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Primary view of Birth Order and Divergent Thinking: A Meta-Analysis
Abdulla Alabbasi, Ahmed M.; Tadik, Harun; Acar, Selcuk & Runco, Mark A.
April 20, 2021
Primary view of "Nature Study"
Abercrombie, Ben
December 2021
Primary view of Teaching Web Archiving to New and Established Information Professionals
Abrams, Samantha
June 15, 2021
Primary view of Senior Recital: 2021-04-01 – Besnik Abrashi, clarinet
Abrashi, Besnik
April 1, 2021
Primary view of Pressure Controlled Topochemical Polymerization of Two-Dimensional Hybrid Perovskite
Abu-Amara, Lama Marwan
December 2021
Primary view of Exploring the Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences on Resilience, School Engagement and Success in Adolescents with Co-Occurring Autism Spectrum Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder
Adaralegbe, Ngozi Jane Frances
August 2021
Primary view of Improving Memory Performance for Both High Performance Computing and Embedded/Edge Computing Systems
Adavally, Shashank
December 2021
Primary view of Advancing Reverse Electrowetting-on-Dielectric from Planar to Rough Surface Electrodes for High Power Density Energy Harvesting
Adhikari, Pashupati R.; Patwary, Adnan B.; Kakaraparty, Karthik; Gunti, Avinash; Reid, Russell C. & Mahbub, Ifana
December 15, 2021
Primary view of High power density and bias-free reverse electrowetting energy harvesting using surface area enhanced porous electrodes
Adhikari, Pashupati R.; Reid, Russell C. & Mahbub, Ifana
November 6, 2021
Primary view of Electrode and electrolyte configurations for low frequency motion energy harvesting based on reverse electrowetting
Adhikari, Pashupati R.; Tasneem, Nishat Tarannum; Reid, Russell C. & Mahbub, Ifana
March 3, 2021
Primary view of Exploring Flavonoid Glycosylation in Kudzu (Pueraria lobata)
Adolfo, Laci Michelle
August 2021
Primary view of Ensemble: 2021-03-27 – 23rd Annual African Cultural Festival of Traditional Ethnic Music and Dance
Afrikania Cultural Troupe of Ghana
March 27, 2021
Primary view of Experiences of Parents of Preadolescents with Child–Parent Relationship Therapy
Agarwal, Sarah M
December 2021
Primary view of Classical Simulations of the Drift of Magnetobound States of Positronium
Aguirre Farro, Franz
August 2021
Primary view of Simulation of the formation of antihydrogen via magnetobound positronium
Aguirre, F. F. & Ordonez, Carlos A.
September 9, 2021
Primary view of The Effect of Online Consumer Reviews and Brand Equity on the Consumer Decision Making Process
Ahmad, Fayez
December 2021
Primary view of Doctoral Recital: 2021-02-13 – Xiaomeng Ai, piano
Ai, Xiaomeng
February 13, 2021
Primary view of Fostering Student Employee Engagement: Creating a Sense of Ownership Through Task Sharing Initiatives
Akers, Emily; Baskett, Pilar; Knox, Briana & Keshmiripour, Setareh
November 17, 2021
Primary view of Hybrid Optimization Models for Depot Location-Allocation and Real-Time Routing of Emergency Deliveries
Akwafuo, Sampson E
May 2021
Primary view of Collaboration among Conflict Management Practitioners and Human Rights Advocacy Groups
Akyol, Seyma N.
May 2021
Primary view of Summarize Your Archival Holdings With MementoMap
Alam, Sawood; Nelson, Michael L.; Weigle, Michele C. & Gomes, Daniel
June 16, 2021
Primary view of IIPC_WAC2021-SAWOOD_ALAM,_ET.AL-Readying_Web_Archives_to_Consume_and_Leverage_Web_Bundles
Alam, Sawood; Weigle, Michele C.; Nelson, Michael L.; Klein, Martin & Van de Sompel, Herbert
June 15, 2021
Primary view of Understanding the Diffusion of COVID-19-Related Information on Social Media
Alasmari, Hanan Mohammed
August 2021
Primary view of Metal, Pedagogy, Women, Kuwait: An Autoethnographic Feminist Approach to Questioning Systems of Education
Alayar, Moneerah
May 2021
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