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Mechanical Equipment Used in the Drilling and Production of Oils and Gas Wells in the Oklahoma City Field

Description: Report issued by the Bureau of Mines discussing the mechanical equipment used in oil and gas wells of the Oklahoma City field. As stated in the introduction, "this paper presents the results of a study devoted chiefly to new equipment that has been developed to meet the requirements of drilling and producing operations in the Oklahoma City field and that has been accepted by drilling contractors and operators" (p. 1). This report includes tables, illustrations, and photographs.
Date: 1934
Creator: Wade, Gustav
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

A Bacteriological Survey of a Freshwater Reservoir

Description: In this study organisms that can be subcultured from lake water, using a prescribed procedure, limit, to an extent, the population, or portions of the population, that can be monitored. In essence, what is taking place is that a set of conditions is set forth and a study is made of the bacteria that will grow under these prescribed conditions.
Date: January 1968
Creator: Stiles, John Clayborn
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Effects of Hexadecanol on the Microbiota of Lake Hefner

Description: It seemed desirable to investigate more fully the effect of hexadecanol on the microbial population of a reservoir. It was the purpose of this investigation to determine the effect of hexadecanol on the micro-biota of Lake Hefner, to ascertain which organisms were stimulated by hexadecanol both in the laboratory and the reservoir, and to investigate the degradation of hexadecanol by microorganisms selected from Lake Hefner.
Date: May 1968
Creator: Dickson, Kenneth L.
Partner: UNT Libraries

Microbiotic Cycles in Lake Hefner

Description: The purposes of this paper are 1) to determine the microbiotic cycles which occur in Lake Hefner in order to form a basis for ascertaining the effects of future additions of evaporation control chemicals on the biological life of this reservoir, and 2) to make a generalization as to the microbiotic cycles which might occur in Southwestern reservoirs.
Date: January 1966
Creator: Allison, Richard C.
Partner: UNT Libraries

Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996: A Summary

Description: The Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996 is the product of legislative efforts stretching back well over a decade and stimulated to passage in part by the tragedies in Oklahoma City and the World Trade Center. This report summarizes the six titles of the Act, its sources, and related legislation.
Date: June 3, 1996
Creator: Doyle, Charles
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

The Perceptual Impact of Basic Communication Fidelity and Nationality Upon Selected Group Interaction Variables

Description: The purpose of this study was to investigate the impact of basic communication fidelity (BCF) upon the perceptions of national observers toward national and international communicators across a variety of group interaction variables. Research is presented which indicates that (1) international students are typically perceived less favorably than national students across a variety of interpersonal variables; (2) as BCF increases, more favorable ratings are attributed to communicators across interpersonal variables; and (3) increased BCF may be able to mitigate the less favorable impressions national observers attribute to international communicators.
Date: August 1982
Creator: Lowry, David N. (David Neil)
Partner: UNT Libraries

A History of WKY-AM

Description: The problem of this study was to document the history of radio station WKY, Oklahoma City, and to locate its place within the development of American radio broadcasting. This thesis divides WKY's history into two periods: 1920 through 1925, the years it was operated by Earl Hull, and 1926 through 1989, after it was acquired by E. K. Gaylord. The purpose of this study was to record the history of the oldest radio station operating west of the Mississippi River, its effect on the broadcast industry in general, and its effect on Gaylord Broadcasting Corporation, the parent organization. The study also explored the innovations. in both programming and engineering that caused the station to grow into one of the most popular radio stations in the Southwest, as well as its decline in recent years.
Date: May 1991
Creator: Meeks, Herman Ellis
Partner: UNT Libraries

[News Clip: Survivor]

Description: Video footage from the KXAS-TV/NBC station in Fort Worth, Texas, to accompany a news story. This story aired at 10:00 P.M.
Date: December 23, 1997
Creator: KXAS-TV (Television station : Fort Worth, Tex.)
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections