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Dynamics of the Reaction of N{Sup +} With H{Sub 2}. v. Reactive and Non-Reactive Scattering of N{Sup +}({Sup 3}P) at Relative Energies Below 3.6 Ev.

Description: We have measured product velocity vector distributions for the processes N{sup +}({sup 3}P)(H{sub 2},H)NH{sup +} and N{sup +}({sup 3}P)(H{sub 2},H{sub 2})N+ in the initial relative energy ranges of 0.98~3.60 eV and 0.66~ 2.50 eV respectively using the crossed beam technique. At energies below about 1.9 eV the predominance of a long-lived NH{sub 2}{sup +} complex is inferred from isotropic reactive scattering and a backscattered peak in the non-reactive distributions. Above 1.9 eV there is still a substantial interaction between all three atoms. The dynamics are adequately explained by a mechanism which involves accessing the deep {sup 3}B{sub 1} potential well through an avoided crossing with the {sup 3}A{sub 2} surface when the ·symmetry is relaxed from C{sub 2v} to C{sub s}. The reaction of electronically excited metastable ions, probably N{sup +}({sup 1}D), is seen as a forward peak in the reactive distributions.
Date: May 1, 1980
Creator: Hansen, Steven G.; Farrar, James M. & Mahan, Bruce H.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Effects of (. cap alpha. ,n) contaminants and sample multiplication on statistical neutron correlation measurements

Description: The complete formalism for the use of statistical neutron fluctuation measurements for the nondestructive assay of fissionable materials has been developed. This formalism includes the effect of detector deadtime, neutron multiplicity, random neutron pulse contributions from (..cap alpha..,n) contaminants in the sample, and the sample multiplication of both fission-related and background neutrons.
Date: January 1, 1980
Creator: Dowdy, E.J.; Hansen, G.E.; Robba, A.A. & Pratt, J.C.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Neutron scattering cross sections for /sup 232/Th and /sup 238/U inferred from proton scattering and charge exchange measurements. [7 MeV, 26 and 27 MeV]

Description: Differential cross sections for the (p,n) reactions to the isobaric analog states (IAS) of /sup 232/Th and /sup 238/U targets were measured at 26 and 27 MeV. The analysis of the data was done in conjunction with the proton elastic and inelastic (2/sup +/, 4/sup +/, 6/sup +/) differential cross sections measured at 26 MeV. Because collective effects are important in this mass region, deformed coupled-channels calculations were carried out for the simultaneous analysis of the proton and neutron outgoing channels. The sensitivity of the calculations was studied with respect to the optical model parameters used in the calculations, the shape of the nuclear charge distribution, the type of coupling scheme assumed among the levels, the magnitude of the deformation parameters, and the magnitude of the isovector potentials, V/sub 1/ and W/sub 1/. A Lane model-consistent analysis of the data was used to infer optical potential parameters for 6- to 7-MeV neutrons. The neutron elastic differential cross sections obtained from these calculations are compared with measurements available in the literature, and with results obtained using neutron parameters from global sets reported at these energies. 7 figures, 3 tables.
Date: January 1, 1980
Creator: Hansen, L.F.; Grimes, S.M.; Pohl, B.A.; Poppe, C.H. & Wong, C.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department