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A College of Education Students' Attitudes Toward Selected International Problems

Description: An investigation of attitudes toward selected international problems and issues, and the relationship between attitudes and some independent variables was conducted among 234 graduate and undergraduate students in the College of Education at North Texas State University, Denton, Texas. Attitudes toward Chauvinism, World Government, Cooperation, War, and Human Rights were measured by thirty-two Likert-type items developed by Educational Testing Service. The 234 returned, useable responses were tabulated according to each attitude scale and educational level. The attitude scales enumerated above were all correlated with students' backgrounds, educational experiences, and political attitudes.
Date: December 1983
Creator: Hendijani, Bahram Kanani
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Factors Related to Student Retention in Community College Developmental Education Mathematics

Description: This study investigated the factors related to student retention in a comprehensive community college developmental education mathematics program. The purpose was to identify and describe these factors and to develop strategies for improving retention in the community college developmental education mathematics program. Tinto's 1975 model of institutional departure was employed to examine different factors relating to retention in developmental education mathematics courses. In accordance with established criteria, data were collected using the Institutional Integration Scale (IIS) and Students Existing Records (SER). The IIS survey instrument questionnaire was completed by 41 students from a sample of 56 developmental education students enrolled in college level mathematics, and the data thus collected were used for analysis. Data were analyzed using frequency count, percentage, and the chi-square statistical analysis with a significant level of 0.05. The analysis of the data showed that the responding sample was primarily white, females aged 18 to 45. Most of the respondents had high grade point averages, did not miss any developmental education mathematics classes, and attended extra curricular activities infrequently. More fathers than mothers of the sample population had received a college education. Academic goal commitment, institutional experience, academic involvement, and placement grades were not statistically significant factors influencing retention. Among the major findings were: Development education instructors appeared to make the difference, institutional experience, academic goal commitment, and placement grades did not appear to play a major role; the students' academic involvement beyond classes appeared negligible; age, gender, grade point average, and parental educational levels were not significant factors for student retention in developmental education mathematics courses. Although statistical evidence did not support reversal of the proposed null hypotheses, pertinent issues for further research were raised.
Date: August 1992
Creator: Umoh, Udoudo J. (Udoudo Jimmy)
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[Memorandum from Richard L. Simms to the College of Education Faculty, March 4, 1992]

Description: A memorandum from Richard L. Simms, to the College of Educational Faculty in regards Chancellor Hurley and Simms returning from a Project Bluebonnet sponsored by Phone Company Summit at the Tower Club in Dallas regarding support for SchooLINC and Processional Development Center. Simms writes that all of the phone companies are now committed to proving the phone lines necessary to transmit interactive instructional video and high speed data transfer free of charge for the project's first year. The project in question is the teleconference between Texas and the Nebraska Institute.
Date: March 4, 1992
Creator: Simms, Richard L.
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A Comparison of the Qualifications of Junior College Business Education Teachers in Texas with the Qualifications Desired by Junior College Presidents

Description: The purpose of this investigation was twofold, namely: 1. To determine the personal characteristics and qualifications of the junior college business teachers in Texas; 2. To determine how well these characteristics match the desired qualifications given by college hiring personnel--presidents.
Date: August 1954
Creator: Vail, Harold W.
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The Development of a Concept of Secretaryship as a Guide for the Development of Community College Secretarial Education Programs

Description: The problem of this study was the development of a concept of secretaryship as a guide for the development of community college secretarial programs. The particular interest was with those colleges located in oil-field areas. The purposes were fivefold: (1) to study the historical significance of the concept as an indispensable part of business; (2) to determine the current meaning and significance of the concept within business and industry; (3) to develop certain fundamental philosophies emerging from the study; (4) to develop a comprehensive concept of secretaryship; and (5) to make recommendations for studies leading to modifications that might be considered in the community college programs of business education.
Date: December 1971
Creator: Conlee, Rosser Elaine
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The Impact of a Community College Teacher Education Program on the Success Rate of Minority Teacher Certification Students

