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Meanings and Implications of NDEr Transformations: Some Preliminary Findings and Implications

Description: This paper discusses the positive implications of experiencing NDEs. "The available evidence shows, in decreasing order of saliency: greatly increased concern for others; lessened fear of death and increased belief in an afterlife; increased religious interest and feeling, both non-institutionalized and institutionalized; and lessened desires for material success and approval of others" (abstract). "NDErs might be harbingers of a more humane future" (abstract).
Date: June 1982
Creator: Flynn, Charles P.
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The Call Number, Volume 34, Number 1, Fall 1972

Description: "Newsletter of the School of Library and Information Sciences, North Texas State University; distributed three times a year to students, alumni, and others" (p. 3). The periodical contains news items; announcements; articles; the schedule of Spring 1973 Library Science courses; lists of graduates and alumni; and personals concerning students, faculty, staff, and alumni.
Date: 1972
Creator: North Texas State University. School of Library and Information Sciences.
Partner: UNT College of Information

The Call Number, Volume 35, Number 1, Fall 1973

Description: "Newsletter of the School of Library and Information Sciences, North Texas State University; distributed three times a year to students, alumni, and others" (p. 3). The periodical contains news items; announcements; articles; the schedule of Spring 1974 Library Science courses; lists of alumni and graduates; and personals concerning students, faculty, staff, and alumni.
Date: 1973
Creator: North Texas State University. School of Library and Information Sciences.
Partner: UNT College of Information

Information Generally Not Available on Toy Gun Issues Related to Crime, Injuries or Deaths, and Long-Term Impact

Description: Correspondence issued by the General Accounting Office with an abstract that begins "Representative Edolphus Towns requested information on several issues related to the use of toy guns. Specifically, he asked that GAO (1) examine crime statistics showing the prevalence of crimes that involved toy guns in some capacity; (2) gather any available information on incidents involving toy guns that have resulted in injuries or deaths, whether or not related to criminal activity; and (3) determine from available literature whether there are any studies examining the long-term impacts that can be attributed to toy gun play by children."
Date: September 30, 2003
Creator: United States. General Accounting Office.
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Final report, intermediate-depth, hole No. 1-78-U1, Socorro Prospect, New Mexico

Description: During the period May 19, 1977 to July 22, 1977, fourteen heat flow boreholes were completed on the Socorro Prospect, New Mexico. Rock types encountered ranged from unconsolidated Quaternary alluvium to dense volcanic rocks. Depths of the holes were from 60 to 440 feet with an average total depth of 288 feet. Geothermal gradients from the fourteen boreholes ranged from 0.32 to 7.58 F/100 ft. Thermal conductivity values of 3.6 to 7.5 mcal/cm-sec C were obtained from a total of 76 samples of drill cuttings. Individual heat flow values range from 0.3 to 5.4 HFU (1 HFU-1 {micro}cal/cm{sup 2}-sec). The linearity of the gradients for these holes suggests that heat transport in the shallow subsurface penetrated by these boreholes is predominantly by conduction; however, the magnitude of the heat flow for eight of the boreholes indicates that they are disturbed by groundwater movement. Based on published data as well as the results of the present survey, a value of about 2.5 HFU is probably representative of the background heat flow in the area of the Socorro Prospect. The heat flow determination of 5.4 HFU in borehole No. 5-77-B20 could indicate a prospect of commercial quality. Heat flow values greater than 3 HFU require either melting within the shallow crust or convective transport of heat by water or magma. This heat flow value, therefore, supports the observation of modern uplift in the Socorro area over a postulated magma chamber situated at a depth of 11 {+-} miles. Based on the data collected during this exploration project, they recommend that a second phase program of more closely-spaced heat flow boreholes be drilled on the Socorro Prospect to determine the lateral extent of the high heat flow zone characterized by hole No. 5-77-B20.
Date: November 1, 1977
Creator: Quiett, Steve & Combs, Jim
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The Call Number, Volume 33, Number 4, Summer 1972

Description: "Quarterly newsletter of the School of Library and Information Sciences, North Texas State University, distributed to students, ex-students, and others" (p. 11). The periodical contains news items; announcements; the schedule of Fall Library Science courses; lists of graduates, alumni, and current SLIS students; and personals concerning students, faculty, staff, and alumni.
Date: 1972
Creator: North Texas State University. School of Library and Information Sciences.
Partner: UNT College of Information

Design, construction, operation, and evaluation of solar systems for industrial process-heat applications in the intermediate-temperature range (212/sup 0/F to 550/sup 0/F). Environmental assessment

Description: The environmental impacts are assessed for a proposed 50,000 square foot field of single axis tracking, concentrating solar collectors along the Ohio River in southern Ohio. The facility is planned to produce process steam for use in the production of polystyrene. Absorbed solar energy would heat an aliphatic hydrocarbon synthetic heat transfer fluid to a maximum temperature of 500/sup 0/F. The existing environment is briefly described, particularly regarding air quality. The potential environmental impacts of the solar process heat system on the air, water, soil, endangered species and archaeological and historical resources are examined, including risks due to flood and glare and a comparison of alternatives. Also included are a Consent Judgment relating to two coal-fired boilers in violation of EPA regulations, property data of Gulf Synfluid 4CS (a candidate heat transfer fluid), piping and instrumentation diagrams and schematics, site grade and drainage plan, geological survey map, subsurface soil investigation, Ohio endangered species list, Ohio Archaeological Counsel certification list, and a study of heat transfer fluids and their properties. (LEW)
Date: unknown
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Toward a Program Evaluation of the Community Mental Health Center Selected Application of the Parsonian Model

