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Environmental Compliance for Oil and Gas Exploration and Production

Description: The Appalachian/Illinois Basin Directors is a group devoted to increasing communication among the state oil and gas regulatory agencies within the Appalachian and Illinois Basin producing region. The group is comprised of representatives from the oil and gas regulatory agencies from states in the basin (Attachment A). The directors met to discuss regulatory issues common to the area, organize workshops and seminars to meet the training needs of agencies dealing with the uniqueness of their producing region and perform other business pertinent to this area of oil and gas producing states. The emphasis of the coordinated work was a wide range of topics related to environmental compliance for natural gas and oil exploration and production.
Date: October 26, 1999
Creator: Hansen, Christine
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Rheology and TIC/TOC results of ORNL tank samples

Description: The Savannah River National Laboratory (SRNL)) was requested by Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) to perform total inorganic carbon (TIC), total organic carbon (TOC), and rheological measurements for several Oak Ridge tank samples. As received slurry samples were diluted and submitted to SRNL-Analytical for TIC and TOC analyses. Settled solids yield stress (also known as settled shear strength) of the as received settled sludge samples were determined using the vane method and these measurements were obtained 24 hours after the samples were allowed to settled undisturbed. Rheological or flow properties (Bingham Plastic viscosity and Bingham Plastic yield stress) were determined from flow curves of the homogenized or well mixed samples. Other targeted total suspended solids (TSS) concentrations samples were also analyzed for flow properties and these samples were obtained by diluting the as-received sample with de-ionized (DI) water.
Date: April 26, 2013
Creator: Pareizs, J. M. & Hansen, E. K.
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Field verification program for small wind turbines. Quarterly report for the period October - December 1999

Description: Windward Engineering has a Cooperative Agreement with the Department of Energy to install two Whisper 900 wind turbines, one at the NREL National Wind Technology Center and one at a test site near Spanish Fork Utah. The authors monitor the turbine in Spanish Fork for approximately three years and report energy production availability, and general operating experience. In addition, they created a computer model to predict the furling behavior of the Whisper 900. They compare the predictions with measurements from the Utah test site. This is the first quarterly report on this project. The report is organized into 6 tasks and the progress is discussed for each task. The tasks are: (1) Install two turbines and repair as needed; (2) Phase 1 testing and analysis; (3) Phase 2 testing and analysis; (4) Phase 3 testing and analysis; (5) Turbine removal and inspection; and (6) Reporting and administration.
Date: January 26, 2000
Creator: Hansen, A. Craig & Davis, Dean A.
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Scalar Dark Matter From Theory Space

Description: The scalar dark matter candidate in a prototypical theory space little Higgs model is investigated. We review all details of the model pertinent to a relic density calculation. We perform a thermal relic density calculation including couplings to the gauge and Higgs sectors of the model. We find two regions of parameter space that give acceptable dark matter abundances. The first region has a dark matter candidate with a mass {Omicron}(100 GeV), the second region has a candidate with a mass greater than {Omicron}(500 GeV). The dark matter candidate in either region is an admixture of an SU(2) triplet and an SU(2) singlet, thereby constituting a possible WIMP (weakly interacting massive particle).
Date: December 26, 2003
Creator: Birkedal-Hansen, Andreas & Wacker, Jay G.
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A study of the elasticity of Ta at high temperature and pressure

Description: The thermodynamic and transport properties of crystals and fluids at high temperature and pressure play a central role in the Earth and planetary sciences as well as in a variety of technologies and constitute a principal probe into the internuclear potential energy function at high density. Observation of surface waves by coherent time-domain optical spectroscopy provides an experimental approach to the determination, in the diamond-anvil high-pressure cell, of the elastic constants and thermal diffusivity of metal crystals as well as the equation of state and thermal transport properties of fluids. The electrical resistivities of metals may also be approximately accessible via the Wiedemann Franz Law. Preliminary results on Ta to pressures of 5.2 GPa are reported here. [Ta, elasticity, sound velocity, thermal diffusivity, equation of state].
Date: August 26, 1998
Creator: Abramson, E H; Brown, J M; Hansen, D W; Ruddle, C M; Slutsky, L J & Zaug, J M
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Large historical changes of fossil-fuel black carbon aerosols

Description: Anthropogenic emissions of fine black carbon (BC) particles, the principal light-absorbing atmospheric aerosol, have varied during the past century in response to changes of fossil-fuel utilization, technology developments, and emission controls. We estimate historical trends of fossil-fuel BC emissions in six regions that represent about two-thirds of present day emissions and extrapolate these to global emissions from 1875 onward. Qualitative features in these trends show rapid increase in the latter part of the 1800s, the leveling off in the first half of the 1900s, and the re-acceleration in the past 50 years as China and India developed. We find that historical changes of fuel utilization have caused large temporal change in aerosol absorption, and thus substantial change of aerosol single scatter albedo in some regions, which suggests that BC may have contributed to global temperature changes in the past century. This implies that the BC history needs to be represented realistically in climate change assessments.
Date: September 26, 2002
Creator: Novakov, T.; Ramanathan, V.; Hansen, J.E.; Kirchstetter, T.W.; Sato, M.; Sinton, J.E. et al.
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Quasi-dynamic pressure and temperature

Description: The phase transformation of {beta}-HMX (< 0.5% RDX) to the {delta} phase has been studied for over twenty years and more recently with an optically sensitive second harmonic generation technique. Shock studies of the plastic binder composites of HMX have indicated that the transition is perhaps irreversible, a result that concurs with the static pressure results published by F. Goetz et al. [l] in 1978. However the stability field favors the {beta} polymorph over {delta} as pressure is increased (up to 5.4 GPa) along any sensible isotherm. In this experiment strict control of pressure and temperature is maintained while x-ray and optical diagnostics are applied to monitor the conformational dynamics of HMX. Unlike the temperature induced {beta} -> {delta} transition, the pressure induced is heterogeneous in nature. The room pressure and temperature {delta} -> {beta} transition is not immediate although it seems to occur over tens of hours. Transition points and kinetics are path dependent and so this paper describes our work in progress.
Date: August 26, 1998
Creator: Zaug, J. M.; Blosch, L. L.; Craig, I. M.; Hansen, D. W.; Aracne-Ruddle, C. M. & Shuh, D. K.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department