Description: The relationship between the mission of community colleges and the increasing teacher shortage has become more transparent as many community colleges have implemented teacher education programs to address community needs, the shortage of qualified teachers, and the lack of diversity among teachers. As the community college's teacher education role has increased, many community colleges have responded by adding associate of arts degrees and certificate programs specific to teacher education to tackle the shortage of teachers and the lack of diversity among teachers in the nation's classrooms. The purpose of this study was to examine the effectiveness of one community college's pre-service teacher education program in transferring minority students to a university teacher education program and the likelihood of the students graduating with both bachelor's degrees and teacher certification. This longitudinal ex post facto causal-comparative mixed methods case study involved tracking a cohort of minority students over a 6-year period. Data were gathered from existing teacher education program records for native and transfer students at one community college and two four-year institutions. Unstructured interviews were conducted with administrators over the community college's program. For data analysis, ?2 and Phi Coefficients were conducted to compare the minority students' university transfer and graduation rates to native university students' transfer and graduation rates. Results of the study demonstrated that the minority students were graduating at an observably higher rate than both the native to university students and their respective ethnic peers who began college at two-year colleges at the national level. This study's findings might help community college teacher education programs to increase enrollments of minority students and to address the needs of surrounding communities. The findings contributed to the relatively scarce literature regarding minority teacher preparation in community colleges. The study's findings might also be useful to community colleges looking toward or already ...
Date: May 2013
Creator: Perkins, Britine Lynee
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Content and Focus of Dissertations in the College of Education at North Texas State University from 1975 through 1986

Description: The problem of this study was to determine the degree and level of research activity in the College of Education at North Texas State University through an examination of the doctoral dissertations produced by its graduates. The study had three basic purposes. One purpose was to analyze the dissertations in terms of types of study, focus of each study, subject headings of each study, design characteristics, statistical treatment of data, general results of experimental studies and data collection techniques. The second purpose was to synthesize the data of the present study with that obtained by Novak in her study, in order to provide an overall description of the characteristics of dissertation research in the College of Education from 1953 through 1986. The third purpose was to examine the research activity taking place in the College of Education in terms of the quality of dissertations produced by its graduates. Seven hundred and ninety-five dissertations were the sources of data for this study. The format developed and validated by Novak in her study of dissertation research from 1953 through 1974 was used in the analysis of the dissertations completed from 1975 through 1986. Based on the findings of this study, the following conclusions were drawn. The format developed by Novak in 1975 can be used to analyze dissertations completed during the years from 1975 through 1986. The degree and level of research activity in the College of Education can be assessed through an analysis of the dissertations produced by its graduates. Doctoral candidates are using statistical methods and computers to analyze and manipulate data more often. There is an indication that doctoral candidates are beginning to use a wider variety of data-gathering techniques. Four recommendations are drawn from the study.
Date: August 1987
Creator: Sharmsar, Behrouz
Partner: UNT Libraries

A Study of Perceived Social Attitudes of Graduate Students and Graduate Faculty Toward Each Other in a Large College of Education

Description: The problem is concerned with social attitudes of graduate students toward graduate faculty and graduate faculty toward graduate students in the programs of a large college of education. The purposes are (a) to establish that the attitudes of acceptance of others, trust in people, philosophy of human nature, human values, and moral ethics exist among graduate students and among graduate faculty in a large college of education; (2) to determine the relative degree to which these social attitudes exist (a) among graduate students, (b) among graduate faculty, and (c) between graduate students and graduate faculty.
Date: August 1981
Creator: Eboh, Sebastian
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Role of Brand Equity in Reputational Rankings of Specialty Graduate Programs in Colleges of Education: Variables Considered by College of Education Deans and Associate Deans Ranking the Programs