Description: The purpose of this study is to test the utility of Talcott Parsons' AGIL Model, i.e., Adaptation, Goal Attainment, Integration, and Latency (Pattern Maintenance) in evaluating the program effectiveness of a community mental health center (CMHC). The model provided a conceptual framework for the selection of appropriate variables. The dependent variable in this study is the overall evaluation of the CMHC as measured through the perception of community leaders. Fourteen hypotheses were constructed to identify and test the relationship among the AGIL criteria and the use of a selected set of independent variables. Data for this study were collected from primary and secondary sources. Secondary data were obtained from the Texas Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation in Austin and the CMHC center in Eton. Primary data were collected through personal interviews of general community leaders and influential persons in health-related activities in the community. The selected independent variables included the scope of leadership, the attitude towards this community, socio-economic status, knowledge of the CMHC, and the commitment and involvement in the CMHC. Data indicated that Parsons' criteria for evaluating the CMHC's program were comprehensive and related to each other both positively and negatively. Among the selected independent variables, the type of leader was found to be the best predictor of program evaluation of this CMHC. Overall, generalized community leaders were more defensive and favorable to the CMHC's program compared with the specialinterest leaders. The leaders also differed in their emphasis of the AGIL criteria. The generalized community leaders were conservative in emphasizeing the evaluative criteria of adaptation, integration, and pattern maintenance; the special-interest leaders gave more emphasis to the goal attainment function of CMHC. It was concluded that Parsons' AGIL model was useful for evaluating a CMHC. The variant direction of relationship among AGIL criteria indicated differences in ...
Date: August 1986
Creator: Moodley, Bobby
Partner: UNT Libraries

Boating Uses, Economic Significance, and Information for North Carolina's Offshore Area "The Point," Volume 2: Economic Analysis of "The Point" and Adjacent Counties -- Baseline Information, Valuation, and Potential Impacts

Description: A report describing the impacts that a potential oil spill may have on recreational fishing at the Outer Banks as well as the counties that may be effected.
Date: August 2002
Creator: Palmquist, Raymond B.; Schumann, Peter W. & Michael, Jeffrey A.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

An Assessment of the Attitudes of the Personnel of Welfare-Oriented Governmental Agencies Toward the Poor

Description: This study explores and assesses the attitudes of the personnel of welfare-oriented governmental bureaucracies toward the poor. To fulfill these goals, a treatment and a control group were selected to compare their attitudes toward this group. They were measured by a disguised-structured instrument using the survey approach. It was found that the majority of respondents in both groups have a pro-poor attitude but it is more prevalent among the bureaucrats than among the students. In light of the knowledge we have of the effect of attitudes on the execution of policies, these results suggest that the policies governing the different programs studied are being executed to the advantage of the client.
Date: August 1979
Creator: Valverde Rocha, Maria de la Luz
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LLW Forum meeting report, January 24--26 1990

Description: The Low-Level Radioactive waste Forum is an association of representatives of states and compacts established to facilitate state and compact commission implementation of the Low-Level Radioactive Waste Policy Act of 1980 and the Low-Level Radioactive Waste Policy Amendments Act of 1985 and to promote the objectives of low-level radioactive waste regional compacts. The Forum provides an opportunity for states and compacts to share information with one another and to exchange views with officials of federal agencies. LLW Forum participants include representatives from regional compacts, designated host states, unaffiliated states, and states with currently-operating low-level radioactive waste facilities. This quarterly meeting was held January 24-26, 1990.
Date: December 31, 1990
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Catalog of North Texas State University, 1976-1977, Graduate

Description: The North Texas State University Graduate Bulletin includes information about class offerings as well as general information about the university (academic calendar, admissions and degree requirements, financial information, etc.) about research, and about the colleges and schools on campus. Index starts on page 196.
Date: March 1976
Creator: North Texas State University
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A History of the Administrative Development and Contributions of the Federation of North Texas Area Universities, 1968-1991

Description: The Federation of North Texas Area Universities was mandated by the Coordinating Board of the Texas College and University System on 3 December 1968, and this consortium was given legal empowerment by the Texas State Legislature. The three federated Universities--North Texas State University, Texas Woman's University and East Texas State University--developed a plan of cooperative action to maximize use of available resources, a plan which included sharing facilities and faculty as well as developing joint program offerings. At a time in history when educational institutions were obliged to maximize their resources, minimize their expenditure, and eliminate duplication, the consortium was an innovative approach to higher education as well as an interesting alternative to having degree programs cut and funding diminished.
Date: May 1992
Creator: Morris, Lucille Darline
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