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Regional Geophysical Investigations of the Uravan Area, Colorado

Description: From introduction: Geophysical surveys have been made in the Uravan area, in southwest Colorado, with the aim of providing information on regional geology, especially on those aspects that may not be apparent from surface evidence alone. Aeromagnetic surveys were made in 1952, and regional gravity surveys were made during the summers of 1953 and 1954. Figure 1 shows the area covered. Information on surface geology was obtained from publications, from geologists working on the Colorado Plateau, and from personal observations.
Date: May 1956
Creator: Joesting, H. R. & Byerly, P. Edward
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Geologic Investigations in Support of Project Chariot in the Vicinity of Cape Thompson, Northwestern Alaska: Preliminary Report

Description: From abstract: This report describes the Chariot test at Ogotoruk Creek that is topographically and geologically well-situated for the construction of an experimental deep-water excavation as proposed by the AEC.
Date: January 1960
Creator: Kachadoorian, Reuben; Campbell, Russell H.; Moore, G. W.; Cole, J. Y.; Lachenbruch, Arthur H.; Greene, Gordon W. et al.
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Trace Elements Reconnaissance of the Southern Highway Belt, South-Central Alaska

Description: Abstract: A radiometric reconnaissance of the areas adjacent to the principal highways and secondary roads of south-central Alaska was carried out during the summer of 1947. The investigation included the examination of nine gold-placer workings, five gold lodes, a gypsum mine, and a copper prospect. Nearly all of the lithologic types outcropping in the highway belt were tested. No significant amounts of radioactive material were found.
Date: May 1950
Creator: Moxham, R. M.
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The Spectrophotometric Determination of Uranium by Means of the Azide Ion

Description: Abstract: A method has been devised for the spectrophotometric determination of uranium by means of the azide ion. The method possesses several advantages over the various thiocyanate procedures. It has a slightly higher sensitivity, an aqueous medium is used, and the reaction product is more stable. Within the concentration limits tested, Beer's law is obeyed.
Date: August 1955
Creator: Feinstein, H. I.
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Tables for the Calculation of Radioactive Equilibrium From Bateman's Equation

Description: Abstract: Tables of decay constants and functions thereof are presented to simplify the problem of calculating the constants involved in the Bateman equation. An alternate method of solving for the amounts of the nth member of a radioactive series is given in the form of a power series.
Date: July 1953
Creator: Flanagan, F. J. & Senftle, F. E.
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Progress of Geologic Studies, Colorado Plateau Project

Description: Report discussing progress made on geologic studies under the Colorado Plateau Project. The geologic studies that were in progress during the time of this report consist of the following: "(1) General geologic mapping in southwestern Colorado and southeastern Utah. (2) Regional stratigraphic and sedimentary studies in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Arizona. (3) Studies of past and present ground-water conditions in southwestern Colorado and southeastern Utah."
Date: February 1950
Creator: Cater, F. W.; Craig, L. C. & Phoenix, D. A.
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An Automatic Micromuffle for the Determination of Ash in Carbonaceous Material

Description: Abstract: An automatic micromuffle for the determination of the ash content of small samples of carbonaceous material is comprised of a furnace of the radiant-heating type with a direct reading pyrometer for temperature control. This furnace can be assembled with a minimum of labor using parts available from scientific laboratory apparatus companies.
Date: March 1954
Creator: Meyrowitz, Robert & Massoni, C. J.
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Exploration for Uranium Deposits in the Yellow Cat and Squaw Park Areas, Thompson District, Grand County, Utah

Description: Report discussing an exploration for uranium and vanadium deposits in the Yellow Cat and Squaw Park areas in the Thompson Park district of Grand County, Utah. The exploration occurred from October 8, 1951 to November 23, 1954.
Date: June 1956
Creator: Mobley, C. M. & Santos, E. S.
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Reconnaissance of Some Geologic Formations in Southeastern Idaho, Western Wyoming, and Northern Utah

Description: Abstract: A radiometric reconnaissance, using a portable beta-gamma survey meter, of some geologic formations ranging in age from Cambrian to Cretaceous, and springs in southeastern Idaho, western Wyoming, and northern Utah, has shown that none of them are sufficiently radioactive to warrant further examination of them in the area.
Date: January 1950
Creator: Anderson, Frank J.
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Radioactive Coal and Shale of Pennsylvanian and Permian Age in Northern West Virginia

Description: Report discussing radioactive coal in northern West Virginia. From Abstract: "The commercially important coal beds in the Monongahela series of Pennsylvanian age and coal and shale of the Dunkard series of Permian age were examined and sampled in eight counties in northern West Virginia."
Date: December 1954
Creator: Patterson, E. D.
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Uranium Resources of the San Rafael District, Emery County, Utah: A Regional Synthesis

Description: From Introduction: "The purpose of this report is to present the preliminary results of the geologic reconnaissance and office work leading to an appraisal of the geologic relations of the uranium deposits of the San Rafael district, Emery County, Utah."
Date: April 1956
Creator: Johnson, H. S., Jr.
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