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The Critical Mass of a Spherical Reactor with Variable Intrinsic Buckling

Description: Abstract: "The critical mass both of an untamped and water-tamped sphere with parabolic radial variation of the intrinsic buckling is calculated by a perturbation method. The result is applied to finding the minimum critical mass of plutonium in water suspension with infinite water temper; the calculations show that the minimum critical mass at constant concentration may be reduced by an amount of the order of 7.6% when the concentration of plutonium is permitted to vary throughout the suspension."
Date: April 28, 1949
Creator: Muller, G. M.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Corrosion Tests on Carboloy in Redox Process Solutions

Description: Introduction: Static, total immersion corrosion tests were carried out at room temperatures with Carboloy grades 44-A, 78, 907, X-3119-A and X-3119-B in Redox process solutions (ANL, June 1, 1949 Flowsheet) 1AX, 1AF, and 1AS.
Date: April 6, 1949
Creator: Koenig, W. W.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department