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The Economic Development of the Texas Panhandle

Description: "From the time the first settlers arrived in any region to the present time, numerous changes in their economic life occurred. In the thirty-eight counties of the Texas Panhandle and upper plains, these changes have occurred in rapid order; for in only the past seventy-five years (1875-1950), this region has progressed from one of buffalo hunters to businessmen, through intervening stages of cowboys, "nesters," farmers, and "dust eaters." The purpose of this study is to evaluate each step, thereby enabling the reader to gain a general knowledge as to what the economic situation in the panhandle is based upon today. The area to be studied is composed of the seven northern tiers of counties in the Panhandle and upper plains of Texas. These seven tiers contain thirty-eight counties with an approximate are of 23,491,840 acres. The western part of the Panhandle is located on the Great Plains, or High Plains, while about a third of the area is situated in the North Central Plains. " -- leaf 1.
Date: August 1950
Creator: Barton, Jerry T.
Partner: UNT Libraries

British Opinion and the Coming of the Franco-Prussian War, 1866-1870

Description: Due to their desire for a strong Central European nation to counterbalance France and Russia and their belief that any people should have the right to unification, the British supported the German nationalist movement after 1866. Due to French meddling in the affairs of other countries and French opposition to what the British thought was the legitimate aim of the German people, the British became anti-French in the late 1860s. Due to the belief of the British in progress, they could view most of the events on the Continent, even the violent ones, as the gradual advancement of civilization. The Franco-Prussian War required the British to re-evaluate all of these views, as well as many others, and conclude that Germany, not France, constituted the threat to Europe.
Date: December 1974
Creator: Rainwater, Roger Lee
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Description: Folding fan of bone and satin. Guards and sticks of bone, intricately carved with pierced latticework. Plain off-white silk satin leaf. Chased metal bail ring at pivot with mother-of-pearl beads. Off-white silk tassel tied to bail. Inscribed on silk leaf along one guard: "Hood W. [illeg.] / June 5th /73"; other inscriptions on other guard, too fragile to examine.
Date: 1870/1879
Partner: UNT College of Visual Arts + Design

Girl's Dress

Description: Girl's dress of blue calico cotton with white print. Stand up collar. Inset waist with long, gathered skirt. Long sleeves gathered at wrist with drawstrings. Center front opening with 8 button closure. Bodice lined with what may be sugar sack fabric; skirt unlined. Skirt is 33" long with 22" waist.
Date: 1870/1900
Partner: UNT College of Visual Arts + Design

African American Members of the United States Congress: 1870-2009

Description: This report discusses the history and current status of African Americans in Congress. There are 42 African American Members serving in the 111th Congress, 41 in the House of Representatives and one in the Senate. There have been 125 African American Members of Congress: 119 have been elected to the House; five have been elected to the Senate; and one has been appointed to the Senate. There have been 98 Democrats: 95 in the House, three in the Senate; and 27 Republicans: 24 in the House, three in the Senate.
Date: February 2, 2010
Creator: Manning, Jennifer E. & Shogan, Colleen J.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

[Envelope addressed to C. B. Moore]

Description: Envelope addressed to Mr. C. B. Moore, Box 18, McKinney, Collin County, Texas. A note in the lower left corner reads, "H. S. Moore, recd. March 8, 1870." The envelope has been cut in the upper right hand corner to remove the stamp.
Date: March 8, 1870
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[Geo. P. Rowell & Co's American Newspaper Directory, containing Accurate lists of all the newspapers and periodicals published in the United States and Territories, and the Dominion of Canada, and British Colonies of North America; together with a description of the towns and cities in which they are published, 1870]

Description: American Newspaper Directory contains 3 sections which include, The Men Who Advertise; American Newspaper Rate-Book; and American Newspaper Directory. General Index starts on page 353; Index to Advertising begins on page 5; Index to Newspaper Rate-Book begins on page 211; Index to Newspapers and Periodicals begins on page 613.
Date: 1870
Creator: Geo. P. Rowell & Co.
Partner: UNT Libraries

Charles Dickens and his Jewish Characters

Description: Book compiled by Cumberland Clark of letters written between Charles Dickens and Eliza Davis concerning Dicken's use of Jewish characters in his works, including Oliver Twist. At the end is included a reprinting of a letter included by Davis with a Hebrew bible she presented to Dicken's as a gift.
Date: 1918
Creator: Clark, Cumberland
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

The runaway

Description: Little Julia, resident of New York City, is taken to see her uncle's farm. Exposed to fields, animals, and the open spaces, she regrets having to return to the city. Back home, she wants to run away and return to her uncle's farm. Against her mother's orders, she does run away one day, but is found and brought home, and learns never to disobey her mother again.
Date: c. 1857.
Creator: Committee of Publication of the American Sunday School Union.
Partner: UNT Libraries Rare Book and Texana Collections

Schools and Schoolmen: Chapters in Texas Education, 1870-1900

Description: This study examines neglected aspects of the educational history of Texas. Although much emphasis has been placed on the western, frontier aspects of the state in the years after Appomattox, this study assumes that Texas remained primarily a southern state until 1900, and its economic, political, social, and educational development followed the patterns of the other ex-Confederate states as outlined by C. Vann Woodward in his Origins of the New South. This study of the educational history of Texas should aid in understanding such developments for the South as a whole. For the purposes of this study, "education" is defined in terms of institutions specifically created for the formal education of the young. Additionally, the terms "public education" and "private education" are used extensively. It is a contention of this study that the obvious differences between public and private schools in the last half of the twentieth century were not so obvious in the last half of the nineteenth, at least in Texas. Finally, an attempt has been made to confine the study to those areas of formal schooling which are today commonly called primary and secondary, although this was difficult because of the lack of definition used in naming schools, and because many of the academies, institutes, colleges, and universities of the period enrolled students from the primary level to the collegiate level.
Date: May 1974
Creator: Smith, Stewart D.
Partner: UNT Libraries

[Transcript of letter from Enoch D. Rushing and Henry Moore to Charles Moore, September 15, 1870]

Description: Transcript of a letter from Enoch Rushing and Henry Moore to Charles Moore. Enoch Rushing talks about farming, friends, and the large number of Republicans running for local political positions. Henry Moore talks about family health, mill work, and property for sale.
Date: September 15, 1870
Creator: Moore, Henry S. & Rushing, Enoch D.
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections