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Analysis of particle motions for a class of three-dimensional incompressible laminar boundary layers

Description: From Introduction: "Results obtained in the experimental investigations of secondary flows in turbomachines (refs. 1 to 3) indicate that information concerning three-dimensional laminar boundary-layer behavior can be of practical value in interpreting and correlating measurements of losses in the turbo-machines for design purposes. Reference 4 gives a theoretical analysis of the overturning (more than mainstream turning) of the three-dimensional laminar boundary layer developed on flat or nearly flat surfaces, under mainstream flows which consist of streamline translates (i.e., the entire streamline pattern can be obtained by translating any particular streamline pattern can be obtained by translating any particular streamline parallel to the leading edge, fig. 1) with constant axial velocity component."
Date: November 1, 1956
Creator: Hansen, Arthur G & Herzig, Howard Z
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Formation of Radioactive Citrulline During PhotosyntheticC14O2-Fixation by Blue-Green Algae

Description: Citrilline has been isolated and identified from extracts of Nostoc muscorum. All members of the Cyanophyceae hitherto investigated show a relatively large amount of the CO fixed during photosynthesis in citrulline (ranging as high as 20% in Nostoc) when compared to the trace amounts found in the Chlorophyceae. Nostoc also has the ability to fix C{sup 14} in citrulline during dark fixation, but at a rate slower than in light. As no free urea or arginine was found in Nostoc, it is likely that citrulline is functioning in reactions other than those leading to arginine and urea synthesis. Other possible functions for citrulline are briefly discussed.
Date: August 28, 1956
Creator: Linko, Pekka; Holm-Hansen, O.; Bassham, J.A. & Calvin, M.
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Aerodynamic design of axial-flow compressors: Volume III

Description: Chapters XI to XIII concern the unsteady compressor operation arising when compressor blade elements stall. The fields of compressor stall and surge are reviewed in Chapters XI and XII, respectively. The part-speed operating problem in high-pressure-ratio multistage axial-flow compressors is analyzed in Chapter XIII. Chapter XIV summarizes design methods and theories that extend beyond the simplified two-dimensional approach used previously in the report. Chapter XV extends this three-dimensional treatment by summarizing the literature on secondary flows and boundary layer effects. Charts for determining the effects of errors in design parameters and experimental measurements on compressor performance are given in Chapters XVI. Chapter XVII reviews existing literature on compressor and turbine matching techniques.
Date: August 1, 1956
Creator: Johnsen, Irving A.; Bullock, Robert O.; Graham, Robert W.; Costilow, Eleanor L.; Huppert, Merle C.; Benser, William A. et al.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department