plain uppers have rounded throat and single wide sabot-style strap across instep with self buckle. Low, chunky heel tapers to base. Stamped inside: "Herbert Levine" Handwritten inside: "8 1/2 C / E1406"
Date: 1970/1979
Creator: Herbert Levine
Partner: UNT College of Visual Arts + Design


Description: Pair of heeled pumps of 2-tone beige leather. Designed with slightly pointed toes squared at ends, the main body of the upper is of light beige polished leather, with thin band of holes punched along upper edge. Toebox of darker beige leather with punched hole band and "pinked" edge at join, and a design of punched holes across top. Heel area of same darker beige leather, with same band of holes and "pinking" edge at join. Heel tapers to base. Designer's label inside: "Selby" Stamped inside: "Leather upper man made / trims, other parts / man made materials / [D in a circle] 9 D/B 42673C 23" Stamped on sole: "Made in U.S.A." Measurements: L: 25 cm. W: 8 cm. H: 12 cm. Heel: 6 cm, 2.5 inches
Date: 1960
Creator: Selby Shoe Co.
Partner: UNT College of Visual Arts + Design


Description: Folding fan. Plain shaped wooden sticks and guards. Leaf of cream paper with thin border of brown. On the leaf are three printed vignettes: 1) view of a street through an archway, titled "Calle de Cuchilleros"; 2) View of the exterior of a church/mission, titled "San Antonio de la Florida"; 3) Scene of a bear shaking a tree, entitled "Madrid". Maker's stamp on back of leaf at guard: "Casa de Diego" Created between 1950 and 1986.
Date: 1950/1986
Creator: Casa de Diego (Madrid, Spain)
Partner: UNT College of Visual Arts + Design