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Primary view of Amplification of a bi-phase shift-key modulated signal by a mm-wave FEL
Prosnitz, D.; Scharlemann, E.T. & Sheaffer, M.K.
October 1, 1991
Primary view of Nuclear safety guide TID-7016 Revision 2
Thomas, J T
January 1, 1980
Primary view of Assessment of light water reactor fuel damage during a reactivity initiated accident
MacDonald, P. E.; Seiffert, S. L.; Martinson, Z. R.; McCardell, R. K.; Owen, D. E. & Fukuda, S. K.
January 1, 1980
Primary view of Recovery of deformed and hydrogen-charge palladium
Snead, C. L. Jr.; Lynn, K. G. & Lynch, J. F.
January 1, 1982
Primary view of INSPECT: a package of computer programs for planning and evaluating safeguards inspections
Mullen, M.F.
January 1, 1980
Primary view of A comparison of predicted and observed turbulent wind fields present in natural and internal wind park environments
Kelly, N D & Wright, A D
October 1, 1991
Primary view of Bag model, the hyperspherical formalism and the heavy baryons
Richard, J. M.
January 1, 1980
Primary view of Experience base for Radioactive Waste Thermal Processing Systems: A preliminary survey
Mayberry, J.; Geimer, R.; Gillins, R.; Steverson, E.M.; Dalton, D. (Science Applications International Corp., Idaho Falls, ID (United States)) & Anderson, G.L. (EG and G Idaho, Inc., Idaho Falls, ID (United States))
April 1, 1992
Primary view of COMP: a BASIC language nonlinear least-squares curve fitting program
Thomas, J. M.; Cochran, M. I.; Watson, C. R. & Eberhardt, L. L.
November 1, 1977
Primary view of Low-Cost Solar Array Project. Progress report 14, August 1979-December 1979 and proceedings of the 14th Project Integration Meeting
unknown creator
January 1, 1980
Strohm, W. W.; Combs, A. B. & Jarvis, J. Y.
January 1, 1969
Primary view of Biliary Excretion of /Sup 99m/Tc Albumin Microaggregate Degradation Products (a Method for Measuring Kupffer Cell Digestive Function.).
Kitani, K. & Taplin, G. V.
October 31, 1971
Primary view of Economic foundations of permanent pioneer communities
Jones, E.M.
January 1, 1988
Primary view of INEX simulations of the optical performance of the AFEL
Goldstein, J.C.; Wang, T.S.F. & Sheffield, R.L.
January 1, 1991
Primary view of SNAP-27 GLFC/FCA AIR DROP TESTS.
Baker, F.L.
January 1, 1969
Primary view of Enhanced oil recovery by CO/sub 2/ foam flooding. Annual report, October 1, 1982-September 30, 1983
unknown creator
December 22, 1983
Primary view of DWPF waste glass Product Composition Control System
Brown, K.G. & Postles, R.L.
January 1, 1992
Primary view of State-of-the-art for evaluating the potential impact of tectonism and volcanism on a radioactive waste repository
unknown creator
July 16, 1980
Primary view of Correlation of alluvial deposits at the Nevada Test Site
Grothaus, B. & Howard, N.
September 30, 1977
Primary view of Excitation of giant resonances via direct reactions
Bertrand, F.E.
January 1, 1982
Primary view of Note on the cryostatic stability of superconducting composites
Gauster, W. F.
February 1, 1978
Primary view of Pion correlations as a function of atomic mass in heavy ion collisions
Chacon, A.D.
November 26, 1989
Primary view of The development of precipitated iron catalysts with improved stability
Abrevaya, H.
May 6, 1992
Primary view of The Federal Reporter. Volume 94 Cases Argued and Determined in the Circuit Courts of Appeals and Circuit and District Courts of the United States. June-August, 1899.
unknown creator
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