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Description: Pair of boots or "High Button Shoes" of ivory kidskin leather. The shoes, designed with slightly rounded toes, button closed along outer side, with 8 domed leather-covered buttons on each shoe. Edge along buttons is scalloped, as is the upper edge of the boot. The The low, stacked heels are rounded at sides and back, and are curved at front, and taper slightly to base. Left Shoe markings: "Excelsior"
Date: 1874
Partner: UNT College of Visual Arts + Design

Tables of Spectral-Line Intensities: Part 2, Arranged by Wavelengths

Description: From Abstract: "Comparisons with other intensity measurements in individual spectra indicate that the National Bureau of Standards spectral-line intensities may have average errors of 20 percent, but first of all they provide uniform quantitative values for the seventy chemical elements commonly determined by spectrochemists. These data are presented by element in part I, and all 39,000 observed lines are given in order of wavelength in part II."
Date: October 2, 1961
Creator: Meggers, William F.; Corliss, Charles H. & Scribner, Bourdon F.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Tables of Spectral-Line Intensities: Part 2 - Arranged by Wavelengths

Description: From Preface: "This new edition of the NBS Tables of Spectral-Line Intensities incorporates three improvements on the original edition of 1961. In the original edition only about 25 000 of the 39 000 lines in the tables had been classified. In the ensuing thirteen years, about 8500 more lines (chiefly rare-earths) have been classified and the new classifications are here incorporated."
Date: May 1975
Creator: Meggers, William F.; Corliss, Charles H. & Scribner, Bourdon F.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Geo. P. Rowell & Co's American Newspaper Directory, containing Accurate lists of all the newspapers and periodicals published in the United States and Territories, and the Dominion of Canada, and British Colonies of North America, 1874

Description: American Newspaper Directory includes lists of newspapers and periodicals published in the United States, Territories, Canada, and British Colonies arranged by town, county, circulation rates, subject, and languages, as well as a Newspaper Directory Advertiser, and indexes. General Index starts on page 7; Index to Advertisements begins on page 883; Index to Advertisements of Printing Material and Miscellaneous Business begins on page 896.
Date: 1874
Creator: Geo. P. Rowell & Co.
Partner: UNT Libraries

[Postcard from John C. Barr]

Description: Postcard sent from John C. Barr in Jerseyville, IL to Charles B. Moore giving a brief overview of recent events. Mr. Barr notes a visit from a friend and the ripening of fruit plants. Two notes on the front of the card read: "Received May 8 1874" and "4th. 1 inch rain last night."
Date: May 3, 1874
Creator: Barr, John C.
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Letter from George Wilson]

Description: A letter from George Wilson of Livingston, TN to Charles B. Moore. The sender is a cousin by marriage to Charles Moore. The letter itself remits news of Mr. Moore's family.
Date: December 29, 1874
Creator: Wilson, George
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Letter from Mrs. C. Snelling]

Description: Letter from Mrs. C. Snelling of Olathe, KS to Charles B. Moore in regards to a missed visit, and his correspondence with Ms. Harriet C. Griffin. A note on the enveloper reads: "Mrs. C. Snelling; Recvd Sept 16th; 1874."
Date: September 7, 1874
Creator: Snelling, Mrs. C.
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Missed Opportunity]

Description: A singer has a conversation with a dove. He asks it for love so he can leave descendents. He then realizes he was asleep. On the other side, the author says he can't sleep and is having a hard time dealing with the present. The author is disappointed in not getting married and having kids.
Date: unknown
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Letter from Helen Duncan]

Description: Letter from Helen Duncan to Charles B. Moore declining to consider marriage with him because he is an old bachelor. The letter sends news of the family and includes a "warning" story about another old bachelor who married a widow.
Date: December 8, 1874
Creator: Duncan, Helen
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

The Negro in Texas Politics, 1865-1874

Description: "The theme of this work centers around the Negro and his association with the Radical Republican party. For eight years this party controlled the state government of Texas and, the Negro's participation during this period cannot be overlooked. The Negro possessed, at this time, two valuable assets, the right of suffrage and a strength in numbers. It was through the careful coordination of these two assets that the Radicals were able to gain and maintain control of Texas politics."--Leaves iii-iv.
Date: January 1963
Creator: Fennell, Romey
Partner: UNT Libraries

Racial Turmoil in Texas, 1865-1874

Description: "The primary concern of this work is to present a clearer picture of the Reconstruction period in Texas, particularly as it relates to the black. Little consideration is given to those blacks elected to public office; rather concern is placed on those outside the then 'Establishment.' To view the black in terms of those elected to public office only presents a distorted picture and negates the influence blacks had on electoral politics. In the main, evidence presented by most historians writing on this period has tended to ignore a major factor which has influenced Texas politics, namely violence. Those who acknowledge the presence of this violence tended to 'understand' the southern white and thus justify the use of this violence. The influence of violence is massive and some attempt must be made to understand the actual way in which it was directed. Here it is only established that violence was racial with some political overtones. There is no doubt that further research will prove very valuable in understanding this period."-- leaf 1.
Date: December 1971
Creator: Keener, Charles Virgil
Partner: UNT Libraries

Black-White Relations in Texas, 1874-1896

Description: "This thesis proposes to investigate the theory posed by Comer Vann Howard in 'The Strange Career of Jim Crow.' Woodward claims that complete physical segregation of Negroes was not legally established in the Southern states until the turn of the century. He further contends the period from Reconstruction until the 1890s was an era when Negroes participated in many activities with whites. This work investigates Woodward's theory in its applicability to Texas between 1874 and 1898. The study begins with redemption, which came to Texas in 1874 with the election of the first Democratic governor since the Civil War. The concluding year of 1896 was chosen because the last Negro to serve in the Texas Legislature ended his term that year."-- leaf [i].
Date: December 1970
Creator: Irvin, Bobbye Hughes
Partner: UNT Libraries

Portal to Texas History Newspaper OCR Text Dataset: San Antonio

Description: Dataset of OCR text from The Portal to Texas History and the Texas Digital Newspaper Program. This dataset includes titles from San Antonio Texas from the years 1874 to 1920. Titles included in this dataset include: San Antonio Daily Express, San Antonio Daily Light, San Antonio Express, The Daily Express, and The San Antonio Light. In all there are 6,866 issues comprised of 130,726 pages of text.
Date: November 12, 2015
Creator: Phillips, Mark Edward
Partner: UNT Libraries

[Main Street, Dyersburg, Tennessee]

Description: Photograph of an old street scene in Dyersburg, Tennessee with men standing in front of and hanging out of the windows of buildings. One of the named businesses James D. McClerkin's Drug Store. To the right of the drug store is Hall, Williams, & Co. Merchants, where Byrd Williams, Sr. would soon become the sole proprietor.
Date: [1874..1886]
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections