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Synthesis, Base Exchange, and Photosensitivity of Carnotite, Tyuyamunite, and Related Minerals

Description: Report discussing a study in which "hydrated uranyl vanadates of potassium, sodium, ammonium, calcium, strontium, and barium were synthesized as part of a mineralogic study of carnotite and tyuyamunite."
Date: August 1949
Creator: Murata, K. J.; Cisney, E. A.; Stieff, L. R. & Zworykin, E. V.
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The Determination of Phosphorous in Rocks Containing Vanadium

Description: From Abstract: "This paper describes a rapid routine procedure for the determination of phosphorous in the presence of vanadium. Vanadium is reduced with formic acid prior to precipitation of phosphorous as ammonium phosphomolybdate and the ammonium phosphomolybdate is weighed as such."
Date: July 1949
Creator: Randolph, R. B. & Grimaldi, F. S.
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Staff Report on Phosphates

Description: Report discussing phosphates found in Florida and investigations of uranium in the "Western Phosphate Field," which covers an area of about 100,000 square miles in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, and Utah.
Date: June 1949
Creator: McKelvey, V. E. & Cathcart, James B.
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Preliminary Results of Prospecting of the "Leached" Zone Over Phosphate Deposits in NW 1/4 of Sec. 9, T. 31 S., R. 25 E., Polk County, Florida

Description: Report discussing a geological examination of an area in Polk County, Florida with leached zones containing uranium. The objective of the study was to determine the advisability of making plans for stockpiling the leached zone material in this area.
Date: December 1949
Creator: Stewart, Robert H.
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Preliminary Report Trace Elements Investigations Hickman and Adjacent Counties, Tenn.

Description: The following report describes the findings from an investigation of a uranium-bearing strata undertaken in Hickman and adjacent counties in west-central Tennessee during the summer and fall of 1944. The strata contained radioactive elements within the Chattanooga shale and the Maury glauconitic member of the Ridgetop shale.
Date: February 1945
Creator: Brill, Kenneth G., Jr.; Nelson, John M. & Prouty, Chilton E.
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Shorter Contributions to Alaskan Trace Elements Studies: 1946: Part 1: Trace Elements Investigations in the Grant Creek Area, Yukon Region, Alaska

Description: Report discussing field search of the U.S. Geological Survey. From abstract: "Field search in August 1946 failed to locate a reported occurrence of float from pitchblende veins in the Grand Creek area north of the Yukon River about 30 miles west of Tanana in central Alaska."
Date: October 4, 1949
Creator: Killeen, P. L. & White, M. G.
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Trace Elements Reconnaissance in Florida : Section 1, Radioactivity of Some Florida Sands ; Section 2, Radioactivity of Phosphates and Other Rocks in Florida

Description: The following document contains two reports providing results from reconnaissance missions in Florida. These missions tested the radioactivity in Florida sands and the radioactivity in phosphates and rocks found in Florida.
Date: September 1945
Creator: Slaughter, A. L.
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The Occurrence of Germanium

Description: The following report discusses the possible sources of the uncommon element, germanium. It is the first in a series of reports to be prepared by the Geological Survey discussing rare and uncommon elements.
Date: February 1945
Creator: Fleischer, Michael & Harder, J. C.
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The Occurrence of Xenon

Description: This report is the second in the series of reports carried by the Geological Survey on rare or uncommon elements and their possible sources. The report discusses xenon, an element belonging in a group of elements known as the inert gases, characterized by its lack of reactivity.
Date: May 1945
Creator: Fleischer, Michael
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Preliminary Report on Methods of Analysis for Very Small Percentages of Uranium 0002

Description: Abstract: Procedures are presented in detail of two methods for the determination of very small percentages of uranium (down to 0.002%). The methods are applicable to a wide variety of materials. Notes on the methods and confirmatory experiments are also given.
Date: July 1945
Creator: Foster, M. D.; Grimaldi, F. S. & Stevens, R. E.
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Eastern Black Shale Reconnaissance Preliminary Report

Description: The following report is the result of a reconnaissance of the black shales of the Eastern United States in the summer of 1944. The purpose of this reconnaissance was to determine the radioactivity of the shales, specifically for uranium and thorium.
Date: August 25, 1944
Creator: Slaughter, A. L. & Clabaugh, S. E.
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Geochemistry of Beryllium

Description: From abstract: This is a review, with annotated bibliography, of the mode of occurrence of the element beryllium. It is not a list of specific ore deposits, but a summary of the types of the types of minerals and rocks in which beryllium has been reported to occur. In addition, the unpublished spectrographic studies of the Geological Survey on mill products are summarized, and data are given on domestic production and reserves and on foreign production.
Date: June 1946
Creator: Fleischer, Michael & Cameron, E. N.
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