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A Study of the Relationship Between Democratic Values, Intelligence and Temperament in Elementary and Secondary Teacher Population

Description: This study is concerned with the assessment of the values held by elementary and secondary teachers. The values measured are those which underlie the American democratic culture. In addition, the effects of intelligence, temperament and sex upon the subject's system of values, will be ascertained. The values measured in this study are the traditional concepts of American democracy and are embodied in the Constitution. The following phrases illustrate these concepts: Belief in human rights; Freedom of choice; Equality of opportunity; Respect for the individual; Individual initiative as opposed to the status quo; Flexibility--the ability to adapt to permit further development in the light of new discoveries; Belief in law; Sovereignty of people; Allowance of differing attitudes and philosophies.
Date: January 1962
Creator: Kosof, Peter L.
Partner: UNT Libraries

Manifest Anxiety and Orality Among Smokers and Non-Smokers

Description: The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between manifest anxiety and orality as related to smokers and non-smokers as indicated on the Taylor Manifest Anxiety Scale and the Blaky Pitres Test (4). From the above theoretical background, the following relationships are hypothesized: Hypothesis I: Smokers will show more anxiety than nonsmokers. hypothesis 2: Female smokers will show more anxiety than male smokers. Hypothesis 3: Among the high anxiety group smokers will show more orality than non-smokers.
Date: June 1962
Creator: Birdsong, Luther Ellis
Partner: UNT Libraries

Relationships of Sociometric Inconsistencies with Negativism in a Child Care Institution

Description: Since there has been an abundance of research concerning high and low social status and little on inconsistents, the present study intends to shed some understanding of this group by comparing their feelings and attitudes to the highs and lows. Four principle areas are emphasized: family relationships, attitude toward sex, interpersonal relationships and self concept, with sub-areas lending added data.
Date: August 1962
Creator: Hutton, Jerry B.
Partner: UNT Libraries

Group Dimension Measurement in a Southern Baptist Church

Description: The purpose of this study is to get some concrete evidence that group principles can be applied to church groups in an effective manner. The more immediate purpose is to improve the relations in the individual classes so that they will have a feeling of belongingness, relatedness, or close affiliation. It is the purpose of this experiment to help these individuals find the fulfillment of their personal needs that can be supplied in the Sunday School class.
Date: January 1962
Creator: Patterson, Nelton Duward
Partner: UNT Libraries