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The HGCR-1, a Design Study of a Nuclear Power Station Employing a High-Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactor with Graphite-UO₂ Fuel Elements

Description: "The preliminary design of a 3095-Mw(thermal), helium-cooled, graphite- moderated reactor employing sign conditions, 1500 deg F reactor outlet gas would be circulated to eight steam generators to produce 1050 deg F, 1450-psi steam which would be converted to electrical power in eight 157-Mw(electrical) turbine- generators. The over-all efficiency of this nuclear power station is 36.5%. The significant activities released from the unclad graphite-UO₂ fuel appear to be less than 0.2% of those produced and would be equivalent to 0.002 curie/ cm/ sup 3/ in the primary helium circuit. The maintenance problems associated with this contamination level are discussed. A cost analysis indicates that the capital cost of this nuclear station per electrical kilowatt would be around 0, and that the production cost of electrical power would be 7.8 mills/kwhr" (p. iii).
Date: 1959
Creator: Cottrell, William B.; Copenhaver, C. M.; Culver, H. N.; Fontana, M. H.; Kelleghan, V. J. & Samuels, G.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department