Description: Seeking to identify and further understand the variables considered when ranking specialty programs in colleges of education, this research study surveyed all deans, and associate deans responsible for graduate education, at United States institutions that offer the terminal degree in at least one of the ten education specialty areas. The study utilized a three-dimension model of brand equity from the marketing literature, which included the elaboration likelihood model of persuasion. Descriptive statistics determined that research by the faculty of the specialty program is the variable most widely considered by deans and associate deans when determining reputation. In order to determine what predicts a person's motivation to correctly rank programs, a principal components analysis was utilized as a data reduction technique, with parallel analysis determining component retention. The model identified five components which explained 66.224% of total variance. A multiple regression analysis determined that characteristics of a specialty program was the only statistically significant predictor component of motivation to correctly rank programs (β = .317, p = .008, rs2 = .865); however, a large squared structure coefficient was observed on perceived quality (rs2 = .623). Using descriptive discriminant analyses, the study found there is little evidence that marketing efforts have differing effects on groups. Further, a canonical correlation analysis that examined the overall picture of advertising on different groups was not statistically significant at F (15, 271) = .907, p = .557, and had a relatively small effect size (Rc2 = .099).
Date: May 2010
Creator: Lamb, Keith Whitaker
Partner: UNT Libraries

Curriculum Analysis in Teacher Preparation Programs at the College of Basic Education in Kuwait

Description: Preparing quality teachers is a continuing issue and concern in discussions about the future of schools in many countries. This study described and compared the stated goals and perceived outcomes of teacher preparation programs at the College of Basic Education (CBE) in Kuwait. This information will assist educational decision makers in Kuwait to align teacher preparation at the CBE and decide what is needed to make the programs more effective. The study assessed the perceptions of knowledge, skills, and attitudes of student teachers, new teachers, and instructors toward the existing program at the CBE in Kuwait. The discussion of teacher preparation in Kuwait was used to set a cultural and historical context. The literature reviewed recommendations from the United States to develop a framework of five common standards for analyzing the teacher preparation curriculum: content knowledge, instruction, diversity, professional development, and field work. In addition, research and evaluation of teacher education programs were reviewed for perceptions of student teachers and new teachers about their preparation and for methodology. Document analysis techniques were used with current documents from four major teacher preparation programs in the CBE. Five standards from U.S. recommendations were also found in the CBE curriculum. However, the analysis suggested that the curriculum in Kuwait might increase attention to professional attitudes and use of new technologies to prepare teachers. A three-part questionnaire was developed based upon the questionnaires of Van Zandt, Smith, and Zelazek et al. The questionnaire was translated into the Arabic language, and 280 responses to the survey instrument were analyzed. Perceptions of pre-service teachers, new teachers, and instructors toward the existing curriculum at the CBE in Kuwait were positive (3.3 and higher on 5-point scale) toward preparation of teachers’ knowledge, skills, and attitudes. However, a significant contrast was found between groups in perceptions of knowledge and ...
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Date: August 2000
Creator: Bufarsan, Fawzi A.
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Faculty Members' Readiness for E-learning in the College of Basic Education in Kuwait

Description: E-learning exposes students and instructors to different learning models such as constructivism rather than the traditional learning. E-learning as a part of today's technology has proven that it is appropriate for most students' mentalities and is a mind tool which promotes different learning models, such as problem solving strategy, collaborative learning, and critical thinking. The Public Authority for Applied Education and Training (PAAET) in Kuwait consists of more than 10 academic colleges with a total number of 120 faculty members. The College of Basic Education (CBE) is one of them. The implementation of e-learning at the College of Basic Education requires that all the learning community members, instructors and students, understand that an e-learning course is like a learning community with the privilege of sharing knowledge, opinions, experiences related to class subject, and productive outcomes that are beneficial to this learning community. This study indentified the statistically significant differences in demographic characteristics of e-learning adopters and non-adopters among faculty members at CBE, examining faculty members' attitudes and skills toward e-learning readiness. The study will explore perceived barriers that face e-learning at CBE. Applying the Rogers diffusion of innovation theory, the influence of 4 factors was examined regarding faculty readiness for e-learning at CBE. Chi-square techniques, t-tests, and factor analysis were conducted to analyze the data and answer research questions. Statistically significant differences were identified among e-learning adopters and non-adopters regarding age difference and department discipline, both technical and non-technical.
Date: August 2010
Creator: Alajmi, Mohammed
Partner: UNT Libraries

