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Dietary Treatment of Hyperactive Children

Description: This study investigated whether a salicylate-restricted diet (eliminating foods containing artificial additives and natural salicylates) could effectively reduce hyperactivity in children more so than a diet not restricting salicylates (ostensibly restricting foods containing refined sugar). Ten hyperactive children, nine boys and one girl, were matched on their pre-treatment activity rates and assigned to either a salicylate-restricted diet (Group I) or a diet not restricting salicylates (Group II). After approximately nine weeks, post-treatment activity rates were obtained, and a significant difference in favor of the salicylate-restricted diet group was found with this diet group exhibiting a significantly lower mean post-treatment activity rate in comparison to the group placed on a diet not restricting salicylates (p<.05). Implications for diagnosis and treatment of hyperactivity in children were discussed.
Date: August 1976
Creator: Rogers, Gary S.
Partner: UNT Libraries

Milk for the family.

Description: Provides advice for selecting, storing, and using milk products. Explains the nutritive value of milk.
Date: 1940
Creator: Carpenter, Rowena Schmidt, b. 1894.
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Good food habits for children.

Description: Describes how to assist young children in transitioning from milk to solid food. Suggests ways to establish regular eating times, encourage self-feeding, and help the child develop a positive attitude toward eating.
Date: May 1929
Creator: Schmidt, C. Rowena.
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Food for Young Children

Description: This report discusses how to plan and prepare nutritious meals for young children between three and six years old. Includes recipes.
Date: 1916
Creator: Hunt, Caroline Louisa, 1865-1927
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