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Primary view of Army Gas-Cooled Reactor Systems Program Quarterly Progress Report: July 1 - September 30, 1964
Aerojet-General Corporation
November 13, 1964
Primary view of Thermonuclear Project Semiannual Progress Report: for Period Ending July 31, 1960
unknown creator
January 13, 1961
Primary view of Uranium-Copper Deposits Near Copper Canyon Navajo Indian Reservation, Arizona
Reinhardt, E. V.
March 13, 1952
Primary view of Reconnaissance of Red Rock Valley, Apache County, Arizona
Hanshaw, Bruce B.
July 13, 1954
Primary view of Geologic and Radiometric Reconnaissance Along the San Juan and Colorado Rivers Between Mexican Hat, Utah, and Lees Ferry Arizona
Dahl, Harry M.
October 13, 1955
Primary view of Thermodynamic Diagrams for Sodium
Inatomi, T. H. & Parrish, W. C.
July 13, 1950
Primary view of Airborne Reconnaissance in Southwestern Arkansas
Malan, R. C. & Nash, A. L.
December 13, 1954
Primary view of A Single Stage Axial Compressor Blade Test Facility
Fee, G. G.
January 13, 1964
Primary view of The Effects of Irradiation Cycling on Pressurized Water Reactor Blanket Fuel Elements
Eichenberg, John D.
March 13, 1957
Primary view of 100-Ton Test at Trinity: Report on Earth Velocity Measurements
Coon, J. H.; Houghton, H. M. & Nobles, Ralph
June 13, 1945
Primary view of Uranium Production - Process Designs for Leached Zone Plants Volume 3. Alumina Recovery Section
Clements, D. F.; Williams, W. B.; McCullough, R. F. & Wrege, E. E.
April 13, 1955
Primary view of A Rectangular Diffusion Pump
Simpson, K. M.
September 13, 1945
Primary view of Studies on the Atomic Bomb Injuries in Hiroshima City
unknown creator
February 13, 1950
Primary view of Experimental Breeder Project: Report for the Period March 1, 1949 Through January 31, 1950
Lichtenberger, H. V.
March 13, 1950
Primary view of The Quantitative Determination of Plutonium in Biological Materials: Part 2. Analysis of Stools
Russell, E. R.; Brown, C.; Delaney, Harold & Motta, Ercole
June 13, 1946
Primary view of Radiochemical Investigation of the Spontaneous Fission of Cm²⁴²
Steinberg, E. P. & Glendenin, Lawrence E.
March 13, 1953
Primary view of Optimum Design of Catalytic Towers
Mayer, Harris
March 13, 1943
Primary view of Some Notes on Cooling Streams
Young, G.
February 13, 1956
Primary view of Selection of Engineering Materials for Low Thermal Neutron Absorption Properties
Mahlmeister, James Earle; Imhoff, D. H. & Frankel, J. P.
September 13, 1951
Primary view of Pile Control IV, Nuclear Engineering Course 1947 - 1948
Crever, Frederick E.
May 13, 1948
Primary view of Preparation of Anhydrous Vanadium Trifluoride
Mackey, T. S. & Johnsson, K. O.
March 13, 1950
Primary view of Crystal Densities of Uranium Chlorides
Sterett, C. C. & Calkins, V. P.
December 13, 1946
Primary view of Feasibility of an Electro-Magnetic Method of Interface Level Measurement
Anthony, David J. & Parsegian, V. L.
August 13, 1948
Primary view of The Determination of Hydrogen in Magnesium, Lithium, and Magnesium Alloys
Mallett, Manley William, 1909-; Gerds, A. F. & Griffith, C. B.
November 13, 1951