The development and testing of an instrument to evaluate aesthetic judgments

Description: This study was concerned with the development and testing of an instrument to measure levels of aesthetic judgement making. The review of evaluation methods for aesthetic judgement resulted in a two-part instrument. Part one required the subject to select the better of two art works and to state the reasons for the choice. Part two, a self-scoring component, consisted of the Wilson categories presented as typical statements containing the primary criterion for the category. The subject was instructed to select the statements that were closest in meaning to his initial response.
Date: December 1978
Creator: Brumbach, Mary Alice
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Predictors of Postsecondary Success: An Analysis of First Year College Remediation

Description: This study was a quantitative multiple regression investigation into the relationships between campus factors of high school students graduating in 2013 who immediately enrolled in first-year college freshman level remedial coursework at a large, Central Texas two-year postsecondary institution. The goal of this study was to determine which high school campus-level factors predicted enrollment into college remedial education coursework. The dependent variable was a continuous variable representing the percentage of students from Texas public high school campuses enrolled into at least one student credit hour of remedial education during their first semester as a first-year college student. Eight high school campus-level independent variables were included in the regression model at the campus-level: at risk percentage, economically disadvantaged percentage, limited English proficient percentage, advanced course/dual-enrollment percentage, college ready math percentage, college ready English percentage, ACT average, and SAT average. Pearson correlations and linear regression results were examined and interpreted to determine the level of relationship between the eight selected variables and first-year college student remedial coursework. The multiple regression model successfully explained 26.3% (F(8,286) = 12.74. p < 0.05, r2 = 0.263) of the variance between first-year college students enrolled into remedial coursework at a large, Central Texas two-year postsecondary institution and the campus-level variables from high schools from which they graduated and indicated campus-level economic disadvantaged percentage and campus-level SAT average to be statistically significant at the p < 0.05 level.
Date: August 2017
Creator: Baker, Emmett Andrew
Partner: UNT Libraries

A quarter of a century of health and physical education in North Texas State Teachers College

Description: The purpose of this study was to trace the history and development of the Health and Physical Education Program in North Texas State Teachers College from the year 1914 to 1939 to determine the contribution this department has made in the development of the College.
Date: August 1939
Creator: Johns, Lorenzo M.
Partner: UNT Libraries

A Study of Internet Listservs as Post-Teleconference Support to Faculty at Community Colleges and Two-Year Institutions

Description: This case study examined three listservs as follow-up activities for STARLINK® (State of Texas Academic Resources Link) satellite teleconferences for community college faculty development during the 1993-94 season. Purposes included determining through self report and other data: (a) appropriateness of listservs as follow-up activities for teleconferences, (b) if combining video satellite teleconferences with a listserv satisfied perceived needs, (c) purposes of accessing a listserv and if listservs facilitated changes in the performance of work, were supportive of teaching, and provided resources beyond teleconferences' content, (d) what aspects of listservs are helpful or not helpful to participants.
Date: May 1995
Creator: Alexander, Linda H. (Linda Hackney)
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Utilization of Teleconferencing by Community Colleges in Faculty and Staff Development Presentations

Description: Members of the Instructional Teleconference Consortium (ITC) were mailed a survey instrument. A total list of 375 teleconference coordinators generated 137 usable responses. The purposes of this study of faculty and staff development presentations by teleconferencing were to determine the amount of usage; which subject areas are utilized; what delivery methods (live, interactive, prerecorded, multimedia, etc.) are utilized; barriers (size or location of college, size of teleconference or travel budget, etc.) to implementing teleconferences; and the sources of presentations utilized in teleconferences. Larger community colleges are the greater users of teleconferencing and even produce some for distribution to other community colleges, whereas smaller community colleges have just begun to receive equipment that enables them to receive telecasts for this purpose. No clear subject area has yet been defined that dominates these teleconferences, and the trend is toward two-way audio and one-way video as the delivery media as communication costs decline. Barriers of money for staff, equipment, and programming appear to be the principal objections to the use of teleconferencing for faculty and staff development presentations. There appear to be few sources of presentations except for the Public Broadcasting System (PBS).
Date: August 1996
Creator: Maples, Alan (Alan Royce)
Partner: UNT Libraries

The role of the Saudi University in meeting the needs of female students as perceived by females in two Saudi universities

Description: The problem of this study concerns the needs of female students and their perceptions of satisfaction with the role of the two female institutions of higher education in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: King Abdul-Aziz University (KAU) and the College of Education for Girls.
Date: August 1991
Creator: Own, Wafa M. (Wafa Mohammed)
Partner: UNT Libraries

Evaluating a Doctoral Program in College and University Teaching: A Single Case Study

Description: This study assessed alumni of the College and University Teaching Program at the University of North Texas and how they perceived the training they received. Three hundred sixty alumni holding a college and university teaching degree were surveyed. One hundred forty-two usable questionnaires were returned. A response rate of 39.4 % was achieved. A survey instrument was used to gather alumni perceptions of learning experiences, academics, and professional benefits as a result of earning a doctorate in the major of college and university teaching at the University of North Texas. Alumni were asked their perceptions on the following: 1) the quality of graduate professional education in college and university teaching degree program, 2) whether they thought the goals and objectives of the program were met, and 3) their recommendations regarding the college and university teaching degree program. It is the overall opinion of the alumni that the quality of the graduate education in college and university teaching degree program was high. The majority of alumni indicated that the program should be reinstated and continued and if the program was still available they would recommend it to others.
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Date: August 2006
Creator: Kraus, Janine Stillwell
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[Storage space in classroom]

Description: Photograph of clear empty storage boxes, cabinets, a sink , and a flammable containment cabinet in a classroom. It is part of the UNT College of Education and used by the Teach North Texas group.
Date: June 1, 2010
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[Alfred Hurley portrait]

Description: Photograph of Alfred Hurley sitting for a portrait. He is wearing a dark suit and red and blue tie.
Date: February 7, 2005
Creator: University of North Texas. University Relations, Communications and Marketing.
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An Assessment of the Effectiveness of the CHAMPS/Life Skills Program at the University of North Texas: A Pilot Study

Description: This study seeks to determine the effectiveness of the Challenging Athletes Minds for Personal Success (CHAMPS)/Life Skills program at the University of North Texas, as perceived by the student athletes who participate or participated in this program. The study attempts to measure the extent to which the student athletes feel that the program had value; if they received helpful information to support them through their college career to career transition; if the student athletes felt that the program provided them with skills to encourage better self-esteem; and if they believed that the CHAMPS/Life Skills program provided them with leadership and character education. The study, conducted in the Fall of 2003, had 163 respondents. An instrument was developed to determine student athletes' perceptions of the effectiveness of the CHAMPS/Life Skills program at UNT. The instrument consisted of 30 questions using a Likert-type scale. A Mann-Whitney U, a non-parametric t-Test, was utilized to analyze the data. This type of t-Test was used because it is specifically designed to compare the means of the same variable with two different groups and account for non-homogeneous groups. The lack of homogeneity was very likely influenced by the unequal group sizes. Generally, all aspects of the CHAMPS/Life Skills program at UNT were found to be positive by each subgroup. Student athletes found value in the CHAMPS/Life Skills program at UNT. In three of the four components studied, males had a statistically stronger feeling than females. Minority status had no statistically significant impact on the results in any of the four components studied. For the variable measuring the number of years in the program, a significant difference existed in three of the four components studied. The study shows that if a student athlete was involved in the program for more than two years, the CHAMPS/Life Skills program ...
Date: May 2004
Creator: Goddard, Michael
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[Three guests at 2016 STAR Celebration]

Description: Photograph of three unidentified guests standing in front of a UNT backdrop during the 2016 UNT College of Education's STAR Celebration. The outer two are likely representatives for a scholarship while the one in the middle is likely the recipient. The event is held annually to celebrate awardees of scholarships in the College of Education.
Date: November 15, 2016
Creator: Duran Photography
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