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Transportation Corps : railway-operating battalion.

Description: Describes "the organization and operation of the railway-operating battalion upon a railway operated by the Military Railway Service. Its purpose is to assist military railway officers in the training and operation of their units and to guide command and staff officers charged with their employment."
Date: February 4, 1944
Creator: United States. War Department.
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[Rehearsal at Capitol Records]

Description: Photograph of the band rehearsing Tampico at Capitol Records in Chicago, IL. Standing: bassist Max Wayne, drummer Bob Varney, trumpeter Mel Green. Trombones in rear: Milt Kabak, Bart Varsalona. Saxes from left to right: Boots Mussulli, Bob Livelyy, Dave Madden, Joe Magro, Bob Gioga.
Date: May 4, 1945
Creator: Capitol Records
Partner: UNT Music Library

Preliminary Investigation at Low Speeds of Swept Wings in Yawing Flow

Description: Memorandum presenting a wind-tunnel investigation conducted to determine the rotary stability characteristics in yawing flow of a series of untapered wings with angles of sweep of -45, 0, 45, and 60 degrees. The results of the yawing-flow tests indicated that the values of the rotary derivatives agreed fairly well with simple sweep theory for a moderate range of lift coefficients.
Date: February 4, 1948
Creator: Goodman, Alex & Feigenbaum, David
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

A Theoretical Investigation of the Lateral Oscillations of an Airplane With Free Rudder With Special Reference to the Effect of Friction

Description: "Charts showing the variation in dynamic stability with the rudder hinge-moment characteristics are presented. A stabilizing rudder floating tendency combined with a high degree of aerodynamic balance is shown to lead to oscillations of increasing amplitude. This dynamic instability is increased by viscous-friction in the rudder control system" (p. 147).
Date: March 4, 1943
Creator: Greenberg, Harry & Sternfield, Leonard
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

High-speed wind-tunnel investigation of the effects of compressibility on a pitot-static tube

Description: Report presenting a high-speed wind-tunnel investigation of a pitot-static tube to provide information on the effects of compressibility upon the pressure indications of a representative airspeed head at high subsonic speeds. The calibration factor for the instrument has been evaluated for several small angles of pitch and yaw throughout a Mach number range from 0.30 to approximately 0.925. The results indicate that the calibration factor for each combination of pitch and yaw angles tested is almost constant with Mach number up to a Mach number of approximately 0.8.
Date: August 4, 1947
Creator: Stivers, Louis S., Jr. & Adams, Charles N., Jr.
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Newsmap. Monday, January 4, 1943 : week of December 25 to January 1

Description: Front: Text describes action on various war fronts: North Africa, Command, Libya, New Guinea, Solomons, Burma, Russia, Fr. Somaliland. Large world map is keyed to text and illustrates time zones around the world. Includes inset maps: Indonesia -- Rostov region [USSR]. Photographs: Blimp patrol -- Supplies for Guadalcanal -- Along the road to Tunisia. Back: The Nerve System of the Army: text, illustration, and photographs show contributions of the Signal Corps to the war effort.
Date: January 4, 1943
Creator: [United States.] Army Orientation Course.
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Shorter Contributions to Alaskan Trace Elements Studies: 1946: Part 1: Trace Elements Investigations in the Grant Creek Area, Yukon Region, Alaska

Description: Report discussing field search of the U.S. Geological Survey. From abstract: "Field search in August 1946 failed to locate a reported occurrence of float from pitchblende veins in the Grand Creek area north of the Yukon River about 30 miles west of Tanana in central Alaska."
Date: October 4, 1949
Creator: Killeen, P. L. & White, M. G.
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Aerodynamic characteristics of a 6-percent-thick symmetrical double-wedge airfoil at transonic speeds from tests by the NACA wing-flow method

Description: From Introduction: "The investigation covered a range of Mach numbers from 0.66 to 1.12 and included measurements of angle of attack, pitching moment, normal force, and chord force. The drag at zero lift obtained in this investigation was reported in reference 1, but without the correction for tare of the end plate."
Date: March 4, 1949
Creator: Lina, Lindsay J.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Spark ignition of flowing gases I : energies to ignite propane-air mixtures in pressure range of 2 to 4 inches mercury absolute

Description: Ignition studies of flowing gases were made to obtain information applicable to ignition problems in gas-turbine and ram-jet aircraft propulsion systems operating at altitude conditions.Spark energies required for ignition of a flowing propane-air mixture were determined for pressure of 2 to 4 inches mercury absolute, gas velocities of 5.0 to 54.2 feet per second, fuel-air ratios of 0.0607 to 0.1245, and spark durations of 1.5 to 24,400 microseconds. The results showed that at a pressure of 3 inches mercury absolute the minimum energy required for ignition occurred at fuel-air ratios of 0.08 to 0.095. The energy required for ignition increased almost linearly with increasing gas velocity. Shortening the spark duration from approximately 25,000 to 125 microseconds decreased the amount of energy required for ignition. A spark produced by the discharge of a condenser directly into the spark gap and having a duration of 1.5 microseconds required ignition energies larger than most of the long-duration sparks.
Date: August 4, 1949
Creator: Swett, Clyde C., Jr.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

A general representation for axial-flow fans and turbines

Description: A general representation of fan and turbine arrangements on a single classification chart is presented that is made possible by a particular definition of the stage of an axial-flow fan or turbine. Several unconventional fan and turbine arrangements are indicated and the applications of these arrangements are discussed.
Date: May 4, 1945
Creator: Perl, W. & Tucker, M.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Pressure-sensitive system for gas-temperature control

Description: From Summary: "A thermodynamic relation is derived and simplified for use as a temperature-limiting control equation involving measurement of gas temperature before combustion and gas pressures before and after combustion. For critical flow in the turbine nozzles of gas-turbine engines, the control equation is further simplified to require only measurements upstream of the burner. Hypothetical control systems are discussed to illustrate application of the control equations."
Date: March 4, 1948
Creator: Cesaro, Richard S. & Matz, Norman
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Experimental investigation of hot-gas bleedback for ice protection of turbojet engines 3: nacelle with short straight air inlet

Description: Report presenting aerodynamic and icing investigations in the icing research tunnel on a model of a turbojet-engine nacelle with a short straight air inlet. The hot-gas blowback system consisted of several orifices peripherally located around the inlet and was investigated in both dry-air and icing conditions. Results regarding the aerodynamic investigation without bleedback, aerodynamic investigation with cold-gas bleedback, aerodynamic investigation with hot-gas bleedback, and icing with bleedback are provided.
Date: August 4, 1949
Creator: Ruggeri, Robert S. & Callaghan, Edmund E.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Direct method of design and stress analysis of rotating disks with temperature gradient

Description: A method is presented for the determination of the contour of disks, typified by those of aircraft gas turbines, to incorporate arbitrary elastic-stress distributions resulting from either centrifugal or combined centrifugal and thermal effects. The specified stress may be radial, tangential, or any combination of the two. Use is made of the finite-difference approach in solving the stress equations, the amount of computation necessary in the evolution of a design being greatly reduced by the judicious selection of point stations by the aid of a design chart. Use of the charts and of a preselected schedule of point stations is also applied to the direct problem of finding the elastic and plastic stress distribution in disks of a given design, thereby effecting a great reduction in the amount of calculation. Illustrative examples are presented to show computational procedures in the determination of a new design and in analyzing an existing design for elastic stress and for stresses resulting from plastic flow.
Date: April 4, 1949
Creator: Manson, S. S.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department