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Primary view of Charts for the Computation of Equilibrium Composition of Chemical Reactions in the Carbon-Hydrogen-Nitrogen System at Temperatures from 2000 to 5000 Degrees K
Huff, Vearl N. & Calvert, Clyde S.
July 1948
Primary view of Summary of 65-Series Compressor-Blade Low-Speed Cascade Data by Use of the Carpet-Plotting Technique
Felix, A. Richard
February 1957
Primary view of The Method of Characteristics for the Determination of Supersonic Flow Over Bodies of Revolution at Small Angles of Attack
Ferri, Antonio
February 1949
Primary view of A New Method of Analyzing Extreme-Value Data
Lieblein, Julius
January 1954
Primary view of On the Use of a Damped Sine-Wave Elevator Motion for Computing the Design Maneuvering Horizontal-Tail Load
Sadoff, Melvin
January 1953
Primary view of Preliminary Wind-Tunnel Investigation at Low Speed of Stability and Control Characteristics of Swept Back Wings
Letko, William & Goodman, Alex
April 1946
Primary view of Principle and Application of Complementary Energy Method for Thin Homogeneous and Sandwich Plates and Shells With Finite Deflections
Wang, Chi-Teh
February 1952
Primary view of The Aerodynamic Effect of a Retractable Landing Gear
DeFrance, Smith J.
March 1933
Primary view of The Air Propeller, Its Strength and Correct Shape
Dietsius, H.
February 1923
Primary view of Airplane Balance
Huguet, L.
June 1921
Primary view of Analysis of a Strut With a Single Elastic Support in the Span, With Applications to the Design of Airplane Jury-Strut Systems
Schwartz, A. Murray & Bogert, Reid
May 1935
Primary view of Bending of Rectangular Plates With Large Deflections
Wang, Chi-Teh
April 1948
Primary view of Bending Stresses Due to Torsion in Cantilever Box Beams
Kuhn, Paul
June 1935
Primary view of The Behavior of Thin-Will Monocoque Cylinders Under Torsional Vibration
Pekelsma, Robert E.
August 1937
Primary view of A Method of Designing Turbomachine Blades With a Desirable Thickness Distribution for Compressible Flow Along an Arbitrary Stream Filament of Revolution
Wu, Chung-Hua & Brown, Curtis A.
September 1951
Primary view of Nonlinear Large-Deflection Boundary-Value Problems of Rectangular Plates
Wang, Chi-Teh
March 1948
Primary view of Nondestructive Measurement of Residual and Enforced Stresses by Means of X-Ray Diffraction 2: Some Applications to Aircraft Problems
Sachs, George; Smith, Charles S.; Lubahn, Jack D.; Davis, Gordon E. & Ebert, Lynn J.
November 1945
Primary view of An Exploration of the Longitudinal Tensile and Compressive Properties Throughout an Extruded Shape of 24S-T Aluminum Alloy
Paul, D. A.
December 1942
Primary view of New Experiments on Impact-Pressure Interpretation in Supersonic and Subsonic Rarefied Air Streams
Sherman, F. S.
September 1953
Primary view of Measurements of Lift Fluctuations Due to Turbulence
Lamson, P.
March 1957
Primary view of Measurements of Recovery Factors and Coefficients of Heat Transfer in a Tube for Subsonic Flow of Air
McAdams, William H.; Nicolai, Lloyd A. & Keenan, Joseph H.
June 1945
Primary view of Flight Measurements of the Flying Qualities of Five Light Airplanes
Hunter, Paul A.
May 1948
Primary view of The Flow About a Section of a Finite-Aspect-Ratio NACA 0018 Airfoil on a Transonic Bump
Mellenthin, Jack A.
October 1953
Primary view of Nonuniformities in Shock-Tube Flow Due to Unsteady-Boundary-Layer Action
Mirels, Harold & Braun, W. H.
May 1957