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A Profitable Cotton Farm

Description: "This bulletin is an account of the progressive and successful farm operations of a farmer of South Carolina who, by combining thorough tillage, crop rotation, barnyard manure, and a judicious use of commercial fertilizer, has changed a previously badly managed and run-down cotton farm into a very productive and profitable enterprise. The impulse prompting the writing of this bulletin is the belief that it may suggest to other farmers of the South ways and means by which they may so improve their methods of management as to make their farms more profitable." -- p. 7
Date: 1909
Creator: Goodrich, C. L. (Charles Landon)
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A Successful Southern Hay Farm

Description: "In localities where a one-crop system has prevailed for a number of years farms which deviate from this system are of special interest, because they show what types of farming are possible in the section in which they are located. In the cotton-growing States such farms are of unusual interest for the reason that so few of them exist. Much of the hay consumed on Southern farms and plantations is shipped from the North. As a result, hay is high priced in the South. There is room for a considerable number of hay farms in that section. That such farms can be made to pay handsomely is demonstrated by the experience of the farmer who work is described in these pages. Not every hay grower can follow the methods here described. It is not necessary, however, that a farmer should feed steers for their manure, as is done on this farm, in order to be able to grow hay. While nothing else is quite equal to manure, land can be kept in good heart by plowing under an occasional green crop and then using lime and commercial fertilizers. A brief discussion of hay growing under more usual conditions on southern farms will be found at the end of this bulletin." -- p. 7. The farm discussed in this bulletin is in South Carolina.
Date: 1907
Creator: Benton, Harmon
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Community Input from the Charleston, SC Metro Chamber of Commerce, in support of the Joint Transportation, Logistics, Engineering and Training Complex

Description: Community Input from the Charleston, SC Metro Chamber of Commerce, in support of the Joint Transportation, Logistics, Engineering and Training Complex. Included in the document is the presentation "Charleston, SC, A Joint Military Complex: Existing, Proven, Unique - a model for Transformation".
Date: June 24, 2005
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Requirements for Successful Ministerial Service in the South Carolina Annual Conference of the Methodist Church

Description: The major problem of this study is to identify through the use of the Critical Incident Technique the main requirements for successful ministerial service in the South Carolina Annual Conference of the Methodist Church, insofar as these requirements can be determined through lay observations and judgments. The following sub-problems are closely related to the major problem: 1. What special demands are made upon the minister by special subgroups within the church--e.g., youth, women's groups--in regard to pastoral behavior? 2. How important are the roles assigned to the minister by the church itself--e.g., preacher, teacher, counselor, visitor, administrator, priest? 3. Do churches of varying sizes differ in their expectations of the Ministerial office--e.g., do large churches place greater emphasis upon preaching? 4. Does educational training and/or the salary of the minister correlate with the number of successful incidents reported by respondents?
Date: June 1962
Creator: Floyd, William Anderson, 1928-
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The Stanford-Binet, Form L-M, and the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children: A Comparative Study Utilizing Cultural-Familial and Undifferentiated Mental Retardates

Description: The purpose of this study was to compare the results obtained on the Stanford-Binet, Form L-M, and the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children for a group of cultural-familial and undifferentiated mental retardates. Such as study should provide some evidence as to whether the two instruments adequately measure similar abilities and whether the IQ's obtained from one can be considered comparable with the IQ's obtained from the other.
Date: August 1966
Creator: Stone, John S.
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2005 Report to the Base Closure and Realignment Commission: Industrial JCSG Justification Book

Description: INSTALLATION ENVIRONMENTAL PROFILE MARINE CORPS AIR STATION BEAUFORT, SC, Air Quality (DoD Question #210-225), Cultural/Archeological/Tribal Resources (DoD Question #229-237), Dredging (DoD Question # 226-228), Land Use Constraints/Sensitive Resource Areas (DoD Question #198-201, 238, 240-247, 254-256, 273), Marine Mammal/Marine Resources/Marine Sanctuaries (DoD Question #248-250, 252-253), Noise (DoD Question # 202-209, 239), Threatened and Endangered Species/Critical Habitat (DoD Question #259-264), Waste Management (DoD Question # 265-272), Water Resources (DoD Question # 258, 274-299), Wetlands (DoD Question # 251, 257),
Date: June 4, 2005
Creator: United States. Department of Defense.
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Charleston Region Testimony BRAC Commission Hearing

Description: State Input - Charleston Region, South Carolina Testimony presentation BRAC commission Hearing June 28, 2005, Charlotte, North Carolina. Input is on several bases throughout the region to include Naval Facilities Engineering Command Southern division, DFAS Charleston, Naval Weapons-Charleston,
Date: July 9, 2005
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Comparison of Risk Assessment-Predicted Ecologically Safe Concentrations of Azinphos-Methyl and Fenvalerate to Observed Effects on Estuarine Organisms in a South Carolina Tidal Stream Receiving Agricultural Runoff

Description: A prospective ecological risk assessment method was developed evaluating the cumulative probabilistic impact of chemical stressors to aquatic organisms. This method was developed in response to the need to evaluate the magnitude, duration and episodic nature of chemical stressors on aquatic communities under environmental exposure scenarios. The method generates a probabilistic expression of the percent of an ecosystem's species at risk from a designated chemical exposure scenario.
Date: August 1997
Creator: Morton, Michael Gerard, 1957-
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Premarital Contraceptive Behavior: Attitude Among Adolescents

Description: This study investigated attitudes toward personal use of premarital contraception among sexually active adolescent males and females. All students within the selected classrooms were asked to complete questionnaires assessing attitudes toward contraception, contraceptive knowledge, and sociodemographic and sex-related life history variables. Subjects were rated with regard to their effectiveness of contraception (high, moderate, or low). Separate univariate analyses indicated the following: The low effectiveness group was more likely to perceive responsibility for contraception as belonging to the "opposite gender." Contraception attitudes and knowledge were positively related. Females were more knowledgable about contraception and has more favorable attitudes than males.
Date: May 1980
Creator: Nelson-Wernick, Eleanor
Partner: UNT Libraries

Techniques for Estimating Magnitude and Frequency of Floods in South Carolina

Description: Information is presented for estimating the magnitude and frequency of floods on streams in South Carolina. Flood-frequency characteristics for 151 gaging stations were related to basin characteristics by multiple regression techniques for each of four physiographic provinces. Equations were derived to estimate flood magnitudes at recurrence intervals ranging from 2 to 100 years on streams with drainage areas greater than 1.0 square mile. Examples demonstrate the procedure for computing flood-frequency discharge for sites on gaged and ungaged streams in South Carolina. Relationships of flood discharge and frequency to drainage area are presented for the main stem of major streams. A compilation of flood records for gaging stations in South Carolina is presented as supplemental data.
Date: February 1982
Creator: Whetstone, Benjamin H.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department